Willard Bay, Utah

Willard Bay Fishing Report – May 1

- posted by Chris Jacobson

Willard Bay:
As the temperatures rise and we have a string of warm days in a row, Willard Bay will be a great place to fish. As the weather gets warmer, you will see the wiper and the walleye become very active.

The wiper will be doing a “false spawn” early this month and the crappie will be spawning as well. During their spawns, you will see both of these fish come close to shore, which will make shore fishing excellent.

Using small jigs about 3ft underneath a clear bobber is a popular choice from shore. You will reel your rig in very slow, letting the waves do the jigging for you. Trolling will be an excellent choice as well. Lately, fishermen have been targeting walleye and wiper with a Rapala shad imitation lure hooked to a weight or a bottom bouncer.

Other places to fish:
For some great fishing other than Willard, look for Pineview Reservoir to be very good fishing as the weather warms and the reservoir fills. The crappie will be spawning here as well and will be a great place to take kids to catch fish. Mantua is also really good this time of year generally. You want to get on this reservoir before it warms up and the moss gets too thick. Hitting this reservoir at just the right time will produce some great bass fishing as well as pan fish and trout fishing.

We are excited for May. It should be a great month to get out and do some fishing. Also, we love to see our customers successful using the gear they got at Smith and Edwards. Email us your pictures to info@smithandedwards.com and your pictures might end up on our Bragging Board!

As far as us, we never did catch anything picture worthy, but here are some great views of Willard Bay and Holmes Creek Reservoir this last week.

Willard Bay, Utah

Willard Bay


Willard Bay, Utah at sunset by Chris Jacobsen, Smith & Edwards

Willard Bay


Holmes Creek Reservoir, Utah - Chris Jacobsen, Smith & Edwards

Holmes Creek Reservoir

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

- posted by Rose Marion

The old story is the guys sneak off to Smith & Edwards behind the wives’ backs and spend all their money on guns & ammo.

That may be true! But listen up guys: Mother’s Day is May 11 and that is coming up FAST! And believe it or not, we’ve got amazing gifts for the #1 lady in your life.

Home Gift Ideas for Mom

Kitchen and Home ideas for your Mom at Smith & Edwards!

1: Ladybug Tovolo spatula – many designs available: $6.99. 2: Embellish Your Story magnets: $5.99 – 6.99, 25% off select styles for Mother’s Day. 3: Thymes Mandarin Coriander All-Purpose Cleaner: $8.99. 4: Caldera Sea Salt Neroli Countertop Spray: $8.99. 5: Willow Tree Angel of Mine figurine (several styles): $32.99. 6: Charles Viancin Silicone Lid for bowls & pots (many designs in 8″, 9″, and 11″): $7.99, 8.99, 11.99. 7: Calamity Jane 11×19″ sign (many sayings available): $37.99

“I figure if a girl wants to be a LEGEND, she should go ahead and be one!” – Calamity Jane

Dressy Gift Ideas for Mom

Dressy Gift Ideas for Mom at Smith & Edwards
1: Poof Jersey Stripe Maxi Tank Dress, $19.99. 2: Allison Brittney Striped Knit Top with roll tab sleeves and chiffon bottom, $12.99. 3: George & Martha Twill Cinch Bottom Capris, $14.99. 4: Justin Gypsy Boots, $99.95 (was $119.95). 5: Handbag with Buckle & Rhinestones, $59.99 in Western Dept. 6: Tony Lama Cassidy Boots, $259.95 (was $309.95) available online! 7: Ariat Heritage Western Boot, $149.95 (was $169.95).

Outdoors Gift Ideas for Mom

Outdoors Gift Ideas for Mom at Smith and Edwards
1: Shakespeare Ladyfish Spinning Combo Rod & Reel, $24.99 (was $29.99). 2: Plano Pink 2-Tray Tackle Box, $9.99. 3: Savage Axis II 243 Win Muddy Girl Camo Rifle with Scope, $399.99. 4. Champion Hearing Protectors & Shooting Glasses Combo, $16.99. 5: Boyt Pink Rifle or Shotgun Case, $22.99.

Sweet Gift Ideas for Mom

Sweet Gift Ideas for Mom at Smith and Edwards

1: Thymes Mandarin Coriander Hand Lotion: $12.99, Hand Wash: $11.99. 2: McCall’s Vanilla Candle 16oz: $12.74, 26oz $14.99 (25% off). 3: Thymes Mandarin Coriander Reed Diffuser: $49.99. 4: Montana Silversmiths Silver Branding Irons “I <3 U" Necklace: $34.99. 5: Annie Bracelet, Multi-Stone (New vendor in Western Dept!): $34.99.

We’ve got you covered for the perfect Mother’s Day this year, with Mother’s Day gifts for every mom. Stop on by Smith & Edwards in Ogden, Utah for gifts that will make her smile!

Phone: 801-731-1120
Address: 3936 N 2000 W, Farr West, UT 84404
See more great spring goodies on sale in our Spring Sale ad!
Spring Sale at Smith and Edwards

Listed prices good May 5th through May 10th, 2014. Remember, May 11th is Mother’s Day!

Smith and Edwards Mens Jeans Guide

The Truth about Fit: Men’s Jeans Guide

- posted by Rose Marion

It’s time for a new pair of jeans and, chances are, you’re frustrated. Men’s jeans can be confusing! Not only do you have to know your inseam (how tall the pants are) and your waist measurement for each company, but you also have to figure out if you prefer “Relaxed Fit” or “Tapered Leg.”

