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Regan loves fishing for rainbow trout at Causey Reservoir with her father. She's also fished for salmon in the Snohomish & Skagit rivers of Washington. Regan helps grow the Smith & Edwards online store and blogs about fishing tips as well as companies we love to spotlight.

Smith And Edwards Visits Tony Lama

- posted by Regan Taylor

This July, our President of Smith and Edwards, Craig Smith, and our boot department manager, Evan Gibson, were invited on a trip to El Paso, Texas to visit the Tony Lama factory.

The above video is of a man nailing and pegging the shank of a boot. Notice where he’s pulling the nails out of; HIS MOUTH! Who would of thought someone could make handling a mouth-full of nails look so easy.

Look at all those boots!

Look at all those boots!

Craig and Evan learned quite a bit about the process it takes to make these boots while visiting the factory. Did you know that it takes about 136 steps and 100 people just to finish one pair of Tony Lama’s? That’s way more than I could have ever imagined!

That's one LONG snake!

That’s one LONG snake!

Tony Lama has a section for their “exotic leather’s” they use which have snake, lizard, alligator and even ostrich skins. You can see the snake skins hanging here along their fixtures.

Each person at the factory has their own job and task that must be done quickly AND efficiently in order for the boots to be finished on time and uphold quality standards. Evan and Craig both noticed how the Tony Lama workers all act in sync as a team to get the job done right. It was clear that all these workers took pride in their work AND enjoyed what they were doing.

What’s a Boot Jack?

A boot jack is a tool we like to use to keep the backs of our boots looking brand new. Place your heel in the horseshoe shape, place the opposite foot on the angled surface of the boot jack, and pull up on the first boot. Voila! Your boot has now been removed without any accidental scuffing along the heel. Pick up yours today!

What You Didn’t Know About 4-H

- posted by Regan Taylor

When you think “Weber County 4-H,” what comes to mind? If you’re anything like me, you probably only picture lamb and other livestock showing and competitions.

Well, you aren’t completely wrong. The livestock and horse programs are a big chunk of what 4-H has to offer – Click here to read about showing livestock with 4-H!

BUT, what you more than likely didn’t know is that 4-H has SO many more amazing programs!

Variety of Programs in 4-H

Do you and your child love to cook? Try the food preparation and preservation project. Interested in learning more about photography? Gardening? Rocketry? Sewing? The list of what kinds of groups Weber County 4-H has to offer goes on and on. The best part is that it’s for youth in 3rd-12th grade and their friends or families. It’s an awesome way for youth to learn helpful life long skills and to get involved with others in their community.

4-H Reaches Far Across Communities

4-H is in all 50 states – plus over 50 other countries! Why? The success it has in each community of course! It’s all about empowering youth to reach their full potential and encouraging them to broaden their experiences and knowledge through activities that peek their interest.

Clubs and programs are added based on the communities interest and demand – so if you have an idea and it’s not already a club or program yet, it very well could be in the future!

Types of Clubs

So what existing clubs are there? Well, as I said, the list goes on and on. But here are a few that caught my attention:

  • Crime and Spy Science Clubs: Investigate and analyze using spy kits, messages, fingerprints and DNA.
  • Paper Crafts Clubs: Learn all about scrapbooks, cards, journals, origami, grow cards, and paper mache.
  • Shooting Sports: This is a recently added club! Learn about equipment, trap shooting, archery, how to use a shotgun AND a handgun.



  • Cake Decorating Clubs: Teaches you how to create and bake a beautiful cake; from frosting, decorating, and the proper display of the cake. (Fun!)
  • Fitness and Healthy Snack Clubs: The importance of fitness and it’s effect it has on your health should be taught as early as possible. This class teaches you about cardio, balance, strength, measuring food intake as well as choosing the right foods and setting goals through healthy living activities.
  • Theater Arts: With this club you or your child will be able to use their imagination, body and voice to express their character. This club covers everything from dynamics to acting styles, and even auditions!
  • Horse Program: It doesn’t matter if you have access to a horse or not, if you’re interested in learning the science of equine care and management, this is the program for you! Activities can include anything from educational (and fun!) club meetings to trail rides, horse shows and service projects.


