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CarryMeGear Holsters: Concealed Carry Holsters made in Utah

Look out, Utah! There is a new brand of gun holsters in the state and they are exclusively at Smith and Edwards. We know you are going to love them. CarryMeGear is owned and operated by Smith and Edwards’ own Mike Vause, right here in Ogden, UT. Mike is the Sporting Goods manager here and we are super excited to be carrying his handmade gun holsters! Mike has spent most of his professional career in the shooting sports industry. For years, he has been looking Continue reading →

Tactical & Concealed Carry Outfit for Him

This spring we visited the Perry City Three Mile Creek shooting range to show off some of the new Tru-SpecĀ® tactical clothing that Ryan, our Surplus manager, has added to his department, as well as the tactical & range bags we’ve just added to the Smith & Edwards online store. Who else could we ask to model this cool gear but Tyler? Tyler works at our Gun Counter and has a first-hand grasp of what a shooter needs, both from a military and recreational viewpoint. Continue reading →

Q&A: Why use a Gun Vise?

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Send us your question to help@smithandedwards.com. We’ve got good advice, bad advice, & years of experience with all kinds of crazy outdoors activities. Send us your question, you just might get something fun or helpful back! Question: I saw your post on how to clean a rifle. I’ve never used a Gun Vise to clean my rifle… does it make any real difference? -Major Paul Answer: You don’t have to use a gun vise to clean your rifle. But Continue reading →

Springfield Dueling Tree Competition – GoPro Video

Mike Vause challenged me to a duel the other day…. He’d already bought the ammo, so I said OK! We went to the Perry Three Mile Creek Range and squared off at the dueling tree. (You’ll get to try your marksmanship skills at the Dueling Tree on Range Day!) Watch the Competition from a First-Person Perspective I didn’t know Mike would show up wearing a GoPro… you’ve got to take a look at it from his perspective! About the Dueling Tree The dueling tree’s designed Continue reading →

Range Day was a Blast!

Wow… if you came to the Perry City Range on Friday, June 13th, you had an amazing start to Father’s Day weekend! The Three Mile Creek Gun Range hosted about 250 people on Range Day, from people who came with their families to shoot, to Smith & Edwards staff, and even Karen Cronin, Perry City mayor. Perry’s Three Mile Creek Range was Amazing! Karen Cronin, Mayor of Perry City, said that Range Day was “extremely successful!” “We owe a big thank you to Smith & Continue reading →

Gun Review: Glock 42 .380

Some say, “hideable handguns aren’t fun to shoot.” There certainly has been a trend to buying small concealable pistols and revolvers. Many new shooters are inclined to buy the smallest size, but may not take into account ease of operation and recoil control. Small guns can sometimes have the opposite of bold, high visibility sights; they can also produce more recoil than we expect. I personally like mid to larger handguns for that reason. The American Public has, for the last few years, been buying Continue reading →