Good luck trying to read the faded tag on the pants you bought 5 years ago. They are so comfortable and you really don’t want to replace them, but it’s time.

Guess what? There are 3 specs you can memorize that will solve all this angst. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Jean fit is not only about comfort. It’s also about making different body types look good. This men’s jeans guide will help you dress yourself in the best jeans for your build, and get you familiar with the jeans makers’ terms for different types of jeans.

Take a look at how the different brands and styles compare to one another.

Quick Comparison

Wrangler Men’s Jeans

Style No. Natural Rise Mid-Rise Low Rise Tapered Leg Straight Leg Bootcut Leg Slim Fit Regular Fit Relaxed Fit Loose Fit
0935 X X X
0936 X X X
0945 X X X
0947 X X X
31000 X X X
35001 X X X
35002 X X X
39902 X X X
3W001 X X X
3W020 X X X
3W030 X X X
3W060 X X X

Cinch Men’s Jeans

Style No. Natural Rise Mid-Rise Low Rise Tapered Leg Straight Leg Bootcut Leg Slim Fit Regular Fit Relaxed Fit Loose Fit
Black Label X X     X
Blue Label X X       X
Bronze Label X X   X  
Green Label X X     X  
Silver Label X   X   X  
White Label X   X   X

Ariat Men’s Jeans

Style No. Natural Rise Mid-Rise Low Rise Tapered Leg Straight Leg Bootcut Leg Slim Fit Regular Fit Relaxed Fit Loose Fit
M2   X     X   X
M3   X   X     X
M4   X     X   X
M5   X   X X    

What You Need to Know

To get the best fit, you want to know more than your waistband and inseam. You already probably know how your favorite pair of pants fits. Knowing 3 more specs will help you get the perfect fit next time a knee blows out or the heels get worn out: Rise, Leg Opening, and Fit.

A lot of people don’t know the difference between rises, leg opening, and fit – and most people don’t know for sure which works best for them. These are 3 areas you can really tailor your look.

Rise is all about how far the jeans come up your waist. Leg opening answers the question of how tight the jeans are at your ankle. And Fit, that’s how baggy or tight the jeans are. Scroll through these examples to discover which one suits you best.

Men's Jeans Rise

Men’s Jean Rises

Natural rise jeans sit right at the waist. Cinch’s Green Label is a great example if you like your pants to come all the way up to the waist. They will also help short legs appear longer.

Cinch Men's Green Label natural rise jeans - MB9053

Midrise jeans sit just below the waist, so they’re not too tall but not too low. Ariat makes the M5 low straight jeans that are a great mid rise jean. These Wrangler Retro Relaxed Jeans are another great mid rise jean for men. Any build looks great in this rise.

Wrangler Retro Relaxed Mid Rise Jeans - WRT20

Low rise jeans are even lower than midrise. Make sure and wear a belt! Ariat’s M3 Athletic is a great low rise jean we carry, and so is this M4 Low Rise.

Ariat M4 Low Rise Jeans - 10007775

While it’s completely up to you, generally lowrise jeans aren’t a good choice for working outside all day and bending over a lot. Low rise jeans are nice, though, for riding your horse – they won’t dig into your belly as much as a mid or natural rise would.

If you have a long torso, you may want to try low rise jeans first. And the opposite is true – if you have longer legs, a natural rise may fit you better.

Men's Jeans Leg Opening Guide

Men’s Jean Leg Openings

There are 3 big types of leg openings in jeans common among the big jeans manufacturers. This is another piece of information you want to look out for when replacing your favorite jeans.

Tapered jeans narrow toward the hem of your jeans, so they will come closer to your boots. Wrangler Cowboy Cut jeans 13MWZ are a great tapered jean.

Regular Fit Wrangler Original Cowboy Cut Jeans - 13MWZ

Straight cut jeans are just your basic leg opening with no flare or taper at all. Cinch’s White Label jean is a nice straight leg. You’ll find lots of jeans that are straight cut.

Cinch White Label Stright Leg Jeans - MB9283

Lastly, Boot Cut jeans are wider at the hem of the jean, flaring out slightly. Wrangler Vintage Boot jeans are a good choice if you like a little more fabric around your boots. These Cinch Carter Bootcut jeans are another great example.

Cinch Carter Bootcut Jeans - MB96134

Tapered jeans may help you keep looking more proportionate if you have really skinny legs, whereas if you have large legs a straight leg or boot cut will look much better. Bootcut jeans are going to be the first ones to start to lose the heel, because they hang so low on the boot. They may be a little too wide to stack and might sag instead, depending on your height.

Men's Jeans Fit

Men’s Jean Fit

Fit is the third dimension of jean cut. It’s asking how close you want the jeans to be cut to your legs: slim, almost skinny jeans; regular; relaxed; or loose and baggy.

Depending on who makes the jeans you’re looking at, you may see a few different terms on the jean fit spectrum. So let’s take a look, from tightest to loosest fitting jeans.

Slim Fit Jeans: Fitted seat, thigh, and knee, like Ariat M5’s or Wrangler’s Premium Performance Slim Fit 36MWZ:

Slim Fit Men's Wranglers - 36MWZ

Regular Fit Jeans: Regular-fitted seat, thigh, and knee, like Wrangler Premium Performance Cowboy Cut jeans 47MWZ or Cinch Silver Label:

Wrangler Men's Premium Performance Cowboy Cut Jeans - 47MWZ

Relaxed Fit Jeans: Relaxed seat, thigh, and knee, like Wrangler 20X jeans 23MWX and Ariat M4

Wrangler 20X Relaxed Fit Jeans - 23MWX
Also check out the Cinch Black Label 2.0.
Cinch Black Label 2.0 Style MB90633006

Loose Fit Jeans: The baggiest fit, with an extra-relaxed seat, thigh, and knee, like these Wrangler 33MWZ or the Cinch Blue Label Carpenter Jeans.