  • Robotics Clubs: Do you love to take things apart and put them back together to see how they work? From what makes robots move to how they turn, this class shows you how to do just that; learn the basics of the world of robotics. Maybe even build one yourself!
  • Sewing: Let your future tailor shine through with this fun class that teaches you how to choose the right sewing tools and even how to use a sewing machine. Make a pillowcase, a skirt or pair of shorts, or even a doll skirt.
  • Craft Beading Club: Bubble beads, wooden beads, bedazzling…. oh my! The possibilities of what you’ll be able to make are endless!
  • Dog Clubs: Why pay for a trainer to get your rowdy puppy in check when you can learn how to yourself?! This club covers barking basics, “sit and stay”, “get down” and “figure 8” commands.
  • Photography: From composition, shooting and editing, you’ll be taking beautiful pictures that tell a story.
  • Spa and Relaxation Clubs: Body butter, zen garden, lip balm, foot scrub, candles and yoga; all the relaxing ingredients you need to create a perfect spa oasis!
Alicia Teuscher with USU Extension - Weber County 4-H

Alicia Teuscher with USU Extension – Weber County 4-H

“I would like parents and youth to know 4-H has something to offer EVERYONE! Farm or urban environment, 4-H has a project that will interest you and will encourage personal development. Some of our project areas include beekeeping, livestock, art projects, knitting, public speaking, record keeping, fashion and talent shows, livestock and horse judging teams…the list goes on and on!” – Alicia Teuscher, 4-H Educator with Weber County Extension Office

To get a full list of what Utah 4-H currently has to offer you or your family, please click here.

Let’s all Learn, Grow and Build Together as a Community!

With all of these amazing “hands-on” clubs, there’s no way you won’t be able to find something that fits you or your child’s personality! It’s all about finding what you’re good at, what you love doing, or what you want to learn how to do; and then taking that skill to the next level with a productive “learning by doing” approach.

4-H allows for individuality and personal success. It teaches leadership skills, the importance of citizenship and giving back to your community.

To become a member, leader or volunteer for Utah 4-H please contact the Weber County Extension office at 801-399-8209 (or your county’s extension office).

You can also visit their website at

Is your son or daughter in 4-H, or did you participate growing up? Leave a comment telling us what club you were a part of and why you loved about participating in 4-H!


The Tradition of Ogden Pioneer Days

- posted by Regan Taylor

Utah’s founding is a story of 148 pioneers trekking over 1,000 miles across the country and finally arriving to the Salt Lake Valley on July 24th, 1847. By 1869, some 70,000 or so more pioneers made this long, strenuous trip to our beautiful state of Utah.

In the summer of 1934, Mayor Harmon W. Peery started what’s known as “Ogden Pioneer Days”. This was how he wanted to celebrate and remember Utah’s pioneer ancestors and heritage.

The Ogden Pioneer Days has definitely been a tradition that has stuck; every year, the Ogden Pioneer Stadium puts on a rodeo and other special events, such as a parade and western festival, that attracts many people. Today, it’s known to be among the top 5 best large outdoor rodeos by the Professional Rodeo Cowboy’s Association (PRCA).

Jim Smith And The Ogden Pioneer Days

Jim Smith, son of Smith and Edwards Bert Smith, was President of Smith and Edwards since the 60’s, and an ardent supporter of the rodeo lifestyle. To understand Jim and Paula Smith’s total involvement with the Ogden Pioneer Days tradition, I talked with Jim’s close friend and Executive Administrator of Ogden Pioneer Days, Jackie Belnap.

Jim Smith

Jim Smith

Jackie recalled Jim becoming a part of the Ogden Pioneer Day’s Heritage Foundation Board some 10 or so years ago. But she says his active involvement really had been going on for somewhere between 35-45 years before. He was there to sponsor or support in ANY way he could.

Jackie said it was almost like every time the board thought to ask the Smith family for help, that they had already had it in their minds to help anyway. In other words, he didn’t have to be asked; Jim jumped in with both feet because of the passion he had for the Ogden Pioneer Days and community. And Paula was always right there with him, supporting in anyway she could too.

