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Get Dad What He REALLY Wants This Father’s Day

- posted by Regan Taylor

Dad. A daughter’s first love, a son’s first hero, and a wife’s partner in crime. The protector of the family. The bread holder. That special person you can always call on and depend on when things get complicated.

For all the things dad does, it’s no wonder there’s a day completely dedicated to him. I’ve come up with some unique gift ideas for 6 different types of dads, so no matter what kind of Dad yours is, there is sure to be something he’ll find and love from Smith and Edwards, the country boy store!

For The Family-Loved Fisherman With A Sweet-Tooth

Dad's Emergency Stash

Dad’s Emergency Stash

Pick a tackle box, and fill it with your dad’s favorite treats! Add lures and any other fishing accessories to make it extra special. This pic features the Mitchell 300 Reel, which is a great price during the Father’s Day sale.

Suited For The Style-Startin’ Dad

Perfect dress up outfit!

Dress-Up Outfit

Stetson dress shirts and Ariat jeans are a great pick for a cowboy’s night on the town.

Casual or Work Outfit

Casual or Work Outfit

Carhartt inspired outfit with Merrell hiking boots, and a Kryptek boonie hat for a dad’s hike or hard day’s work outside. Check out our Father’s Day ad below to see what men’s clothing is on sale.

See men’s clothing and men’s workwear here.

Brought Together For The BBQ-in’ Boss

Perfect Grill Set-Up

Perfect Grill Set-Up

HUGE DEAL! The Camp Chef Smokepro Pellet Grill will be on our Father’s Day sale for $299, regularly $369. Fill with your dad’s favorite grillin’ tools and spices. And he’ll love these Smith & Edwards drinking mugs! Get yours online.

Rigged For The Rowdy Ropin’ Cowboy

Roping Essentials

Roping Essentials

Spurs, sunglasses and a ball cap. The green bull, Shorty, is available here online or in-store. Feel like it’s too big? That’s fine. Try The Original Cowboy Toy instead. We also offer new and used ropes. Dad would love a wooden sign – there are dozens to choose from in-store. See more Country gifts here.

Created For The Colossal Camper


A Camper’s Comfort

Make sure dad gets a good night’s sleep in the mountains. This Pacific Crest cot and Northlake sleeping bag are going to be up for grabs for a sweet deal on the Father’s Day ad. Click here to see camping goods online. You’ll also find this man cave sign in our online store!

And last but not least…

The Hunting and Shooting Sports Lover

Springfield 45 XDS

Springfield 45 XDS with laser

This 3.3″ 45ACP Springfield XDS with laser is going to be on sale for $519. The Father’s Day sale ad has cleaning kits and boxes of ammo also included. Gun sold exclusively in store at the Smith & Edwards gun counter. He’s gonna love this!


And don’t forget to add a Range Day punch pass for Dad, he’ll be in heaven all day!


Get your Range Day Ammo Pass!

Get your Range Day Ammo Pass!

So what’s stopping you? Come see us in store or check out what we have online today, and make sure dad knows just how much you appreciate him this Father’s Day!
Smith & Edwards Father's Day 2015 Ad

Smith & Edwards Toy Sale event tips

3 Tips for a Victory at Smith and Edwards’ Toy Sale

- posted by Rose Marion

Smith and Edwards’ Toy Sale is a great event for getting gifts for Christmas! You’ll be sure your kids and grandkids will have a fun-filled Christmas morning with toys from our Toy Sale.

About the Toy Sale

The Smith and Edwards Toy Sale happens every fall. Like us on Facebook to see all our events and when they are scheduled. Promotional toys are at a fixed low price leading up to December!

We’ll publish our list of Toys available on our Current Specials page!

What kind of toys can you get? Top brands like Disney, Mattel, Fisher-Price, Hot Wheels, Littlest Pet Shop, and much, much more.

3 Tips for VICTORY at the Smith and Edwards Toy Sale

What do we mean by “victory”? Well, the top toys sell out fast, and you want to be sure and get the toys your kids will love. There’s nothing more satisfying than getting the toys your children want at a great price! You’ll walk out the doors with amazing toys and a huge smile on your face because you did so well at the Toy Sale.

Vickie, our Toys & Housewares buyer, offered some advice she’d give for first-timers hoping to have a great time at a Toy Sale. Hardware buyer Blaine offered tips, too – together they’ve watched thousands of excited, savvy shoppers run down the aisles of our Toy Sales, and they know how to make it a great experience.

1. Prepare – and be early! Watch for our toy lists so you can go straight to the toys you’re shopping for.

While we have thousands of toys at each Toy Sale, the most popular ones disappear fast, so if you want a specific toy from the toy list, plan ahead so you can head straight for it Monday morning without distractions.

Our doors open at 9am, but we’ve seen people lined up much, much earlier than that. Plan to be here early. You can even bring a chair and meet some new friends in line before the Toy Sale starts!

Our lucky winner and her friends, first in line at Smith and Edwards' Toy Sale!

Nitasha got to skip to the front of the line October 14 at our second Toy Sale in 2013. Congrats!

2. Shop Ahead! It feels amazing to get your Christmas shopping done early! Sure, you might be getting great deals on toys for the holidays. But these aren’t Christmas-only toys – I bet you can get great deals on toys they’ll love the whole year, for birthdays and more.

This is a great way to get name-brand toys for every boy and girl on your list – especially if your children have lots of cousins and friends. You’ll be prepared for Christmas and beyond with a little help from us at Smith & Edwards :)

And by the way – if it looks like we’re out of a certain toy, feel free to ask us for help. Oftentimes shoppers will take toys to the register, but they’ll only keep some of them. We’ll be running more toys back to the Toy Sale tables all morning to help you get the toys you want!

3. Come with your friends! Arrange for someone to watch the kids while you bring your friends to go Toy Sale shopping with you. Leave the kids at home, because you don’t want to worry about a stroller or collecting the kids when you check out (or them seeing their presents!). So having a girls-day-out-shopping will make the sale a big adventure. Not only is there safety in numbers – it’s a lot more fun, too!

You can combine your friends’ shopping lists with yours, or you can divide and conquer – you’ll have a ton of fun together, and you’ll all have a great experience to talk about afterward.

So get ready for lots of fun! Plan on coming and enjoying a morning of scoring great toys your kids will love. It’s really spectacular – you’ve gotta be here!

And while you might have heard scary rumors… our Toy Sales are typically pretty tame. Promise! It can get crowded, but everyone’s here to have a good time and get great toys for our kids, so you don’t need to bring knee pads or elbow pads. Just plan on a nice morning of great deals and great savings!

Got questions? Give us a call at 801-731-1120, we’ll be happy to help you get everything you need for a great Christmas.