Wrangler 20X Extreme Relaxed Fit Jeans - 33MWX

Slimmer cut jeans can also help give you a little height if you’re on the short side while more relaxed jeans may be much more comfortable. They’re perfect to work in, especially if you’re getting on and off the horse or stepping in and out of your truck frequently. Most work jeans are relaxed fit for easy movement.

It’s all up to you – but we can help

So what, is it all clear now, or clear as mud? Here are 3 pointers for keeping your new jeans the way you like them – and keep reading for the best tip of all.

First, find what you’re comfortable in. If you’ve got a favorite pair of jeans, wear it in to the clothes store and find ones that come closest to matching.

Treat them right: If you want your jeans to keep a true fit, wash them on cold and hang them up to dry. They’ll even last longer that way. If you want your jeans to shrink, make sure and wash your them in hot water, and dry them on hot too.

Here’s the third pointer: take them in to the dry cleaner’s and get them starched: you can keep your jeans going for twice as long by keeping them starched and out of the dryer. Plus they look nicer with that nice crease from the starch.

And the best tip?

Come on in! We’ve got a fantastic crew of ladies here at Smith & Edwards who really care about helping gentlemen like you look their best in their Wranglers. You’ll get all the individual attention you need to get your look right.

Smith and Edwards' Ladies of Wrangler can help you get the best fitting jeans!We’ve got tons of experience. We’ll help you find the exact rise, fit, and leg opening that will help you look the way you like, in jeans that will hold up for a long time – and stay comfortable.

Plus, each of us would be happy to help you pick out the perfect outfit, so you can be sure to have shirts that are matched to your jeans, plus a vest, belt, or boots. Come on in and see what we can do for you today in Smith & Edwards‘ Clothing department!

Customized Dog Tags at Smith and Edwards

Get Your Own Custom Dog Tags!

- posted by Rose Marion

Did you know that you can get your own, personalized dog tags at Smith & Edwards?

Customized Dog Tags at Smith and Edwards

That’s right! You can get an ID tag with your own information – as much or as little as you like – on a necklace and even a matching short chain here.

We can even stamp just the dog tag plate and you can use it on your pet’s collar.

Blank Dog Tags

Here’s how they start out: blank tags and rubber silencers

Not just for individuals – these are great for camping and groups, including Girls’ Camp in the summer! We love creating custom dog tags for groups.

We’ve done custom dog tags for all kinds of groups: church groups, emergency groups, camps, youth retreats, and more. For example, Girls’ Camp may have your daughter’s name, and the theme of the camp stamped on the dog tag she receives during the trip to camp.

You can get your dog tags made on several colors of metal with silencers to match

You can enter up to 5 lines of information, with 15 characters per line.

Have questions? Call 801-731-1120 and ask for Surplus dept, or leave a comment on this post.

How to Plant a Garden

- posted by Rose Marion

Today we had students from Weber High School’s FFA Agricultural Education program come and help us teach Plain City Preschoolers how to plant a garden! Two classes of preschoolers got to plant their own pansies for free, as well as tour the store and have a bunch of fun collecting treats (click to see pictures).

Since they were so good at helping plant flowers – and they happen to be in a Plant & Soil Science class – I asked Lindsey, Zeanne, Devin, and Bryan for their tips on how to plant a garden. And they sure had good information!

Mr. David Shaffer and Lindsey, Zeanne, Devin, and Bryan at Smith and Edwards

Bryan, Devin, Zeanne, and Lindsey with Mr. David Shaffer, Weber High School Plant & Soil Science teacher – thanks for your help!

What’s it Take to Plant a Garden?


You just need some basic tools to plant a garden: a shovel, trowel, gloves, and a sprinkler or sprinkler system are about the basics. There are some more sophisticated pieces of equipment we’ll get to in a moment!

Aside from tools, you’ll also need soil, of course, seeds or established plants, and sunlight.


How much work is a garden? Well, when you taste that first tomato or arrange your first big bouquet of flowers all from your garden, it’ll seem like hardly any work at all.

But, you will want to set aside about 2-4 hours a week to keep your garden in its best shape. you’ll want to Inspect your garden every day, looking for wilting, dead growth, holes in your fence. Then each week, Prune any plants that are growing out of place or have dead branches. Water your plants as they need it – remember in the summer, morning is the best time of day to water. And Weed your garden! Turning a blind eye this week can cause an invasion next week. Get out there and protect the hard work you’ve done already by spending a little time each week going after those weeds. Last but not least, Harvest the fruits of your labor!

Know your Plants

Make sure you read the information about the plants you choose. It’ll tell you how much you need to water, and what amount of sun the plant needs. This is important!

There are 2 key things that determine how much you need to water.

  1. The plant’s needs
  2. Your soil

After you address those, then you can factor in the weather, temperature, and climate.

What do you Plant – and Where?

How do you choose what to plant together? The Weber High students had great ideas here. You’ll want to plant like with like for the best health of your garden. For example, plant cool season crops together, like lettuce and cabbage. Then plant legumes and wax beans together, and then tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers.

Then the next year, you can rotate your crops (it’s not just for large-scale farming!) – even flowers can be rotated.