One moment that stood out to Jackie was when Ogden Pioneer Days had their volunteer appreciation party. Jackie had asked if Jim would be willing to give out a couple free gifts to some of these volunteers for their involvement and help with the Ogden Pioneer Days activities. Expecting just a couple free gifts, like they had agreed to, Jackie was stunned when she came to Smith and Edwards to pick them up. Jim had filled up an entire pick-up truck full of gifts for these volunteers who had taken time out of their day to help out. All 300 volunteers received a gift that night.

Of course, he did more than just support financially. Jim did all he could because he truly cared about all these people and what the Ogden Pioneer Days stands for. Jackie told me: “We would sometimes refer to him as our water boy. He was always making sure the cowboys had their cold water ready and that the coolers were always filled. There was literally no end to his support.”
Paula and Tenlee Smith

“Dad and Mom enjoy rodeo and the lifestyle. Dad competed in rodeo when he was younger and they raised all of us kids to love it too. Dad enjoyed his involvement with Ogden Pioneer Days. One of his main concerns was making sure the needs of the contestants were met. Mom has also helped out by volunteering in the contestant hospitality tent. She has always been everyone’s mom. This time of year the rodeo athletes spend a lot of time on the road. Its nice for them to feel like they have a place where they can refuel and recharge.

Dad always believed fully in giving back to the community and service. The Ogden Pioneer Heritage Foundation is one of the many boards he served on. He always felt like the store (Smith and Edwards) was blessed and that we are lucky to have the success that we do. It was his way of giving back. They are a great example of service before self.” -Misti Kosoff, daughter of Jim and Paula Smith

Jim Smith passed away in March, 2013. But his presence and support for our community is still deeply rooted. After he passed, the Jim Smith Memorial Scholarship was created. This is a $1,000 scholarship for high school seniors involved with rodeo, 4-H or FFA. All around Ogden at special rodeo events or fairs, you’re more than likely going to see a Smith and Edwards sponsor sign.

There was no limit to how much support Jim and Paula had for our community. This year, Jim and Paula Smith are being honored as Grand Marshalls for the Ogden Pioneer Days 2015 celebration. To learn more click here.

Grand Marshalls of 2015 Horse n Hitch Parade

Paula and the Smith family ride as Grand Marshalls in the Horse N Hitch parade on Washington

If you’ve thought about going but have never lived the crazy fun of the Ogden Pioneer Days, I highly recommend you try it this year. The events have been going on for about a week or so, but there’s still time to get in on all the action!

Events You Don’t Want To Miss

July 19th, at Ogden Pioneer Stadium at 8 a.m.:

  • Slack Breakfast and Timed Slack Event.

July 20th at Golden Spike Arena at 2 p.m.:

  • Miss Rodeo Utah Horsemanship Competition: Come out and support your favorite rodeo gal!

July 20th, at Ogden Pioneer Stadium at 6:30:

  • Pre-Rodeo and PRCA Rodeo: “Standard Examiner Family Night”.

July 21st, at Ogden Pioneer Stadium at 6:30:

  • Pre-Rodeo and PRCA Rodeo: “Patriot Night”.

July 22nd, at Ogden Pioneer Stadium at 6:30:

  • Pre-Rodeo and PRCA Rodeo: “National Day of American Cowboy” theme.

July 23rd, at Ogden Pioneer Stadium at 6:30:

  • Pre-Rodeo and PRCA Rodeo: “Tough enough to wear pink” night. Come at 6 p.m. to check out the Miss Rodeo Utah Freestyle Horsemanship Competition.

July 24th, THE BIG DAY!!

  • 9 a.m. on Washington Boulevard: Kick off the 24th of July with a Parade down the streets of Ogden. 20th street to 30th street.
  • 6 p.m.: Pre-Rodeo
  • 7:30 p.m.: PRCA Rodeo
  • 8:30 p.m.: Coronation of 2015 Miss Rodeo Utah
  • After the Miss Rodeo Utah is crowned, don’t forget to stay and watch the display of fireworks.

Pre-Rodeo Events Include:

  • Mutton Bustin’
  • Junior Posse Jamboree
  • Wild Cow Milking
  • Musical Chairs
  • Hide Racing

To get more details on registration and each event, visit the Ogden Pioneer Days website by clicking here.

We’re a stop on the Charm Trail, get your Smith & Edwards star charm at our Western department counter!