Why rotate crops? It’s a smart thing to do – really! There are 2 big benefits.

First, each of the types of plants uses the soil in a different way. Some draw on a particular nutrient, and others enrich the soil, like legumes will add nitrogen. This means you’ll have a richer soil, will be able to fertilize less, and if you have dry or poor soil to start with, this will be a great way to enrich your soil.

The other reason to rotate your crops is to stay ahead of diseases and pests.

Bonus: Did you know Marigolds are great for repelling pests?

How to use Fertilizer

Fertilizer is a way of delivering plants the nutrients they need to grow, beyond what they get from soil, sunlight, and water. The big 3 nutrients you’ll find on every bag of fertilizer are Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium.

When should you fertilize? Wait until your seeds and plants have germinated and start growing. Then you can add the fertilizer of your choice, be it from a box or from a bag of chicken manure.

Remember, this is just adding to the nutrients your plants are already getting from the soil. If you’re going to add fertilizer, use it in moderation.

Just like we as humans don’t grow or thrive if we eat too much of a good thing, your plants may not grow properly if they get too much fertilizer. You’ll get the hang of a good balance by adding a little at a time.

Tip: Do you mow your lawn and collect the clippings in a bag? Mulch up those clippings and mix them into your soil in the spring. This will infuse your soil with a ton of nitrogen. You could even reduce fertilizing your lawn from 4 times a year to just 3 times by spreading mulched grass clippings over your lawn!

Here’s that sophisticated equipment we were talking about: You can rent a mulcher, or get a mulching lawnmower that will chop up grass clippings and lay it on your lawn, doing all the work for you. But, you’d want to make sure you don’t get thatch, which is a thick buildup of mulch, sitting on your lawn. That’s because thatch will cause a shallow root base in your lawn, and insects will start to live in the thatch. To prevent that, you can get a dethatcher and an aerating machine and break up the thatch and aerate the lawn.

How to Protect Your Garden

A white picket fence seems like the finishing touch on your “perfect garden.” But let’s make sure to pick the right fence!

There are several reasons for having a fence: keeping animals like deer and rabbits out, and keeping your garden contained. Before you set your heart on a vinyl or wooden fence that blocks out the neighbors, remember this: the best gardens have fences you can see through.

Why’s that? Well – and we’re not advocating a chain link fence – you need to give your garden as much sun as possible. Barricading the sun along the edges of your garden creates shade, which means your plants won’t be producing as much as they could – in fact, full sun plants will grow slim and try to spread and stretch when they’re in the shade, rather than growing hearty vegetables, fruits, or flowers for you.

Blossoming trees at Smith and Edwards

I mean, the chain link fence suits us just fine, but you may have a different aesthetic

One great recommendation the Weber High students had was chicken wire. Whichever kind of fence you have, take a weekend and run chicken wire along the bottom of it. And not just above the dirt! Dig down and place that chicken wire under the fence and tamp the dirt back down on top of it. This will help stop the rabbits from burrowing into your beautiful garden!

Where to start?

Utah has a great climate for growing all sorts of plants! Strawberries, Cucumbers, Pumpkins, and Squash all do really well here and will give your family great food throughout the summer.

And don’t forget tomatoes! Tomatoes grow really well in Utah. In fact, Utah State developed a special tomato specifically for Northern Utah, called Hamson DX 52-12 (catchy, right?). It’s a flavorful tomato, with medium juice, that’s great in a BLT.

Bonus Tips: Using a Greenhouse to Extend Growing Season

Start seedlings in a greenhouse – the frost can still get plants well into spring, so protect them and start them in the greenhouse, then transplant them to your garden beds when they’re ready.

You can even keep your trees and tomatoes growing all year by keeping them in a greenhouse, too! While your plants won’t get as much sun, you can control that environment. This means you can control the amount of moisture and even CO2 in the greenhouse. You can also hang UV lights to help the plants grow. While some plants may not flourish in a greenhouse, it’s a great way to either start your plants early or keep them producing year-round while there’s snow on the ground in January.

Just make sure to keep your greenhouse plants in pots, because transplanting flowers or trees once or twice isn’t too hard on plants – but every move is added stress on the plant. So rather than planting a tomato or tree for the summer, keep it in its pot and move the pot outside in the spring, and back in the greenhouse for the winter.

Have questions or success stories about your garden? Leave a comment below!

About Weber High’s FFA Program

The FFA program (Future Farmers of America) is part of Weber High School’s Career & Technical Education (CTE) program. 10th through 12th graders are offered two Pathways, Horticulture or Animal Sciences, which students can use to prepare for their careers – not just in production agriculture, but landscaping, veterinarian sciences, and even government careers including the Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife Resources, and more.

Big thanks again to Mr. David Shaffer and Lindsey, Zeanne, Devin, and Bryan from Weber High School!

Do you know of a preschool that would love to plant flowers and have a fun time at Smith & Edwards? Call 801-731-1120 or email vickie@smithandedwards.com. This is a free program and your kids will love it!

Water Storage Tips

Key Water Storage Containers & Tips

- posted by Rose Marion

You’ve probably heard the rule of 3s for survival: You cannot survive more than 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water, or 3 weeks without food in an extreme situation.

Having a plan for emergency water is even more important than emergency food storage, and it’s so easy to prepare. In order to prepare your family for ice storms, long-term power outages, blizzards, and more disasters, you’ll want to have a water barrel ready – not just a case of water bottles in the basement.

How Much Water do you Need?