Smith & Edwards Wrangler Rebates for Ogden Pioneer Days

Not Just A Country Store – Smith and Edwards Manufacturing

- posted by Regan Taylor

Today, I had the privilege of talking with our very own Smith and Edwards brand team. Some may not know this, but Smith and Edwards is a brand name for horse tack, bridles, pack saddles and pack saddle equipment, saddle bags, and leather-working goods.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an outfitter, hunter, trail rider, rancher, or rodeo cowboy; this brand is for all Western style riders. That’s right, we don’t just sell top quality Western tack and Western trail riding equipment, we make it too!

The Smith and Edwards company tried out the idea of making their own brand and products back in 1979. What started out as a simple yet solid idea, has soared to a well-respected brand name used by many cowboys in the Western region of the U.S. and is sold to many country/feed stores.

Why? Well it could be that it’s a brand made in USA, for USA. Or maybe it’s because the company is always looking for ways to improve their products and make them fit customer’s needs.

Trying new patterns and different sewing strategies, as well as changing lengths and cutting techniques help the team get a feel for what works and what doesn’t based on what our customer is looking for. Because, after all, your support and feedback is what keeps us going!



“Come on. What have you guys really changed to make your products better?”

Well, the Lasal Box Style Pannier is a perfect example. Before, the weight of what you were carrying would weigh down the middle of your bag. The Lasal Pannier now comes with a diamond pocket that the staps go through. This helps it to secure your load and compresses it together to help relieve pressure on the seams.


Lasal Box Style Pannier



CC1662 - Smith and Edwards Criss Cross Strap Set for Lasal Pannier

Criss Cross Strap Set for Lasal Pannier


“I buy our pack equipment, headstalls, back cinchas, reins, lasal box style panniers, Utah pack panniers, and mantees. I choose the Smith and Edwards brand because of quality and price. And also because I know if there’s a problem I can bring it back and the Smith and Edwards team with get it taken care of for me” -Kris Betts, Western sales


661 - Tapered Utah-Style Pack Bag


Tapered Utah-Style Pack Bag



Behind the Scenes of the Smith and Edwards Brand Workshop

“I enjoy working with the people in the Western department. We are almost like a family. Well, I guess we are a family seeming how we spend most of our time together.” -Steve Lewis, leatherworker

Our Smith and Edwards Western Department Team

The Smith and Edwards Western Department Team. From left to right: Tom, Dave, Sam, Marty, Jess, Dani, Steve, Kyle, Shaun, Kris, Sherm.

Believe it or not, but it is a rather small team that works together to bring you all these one-of-a-kind products. And they aren’t made in some huge factory; instead they are beautifully hand-crafted right here at Smith and Edwards in the back corner of the Western department. The space is also relatively open, meaning our team can be seen, in the store, making these awesome products for you.

Smith and Edwards uses the best materials needed for each product they make. This includes:

  • Hermann Oak Leather: Mainly used on reins and headstalls.
  • Skirting: For cinches and breast collars.
  • Bear cloth: Tough, heavy nylon that doesn’t mildew. This is used on all of our pack bags.
  • Latigo: Used in almost everything we make.
  • Canvas: Mantee’s, slings, and pack bags are all made with canvas.


The team uses a few machines, of course, to help them make these products just right. There’s an:

  • Edger: This helps to soften and round the edges of the leather.
  • Creaser: To put in the “creases” or lines that give the product a clean and defined finished look.
  • Puncher: For when the team needs to punch multiple holes into the leather at once.
  • Splitter: Used for thinning the leather out.
  • Riveter: Made to squeeze rivets to join two materials together.
  • Sewing machine: The sewing machines Smith and Edwards use are mainly for pack saddle bags, breast collars, and slobber straps.

The Smith and Edwards team designs and makes everything entirely from scratch, from carefully cutting the leather and punching holes to the final sewing touches and branding of our Smith and Edwards name. Each item takes a different amount of time to make and uses a different type of process. This means that our team has to be very knowledgeable and precise about how they work, especially when quality is such a big factor.



Square Utah-Style Pack Bag


“Saddle panniers are probably one of the most time consuming products to make. It can be a challenge cutting the pieces for it out of the leather. I’ve spent almost a whole day on one lasal bag before.” -Tom Donovan, leatherworker

Thanks to Troy Higgs for the amazing photos of his packing trip!