According to Ready.gov, you should prepare 1 gallon of water per person, per day, for drinking and keeping clean. Make sure and drink half a gallon of water per day. Children may require more water, as well as mothers and medical emergencies. In a disaster during a Utah summer, that gallon could double.

Water really is more important than food in a disaster situation – not only is being hydrated important for your body to function properly, but water will also help keep your mind sharp so you can make the best decisions for your family in a crisis.

Ready.gov recommends you keep at least a 3-day supply of water – the Red Cross recommends 2 weeks. That means a family of four needs 12 gallons, minimum, for 3 days – or 56 gallons for 2 weeks.

Water Storage Drums and Pump

Here are our picks:


55-Gallon Water Barrel
The 55-gallon barrel is a great size for couples and families. Our Emergency Preparedness buyer Jean Dimick has 7 of these barrels in her laundry room. That’s plenty of water for her family, and you just don’t ever know how long city lines might be down. And it’s enough to share with the neighbors, too.

The great thing about keeping them in the laundry room is it’s easy to drain and refill the barrels there!

Siphon Pump

Water Siphon Pump
Use this siphon pump to keep your water within reach. You can fill cups and bottles from your water barrel using this siphon pump – you could also use a siphon hose.

250-Gallon Super Tanker

If you have a large family, or you’re expecting to be a point of refuge for several families, this Super Tanker. This is great if you have a heated garage or have high ceilings where you can fit this tall water barrel.

Water Storage Drums at Smith & Edwards

What should you look for in Water Barrels?

There are 2 big points to look at in storing water.

First, you want to make sure your drums are opaque. We only carry the blue opaque drums because white drums are more translucent, which means algae could grow in them because of letting in sunlight. For safety, you want to stick with the blue drums.

Second, you want to think about where you’re going to store them: indoors or outdoors? In the garage, basement, or extra room? You’ll want to make sure your ceilings can accommodate the option you choose.

Make sure you pick the right room. Whatever room you choose, make sure to have a wooden base made from 2x4s or a small pallet so the water doesn’t pick up the taste of the cement floor. Some people have even built wooden cradles for their water barrels.

Wooden Water Barrel cradles
Also, only store your water in a heated garage, not one that will get cold in the winter. That’s because although the water barrels can move slightly, they aren’t built to have the water freeze and then thaw and expand. It’s nice to wake up to a dry garage!

Final Notes about Water Storage

Before using these drums, make sure to clean them thoroughly with dish soap and water, rinsing very well. For safety, you should replace the water in these drums every 6 months.

Some people add a bit of Clorox or water purification tablets to their stored drinking water to prevent bacteria growth. However, in most municipalities, there’s already enough chlorine in the water to keep it safe – and there’s not really enough chlorine in Clorox to make an impact. Consult your city’s water records and choose a plan for your own method of storing water for a disaster.

If you have water you’re not too sure is fresh, these Water Purification tablets from Coghlan’s are a good way to clean the water. And this water treatment will help the water taste better.

Think about it: do you know how to drain your water heater? In a disaster, that’s another source of water, and you can use that water for cleaning and washing instead of the good drinking water you’ve saved.

For More about Water Storage:

Have questions about water storage? Have a great method of your own to share? Let us know in the comments below.

Mitchell 300 and 308 Reels

Willard Bay Fishing Report – April 2

- posted by Chris Jacobson

WILLARD: Fish at Willard has been spotty at best lately. A few weeks ago, we had a warm spell where there were reports of some walleye becoming active but that ended when the weather turned off cold again. Walleye and Wiper are warm water fish, and generally are more active when the water gets warmer. The current water temp that the Willard Bay state parks website gives is 43 degrees but reports from anglers have it somewhere between 37-39 degrees.Catfish activity has been picking up and anglers are catching some nice ones using worms or carp meat right on the bottom.

Looking at the weather report, it should be getting a little warmer and in a week or two the Walleye and Wiper should be getting more active. As their activity increases, green or white grub jigs with the curly tails will be the ticket. If rapallas are more your speed, white or silver with black shad are going to be what you need. Trolling with a bottom bouncer and a worm harness also works well when the fish become more active.

A few other local spots that are hot right now are Hyrum and East Canyon Reservoir. Both of these reservoirs are great right now for Rainbow Trout. Marabou Jigs or Rainbow powerbait seem to be the best right now. As always with trout, gold and silver lures like a Jake are never a bad option. As the ice starts to come off of these higher reservoirs, look for the fishing to become really good!

Mitchell 300 and 308 Reels

New in the store:

It’s the reel everyone loved – and now it’s back.

A legendary reel reintroduced with new features, the Mitchell 300 and 308 Spinning Reels are $44.99 in the Smith & Edwards Fishing Department.

San Rafael Swell, Utah - Mike Vause, Smith and Edwards

The Gear You Need for a Weekend Getaway

- posted by Mike Vause

The spring is the perfect time to plan your hiking and camping, and you couldn’t ask for a better location than Utah. Take a week to enjoy the natural surroundings in comfort. Or, take off on a Friday afternoon and get away for a weekend with the family on your favorite hiking trails.

Utah Hiking and Camping Spots

Utah is rich with outdoor hiking opportunities.

I love the Uinta mountains.
View from the Uinta Mountains - Mike Vause, Smith and Edwards

The Desert Canyons of San Rafael Swell are also a good hike.
San Rafael Swell, Utah - Mike Vause, Smith and Edwards
San Rafael Swell, Utah - Mike Vause, Smith and Edwards
San Rafael Swell, Utah - Mike Vause, Smith and Edwards
Even our own humble Ben Lomond peak.

Peak of Ben Lomond - Mike Vause, Smith and Edwards

My nephew on the peak of Ben Lomond. Over his right shoulder you can see Willard Bay.

Climb a peak! It will change how you look at things.

We have beautiful peaks in Utah. I like the view from Lewis Peak on the other side of the divide.
Lewis Peak, Utah - Mike Vause, Smith and Edwards

Utah’s tallest is Kings Peak – that’s an amazing summit right there.

For camping, I like the Logan Canyon area. There are still some fun spots at North Fork.

I love being in the Uinta mountains – there are many fun places up there you can hike to.

The Uintas - Mike Vause, Smith and Edwards

Now is the time to prepare a great backpack trip or day hike. Be ready now so you can grab your gear and go when the weather is right.

Capitol Reef, Utah - Mike Vause, Smith and Edwards

Capitol Reef National Park

Utah Hiking Gear & Camping Picks

Kelty day packs lasted my kids from 2nd grade through to my 20-year-old on his mission in the islands of the Pacific.

When you’re looking for hiking packs, you can’t go wrong with one from Mountainsmith, Kelty, or Jansport.

Hiking packs by Jansport, Mountainsmith, and Kelty at Smith and Edwards

These hiking packs will hold all your gear comfortably – and you won’t lose sight of your family in these bright colors, either.

Rather than trying to haul in your own water, you’ll want a water purification system: either a pump or a gravity system.

Some good purifying pump systems are the Katadyn Hiker, and the MSR Miniworks Ex Microfilter.
Water purification systems are important for hiking and camping!

Water Purification pumps are great – but gravity-style purification rocks.

I love the Katadyne Base Camp system, where you draw a huge bag through the water, hang it up in camp, and then release water from it as you need it. And because of the gravity, you don’t need to pump it. MSR makes their own Autoflow Gravity Micro Filter which is the same concept. It’s a bit faster than the Base Camp, but it clogs easier. You can field clean the MSR filter easily by running water through the other direction. The Katadyne Base Camp uses the same filters as other Katadyne systems.

A lot of these purification systems have adapters that go right on your Nalgene bottle, reducing spillage.

Waterproof boots are a must! Danner and Merrell are good waterproof brands, and Merino wool or polypropylene blend socks complete the package.

Here are a couple good shoes: Danner 453 GTX in brown, and Merrell Moab Gore-Tex Mid with Vibram soles.

Merrell and Danner hiking boots and Merino wool socks at Smith & Edwards

Merrell or Danner hiking boots and Merino wool socks will keep your feet dry on a Utah hike.

Don’t forget your hat and sunscreen!

Staying overnight? Think about a Slumberjack sleeping bag. There are a lot of options out there, I like Slumberjack and Kelty.

Kelty and Slumberjack sleeping bags at Smith & Edwards

Kelty and Slumberjack sleeping bags

Always take a pad; good rest is important. These inflatable pads are by ThermaRest, and we have several online you can check out.
Thermarest sleeping bag pads at Smith & Edwards

I have a Kelty tent with 15 years of use, and we sell other great brands as well.

Kelty and Mountainsmith Tents at Smith and Edwards

The Kelty Grand Mesa and Mountainsmith Morrison 2-Person 3-Season tents are great for camping in Utah.

Click here to see tents online, and we have even more in-store.

Hike with Your Kids

Get your kids out; give them a love of the outdoors when they are young, and they will carry your heavy stuff when you are older. Trust me, it works.
Hiking with the kids - Mike Vause, Smith and Edwards
You’ll get something started that they won’t be able to put down.
My kids hiking a trail - Mike Vause, Smith and Edwards

What are your favorite hiking and camping spots? Leave a comment and let us know!

About our people

Mike Vause, Smith and Edwards

Mike Vause is the Sporting Goods manager at Smith & Edwards. He’s been here over 20 years. When he’s not in the store, he’s probably hiking, camping, or testing the latest handgun or rifle.

Have Camping or Hiking questions? Call the store at 801-731-1120 and ask Sporting Goods, we’ll be happy to help you get the gear you need.

Check out our Camping and Hiking gear - click here!

8 fun Chalk Paint ideas!

8 Fun Chalkboard Paint Ideas

- posted by Rose Marion

Chalkboard paint is a hot home decorating secret! It’s all over Pinterest.

Chalk and blackboards go together – but you don’t have to be limited to black paint! With our Valspar paint line, we can color match your paint, swatches, or color scheme, and mix you up a pint, quart, or gallon of the chalkboard paint you want!

At the Make & Take we had at the Smith & Edwards Paint Department last Saturday, you could paint your own 12×12″ board with chalk paint to take home and demo on your walls…. or let your kids try out what they want in their room!

Girls trying out chalk paint at Smith and Edwards

Taylor, Jaycee, and Payton painting their own Chalk Paint boards at Smith & Edwards

Plus, we had samples of awesome FrogTape Shape Tape to create patterns. This Frog Tape is like painter’s tape gone to art school. No more plain lines – now you can make scallops, zig zags, and ruffles in PERFECT precision.
Frog Tape Shape Tape
And this tape is really good at preventing bleed-through so you have crisp contrast, not little droplets showing through.

Revealing the waves under the Shape Tape Frog Tape

Look at those waves!

So thanks to the great creative ideas from the crafters who came to our demo, and the crafty people in our Paint department, here are 8 fun chalkboard paint ideas you can try at your home. Try doing two-tone, too! These aren’t all home improvement ideas, either – these are great ideas for a family activity, hosting sleepovers, or birthday parties, too.