Do you have a photo of your Smith & Edwards gear in action? Send us your photo to, we’d love to see it!

Why You Should Give Us A Try

The products Smith and Edwards sell are made specifically to work AND to last. The brand isn’t a super flashy one, it is better suited for the “working cowboy”. Products are made the old-fashioned way, and not mass manufactured. I guess you could say it’s more personal that way!

“My favorite part about working back here is being able to take something, cut it up and then piece it back together to make a product one of our customer’s will use and love. It’s rewarding.” -Marty Thompson, Western manager



Heavy Duty Nylon Saddle Bag & Cantle Bag Combo


Smith and Edwards has been a store you’ve trusted to bring you quality products and exceptional customer service for some 50+ years now. So, of course it is expected that our brand name products uphold the same standards, if not higher.

If you love Smith and Edwards, you’ll love what we make! Next time you’re looking to buy headstalls, bridles, halters, straps, or breast collars for western style riding, think Smith and Edwards. You won’t be disappointed!

To get a full listing of our catalog and everything we sell, please click here. (PDF file).


Click here to find your favorite Western Tack items at Smith and Edwards





Get Dad What He REALLY Wants This Father’s Day

- posted by Regan Taylor

Dad. A daughter’s first love, a son’s first hero, and a wife’s partner in crime. The protector of the family. The bread holder. That special person you can always call on and depend on when things get complicated.

For all the things dad does, it’s no wonder there’s a day completely dedicated to him. I’ve come up with some unique gift ideas for 6 different types of dads, so no matter what kind of Dad yours is, there is sure to be something he’ll find and love from Smith and Edwards, the country boy store!

For The Family-Loved Fisherman With A Sweet-Tooth

Dad's Emergency Stash

Dad’s Emergency Stash

Pick a tackle box, and fill it with your dad’s favorite treats! Add lures and any other fishing accessories to make it extra special. This pic features the Mitchell 300 Reel, which is a great price during the Father’s Day sale.

Suited For The Style-Startin’ Dad

Perfect dress up outfit!

Dress-Up Outfit

Stetson dress shirts and Ariat jeans are a great pick for a cowboy’s night on the town.

Casual or Work Outfit

Casual or Work Outfit

Carhartt inspired outfit with Merrell hiking boots, and a Kryptek boonie hat for a dad’s hike or hard day’s work outside. Check out our Father’s Day ad below to see what men’s clothing is on sale.

See men’s clothing and men’s workwear here.

Brought Together For The BBQ-in’ Boss

Perfect Grill Set-Up

Perfect Grill Set-Up

HUGE DEAL! The Camp Chef Smokepro Pellet Grill will be on our Father’s Day sale for $299, regularly $369. Fill with your dad’s favorite grillin’ tools and spices. And he’ll love these Smith & Edwards drinking mugs! Get yours online.

Rigged For The Rowdy Ropin’ Cowboy

Roping Essentials

Roping Essentials

Spurs, sunglasses and a ball cap. The green bull, Shorty, is available here online or in-store. Feel like it’s too big? That’s fine. Try The Original Cowboy Toy instead. We also offer new and used ropes. Dad would love a wooden sign – there are dozens to choose from in-store. See more Country gifts here.

Created For The Colossal Camper


A Camper’s Comfort

Make sure dad gets a good night’s sleep in the mountains. This Pacific Crest cot and Northlake sleeping bag are going to be up for grabs for a sweet deal on the Father’s Day ad. Click here to see camping goods online. You’ll also find this man cave sign in our online store!

And last but not least…

The Hunting and Shooting Sports Lover

Springfield 45 XDS

Springfield 45 XDS with laser

This 3.3″ 45ACP Springfield XDS with laser is going to be on sale for $519. The Father’s Day sale ad has cleaning kits and boxes of ammo also included. Gun sold exclusively in store at the Smith & Edwards gun counter. He’s gonna love this!


And don’t forget to add a Range Day punch pass for Dad, he’ll be in heaven all day!


Get your Range Day Ammo Pass!

Get your Range Day Ammo Pass!