8 Fun Chalkboard Paint Ideas

1. Chalkboard Paint Pixie Dust Container

Pixie Dust Chalk Container
Does your 4-year-old need cheering up on a rainy day? She’d love to play with this Pixie Dust container! It could have anything in it – maybe even T-Rex Growth Potion for your dino-minded boy. Just take an aluminum container, punch holes in it (hammer and a nailpunch, or a Dremel), and then a coat of chalk paint. Works great for making pretend sprinkle jars for playing house, too!

2. Chalk Paint Spice Jars (or Sprinkle of Awesome)

Much like pixie dust containers, simply paint Chalk Paint on your glass spice jars to label them. When you use all the spices, rinse them out and write the new spice on it.
Chalk Paint Spice Jar
Remember, we can mix up your chalk paint in any color – so we can match your kitchen accent color, trim, or favorite plates!

This would be so cute for giving jams in Mason jars, or for your flour & sugar bins!

3. Chalk Paint Flowerpot

Chalk Paint Flower Pot
Label the seeds you’re starting in your flowerpot by laying down some chalkboard paint on a terra cotta pot. Or, if you’re like me, remind yourself how often to water your plants!

4. Chalk Paint Doorknob Hangers

Chalk Painted Door Hanger at Smith & Edwards

Boys Stay Out!

These are great for your middle schoolers! Take a wooden doorhanger blank and your kids can paint them in their favorite colors. Boys keep out!

5. Chalk Paint Clipboard

Out of all those on the list, Smith & Edwards is most likely to have #3

Kids can have fun making ….creative grocery lists! Y’know, we might have #3, let me go check in the back.

Future architects will have fun planning their Lego structures with the help of a clipboard. No more looking for scrap paper: they can sketch blueprints right on the board.

Look at that cool pattern on the back made with Frog Tape shapes!
Scallop Frog Tape Shape Tape Patterns on Clipboard
We’ve got clipboards right here for you in the store.

6. Kid’s Chalkboard Tray for Car Rides

Better than an Etch-a-Sketch, encourage your children’s love for drawing with an aluminum tray painted in their favorite color. The raised sides will keep the chalk from rolling off. They can help you keep track of groceries, draw maps, play hangman with their brother, and practice writing.
Aluminum tray with Chalk Paint

This is a 12×9 aluminum cookie sheet that Brenda painted with a mauve chalk paint. Let your kids play on the board with chalk in the back seat, and a slightly-damp paper towel works great to erase the chalk.

7. Swatch for Painting with Chalk Paint

Chalk paint sample swatch
Thinking of painting a wall, toy chest, treehouse, or trim with chalk paint? How about using Frog Tape Shape Tape in your room? Take a 12×12″ board like the ones we have and try it out.

8. Kitchen Chalk Noteboard

Keep the family on track with a wooden noteboard painted with chalk paint!
Chalk Paint Bulletin Board
Take it one step further with scrapbooking paper and you can have a framed noteboard.

Excited? Come on in to Smith & Edwards’ Paint department and we’ll mix you up any color of chalk paint you like to take home with you!

And we’ll have to do another demo day sometime – it was sure fun!
Chalk Paint and FrogTape Shape Tape Demo at Smith and Edwards

Bonus: Chalk Paint Furniture

Speaking of what to do with this fun paint… How about furniture? We’ve heard of folks painting an old desk – the entire desktop! Maybe your kitchen table or your old desk have some chips in it, or just could use a touchup. Or how about the kids’ table?

To paint a desk: Just put some chalk paint down (you could mix baking soda in it first for extra texture). Then when the paint’s dry, rough it up some with fine sandpaper to give it an antiqued look, and buff it with beeswax (we recommend Johnson’s or Howards Beeswax, we’ve got them on aisle 17) to seal it.

Then the kids can use chalk to play and draw! Or how about writing their names and drawing their own placemats right there on the kitchen table?

The chalk paint you want – in the right color, for the right price

We’ve seen chalkboard paint going for as much as $35 a quart – we’ll beat that price by 33%. Brenda got a quart of the blue paint that she’s used on several projects. She’s been painting and painting with it and she’s still got most of it left! So just a quart of this will last you a long ways.

You don’t have to paint a whole room with chalk paint. It’s best in small, special areas.

Looking even more ideas? Check out some REALLY inventive ideas at brit.co – including chalkboard pumpkins!

Amazing Chalk Paint Make and Take at Smith and Edwards
Remember we can make you up chalk paint in ANY color, so bring in your ideas, Pinterest boards, or paint swatches and let us help you get the chalk paint you’re looking for at Smith & Edwards’ Paint Department off I-15 in Farr West, Utah.

Watch our Events Calendar for classes, demos, make & takes, and more FREE & FUN events at Smith & Edwards!

Handgun up for auction at Smith & Edwards

4 Reasons You Can’t Miss the Smith & Edwards Gun Auction

- posted by Rose Marion

2018 Gun Auction date announced – CLICK HERE!

Smith & Edwards' Annual Gun AuctionOk, here’s the deal. ’round here you’ll find yourself a livestock auction, and a lot of folks are familiar with eBay auctions. But where else in our neck of the woods are you going to find a Gun Auction?

Smith and Edwards’ Gun Auction was in its 30th year here in Farr West on Feb. 1st from noon to 2pm and it was sure a good time. Lots of happy people and families spending a Saturday afternoon together and getting to see 70 nice guns going to good homes.

If you’ve never been to a Gun Auction at Smith & Edwards, you HAVE to come next year. It’s the entire reason folks give each other money at Christmas! (well, part of the reason) You won’t be disappointed. Here are 3 solid reasons to come next year and bring your family with you:

1. You’ll have an Awesome Time

It’s exciting to be there with 200 other people all who are familiar with guns and shooting. You could make new friends here at the gun auction, chat up some seasoned hunters for their favorite ranges or hunting spots, or just watch the crowd as the auction takes off. If you’re into guns and don’t have a lot of people everyday to talk to about your hobby, this is a great place to meet new people who get it.

The Smith & Edwards Gun Auction is a fun time for the whole familyAnd there’s even more to see at the Gun Auction than great people. Have a tasty hot dog at our Country Boy Deli right by the auction stage:

Country Boy Deli - Smith and Edwards Gun Auction

And because you’ll want to get here early, we’ve always got friends of Smith & Edwards that come to keep you entertained til the Auction starts.

This year we were lucky to have 3 guests here before the auction: The Eagle was at the front doors giving away prizes and keeping things hopping with great music.

The Eagle radio station at Smith and Edwards for the Gun Auction

The Zone
was back in Sporting Goods, filling folks in at home on auction details.

The Zone at Smith and Edwards Gun Auction

1280 The Zone interviewing Mike Vause, Sporting Goods manager, just before the Gun Auction started.

And Mark Malan crooned to the crowd on his guitar before the auction started.

Mark Malan at the Smith and Edwards gun auction

2. Great Deals & FREE Guns

You know, the #1 reason we do the Gun Auction is to make you happy. Yeah, you! Our customers love the gun auction because we have great guns at GREAT prices.

Lots of the guns start at just $100 or $200 – and these are guns we keep on the shelf with $700 – $2000 price tags all year!

Nice camo gun with scope - Smith and Edwards Gun Auction

Mike Casey talks up this nice camo gun with a scope

And you can inspect the guns before the show, too, and get a good look at what you’re bidding on.

Handgun up for auction at Smith & Edwards

One fellow even came up to me and asked if we made any money on this event or if it’s a wash. Well, I can’t rightly answer that, but let me tell you, there are a LOT of folks who made out real well Saturday!

And how about those free guns?

That’s right! How would it feel to beat all the other fellas out to win the bid on a gun you really wanted… and then get told that you got it for FREE?

Pretty amazing, right? It could happen at the Smith & Edwards Gun Auction!

Not to mention the fun freebies Mike Casey threw out to the crowd: t-shirts, hats, wristbands, and to some, even .22 shells!

“Who drove the furthest to get here? Anyone from Idaho, Wyoming?” Mike asked (a few folks raised their hands.) “Ok, driving 300 miles gets you free ammo!”

Then a fellow pipes up from the crowd: “I’m from Farr West! I’ve driven a mile to here 300 times!” Ok, you can have a freebie too.

Journey handing out freebies at Smith & Edwards

Journey making sure everyone gets a freebie and a copy of the guns up for auction

3. Mystery Safe

It’s the big attraction: The mystery safe! This year Jackie Allred was the lucky winner. And being a lady, she got a $500 Smith & Edwards Gift Certificate as a bonus!

Jackie Allred, 2014 Smith and Edwards Gun Safe Winner

Jackie Allred, winner of the 2014 Smith and Edwards Gun Safe, and her crew, pose with the safe and Mike Vause.

Here’s a partial list of what was in that big ol’ safe:

  • Top-of-the-line Superior safe that we sell for $1799 – retails for over $2,000.00
  • “Winchester 1894″ rifle with a 26” barrel, built in 1902, 38-55 caliber – all original
  • 1400 rounds of .22 long round copper-coated rifle shells (WOW!)
  • Smith & Wesson M&P .22 Pistol
  • Leuopold’s top-of-the-line Gold Ring Spotting Scope, retails at $1199.00
  • Burris Fullfield 14×42 rifle scope, retails at $259.00
  • Nikon Rangefinder Realtree, retails at $469.99
  • Leupold Olympic 12×50 pair of binoculars
  • Browning T-Bolt .22 17 HMR, retails at $650.00
  • Ruger 10 .22 Laminated Stock, stainless steel version
  • Benelli Super Black Eagle Limited with wood stock, retails at $2499.00

Wow! Nice win, Jackie!

4. Auctioneer Mike Montgomery

And while those are the top 3 reasons…. we think Mike Montgomery is a reason in and of himself! He’s been heading up our auction for just about as long as we can remember – he’s a real staple of the annual Gun Auction.

Mike Montgomery at the Smith and Edwards Gun AuctionI don’t know how he keeps his patter going as he’s watching in the crowd for bids! Luckily this year he had help from 4 spotters. He’s just incredible!

Mike Montgomery auctioneering the Smith & Edwards Gun Auction

The 3 Mikes: Mike Montgomery auctioneering, Mike Casey talking up the guns, and Mike Vause being Vanna White.

Well, I hope you’re convinced that you’ll need to come to our 31st Gun Auction next January in 2015. We can’t wait to have you back! In the meantime, make sure to check out guns at Smith & Edwards online and in-store.

From a crazy idea Mike Casey had standing on a soapbox back on Washington Boulevard back 30 years ago to the big auction we hosted today… thanks for a great 3 decades Ogden!

Are you looking forward to the Gun Auction next year? Leave us a comment and let us know what you’d like to win! And would you share this post with one of your friends who’s never come? They’ve GOT to make it out to our Gun Auction!