So what’s stopping you? Come see us in store or check out what we have online today, and make sure dad knows just how much you appreciate him this Father’s Day!
Smith & Edwards Father's Day 2015 Ad

The Story Behind Cowboys Unlimited

The Story Behind Cowboys Unlimited

- posted by Regan Taylor

It all started with two risk-taking brothers and one shot-in-the-dark idea; to create a self-owned T-shirt company! The Moss Brothers ( Matt and Calvin Cahoon) have owned their own business since 1996 and are based out of Payson, UT.

And although the company has come a long way from where it started, they still keep it going strong the same way they built it; with each other! Matt and Calvin do everything themselves, from design and artwork to the shipping of the shirts!

The Making of a Commendable Company

Matt and Calvin Cahoon grew up in California, moving to Utah sometime after high school. Matt attended BYU and recieved an MBA and degree in engineering. Calvin, on the other hand, studied at University of Utah, played lacrosse, and got a degree in exercise science. He was working at a local country store and decided that their products weren’t all that special; so he decided “why not?”

While interviewing Calvin, he told me about how he’s always been attracted to the country way of life, saying ” a deal is as good as a handshake when it comes to people from the country. People always seem to be in a hurry to get no where, but not country people. They become family”.

It wasn’t hard to decide who they wanted their target market to be, so they came up with 4 clothing lines specified to the tastes of country folk:

1. Cowboys Unlimited: Traditional Cowboy T-Shirts – a VERY popular line!

Cowboys Unlimited Tee

Shop for you own Cowboys Unlimited get-up here.

2. Cowgirls Unlimited: Traditional T-Shirts for those one-of-a-kind cowgirls.

Janet rocking her Cowgirls Unlimited shirt

Janet rocking her Cowgirls Unlimited shirt

Get Janet’s “Cowgirls rule. We’ve got it, cowboys want it, and we know it” tee by clicking here.

3. No-Bull: Matt and Calvin’s more “risque” line that has funny quotes and sayings! ( Calvin told me they come up with these quotes from experiences and memories of funny moments where someone did or said something noteworthy ).

"Due to the rising cost of ammunition, I am no longer able to provide warning shots. Sorry for the inconvenience" - Tyler repping the No-Bull line.

“Due to the rising cost of ammunition, I am no longer able to provide warning shots. Sorry for the inconvenience” – Tyler repping the No-Bull line.

4. Horses Unlimited: Made specifically for all the horse lovers.

Live What You Love - Cowgirls Unlimited Tee

When they opened in fall of 1996, I don’t know if the Moss brothers really knew how well it was going to do. They had sold their shirts to 11 stores just before Christmas, and by the time the Christmas season was over all 11 stores had sold EVERY ONE of their shirts!

They then traveled to Kansas and teamed up with a company that put their shirts into 27 stores across the nation. After that, Matt and Calvin attended a spring trade show in Dallas, and gained another 15 stores to put their unique shirts into! They were then granted another whopping 48 stores.

How Far Have They Come Today?

Today, the Moss brothers have around 2500 locations carrying their clothing line. The company now has about 125 designs, and not only sell T-shirt’s but now also sell hoodies, kids clothing, window decals, housewares and BBQ sets. (Wow!)

"Don't flatter yourself cowboy, I was looking at your horse!" - Popular shirt from Cowgirls Unlimited

“Don’t flatter yourself cowboy, I was looking at your horse!” – Popular shirt from Cowgirls Unlimited

Know a cowgirl who would love this tee? Get it online.

The team make an awesome duo – Matt does most of the artwork and does quite well on the business end of things, while Calvin can be referred to as the carefree salesman. They work together to create the best possible team for their company. Products are always stocked in full to avoid any type of lag, even though it’s just the two of them doing all the work.

They continue to shine every year and who better to depend on than your own brother, right?

Why We Think It’s So Awesome

Smith and Edwards is also a company that came about from an idea two men had back in 1947, so of course we have support for two brothers doing the same thing. It’s always inspiring to see two people taking an idea and making it into a successful business.

I asked Calvin at the end of our interview “If you had one minute to tell a kid the secret of owning his own business, what would you tell him?” He paused and then told me, “You could have the Cadillac of all Cadillacs of products, but if you can’t sell it, you’re still broke.” In other words, make a product you know will be of interest to your customers, and PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE!

Take risks, make your mark, and share your product with the world because you never know where it may lead! You can support Utah’s own Moss Brothers by buying their T-shirts online or coming into Smith and Edwards today.


“You can get more accomplished with a smile and a gun than you can with just a smile.”

Get Tyler’s No-Bull Tee today! Shop online.

Here are some more of our favorites:

Cowgirls Unlimited Tee

You could rock this Cowgirls Unlimited “Gunpowder and Lead” Tee too! Shop here.

No-Bull and Cowboys Unlimited Tee's Get Tyler’s “Just Another Small Town” tee here, and his “One Nation Under God” tee here.

I wanted to give a special thank you to Janet from customer service and Tyler from the gun counter for modeling these awesome T-Shirts for us!



Troll fishing tips from Smith & Edwards

Up Your Trolling Game This Spring!

- posted by Regan Taylor
Chris Jacobson, Smith & Edwards Fishing buyer

Chris has great tips for trolling at Willard Bay.

Are you looking to try something new this spring? Have you thought about looking into trolling for fish? Or maybe you’re already troll-savvy and are just wanting to gain knowledge or tips on how-to’s. I talked to Chris, our fishing guy here at Smith and Edwards, to get his TOP tips n’ tricks for trolling!

What Should I Know About Trolling?

The benefits of trolling in a boat vs. fishing from shore are apparent; your fishing range expands, making it easier to find hot spots and catch bigger fish in deeper waters. This can be a great way to get those deep-water Trout and Kokanee.

So what’s the perfect way to troll fish? Well, that may vary depending on your preferences, but here’s what Chris recommends:

1. Speed is Everything: It is very important you monitor how fast you are trolling. Try 1.5-3.5 mph at first and track your results. Different species may be attracted to different trolling speeds.

Mike's Lunker Lotion2. Monitor Speed and Fish with a Fish Finder: This can be a very useful accessory for trolling. It will show you how fast you’re going as well as alert you to fish in the area. A fish finder is a great to scope out schools of fish to drop your trolling line into… they simply won’t be able to resist! One of Chris’s favorites is the Elite Series by Lowrance. Chris’s favorite Elite Series fish finder is sold exclusively in stores, but check out what fish finders we offer online by clicking here.

3. Spice Up Your Trolling Line!: Although trolling lures are made to specifically flash and flutter to attract fish, it can be extremely helpful to use another form of bait or attractant.

Mike’s Lunker Lotion or Berkley Gulp Spray can be a tempting add-on to your set-up. Not only will it give off a “fish friendly” smell, it will also cover up your scent you may have left behind on your lures. If the fish don’t sense a human, there’s nothing stopping them from taking that lure!

A couple family tricks of mine include using old rings or jewelry with your lures and coating them with your favorite fish attracting scent!

Berkley Gulp Spray4. Try New Spots: Fishing success can be very lake specific. Some of Chris’s favorite trolling spots are Willard Bay and Flaming Gorge. Trying new places can further help you understand which fish take which bait and what time of day they are most likely to bite. (Although most people recommend mornings and late nights).


One of our favorites for trout – the flatfish by Yakima


Chris also recommends:

  • Squids or Flatfish for Trout
  • Squids or Kokanee King for Kokanee
  • Rapala, wedding rings or jewelry, or Warm Harness for Walleye and Wipers

Click here to see the lures you can get delivered to your house here. And you can find even more lures in-store in Chris’s Fishing department at Smith & Edwards!

What Other Fish Trolling Tips Can Help Me?

Cannon 1901020 Downrigger

Chris’s favorite brand of downriggers, Cannon. Model #1901020.

Downriggers, mounts, rod-holders, and different lures or spoons can enhance your trolling experience with versatility and convenience.

Electric vs gas motors are more boat size and water depth specific. Electric downriggers may be more beneficial for deep water fishing areas, where as manual downriggers may be better suited for shallow depths. Chris finds Scotty or Cannon brand downriggers and Okuma Coldwater Reels to be his favorite!

Coldwater Trolling Reel

Perfect Coldwater Trolling Reel by Okuma


Have Fun With It!

Try new trolling areas, new lures, and new equipment to find your favorite fish-catchin’ troll setup. The best way to learn is to experiment for yourself!

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