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Simple Christmas Gifts at Smith & Edwards

Simple Christmas Gifts

- posted by Rose Marion

It’s so easy to turn the holidays into stress and chaos! I know a family that had to put a limit on presents for the kids because it turned into a competition for all the aunts and uncles! And another family stopped hosting because it was so challenging accommodating the entire family as it grew – just became too much, especially with the winter travel.

For a lot of people, a simpler, slower pace is ideal for the holidays. That’s what they should be about, anyway – spending real time with loved ones, taking pictures for the scrapbooks, enjoying each other’s company, and celebrating the season.

With none of the stress and running-around that the media tells us we need to get caught up in.

So if you’re looking to have a simple Christmas this year, we’re right there with you. You’ll find frugal and simple Christmas gifts for the most important people in your life at Smith & Edwards in Farr West and SmithandEdwards.com.

Take a look…

For Him: Carhartt Jackets

Guys, it’s straightforward. You know if you want outdoor or work clothes that hold up for years, you go to Carhartt. So ladies, if you want to give your husband or your father something he can really use, get him a Carhartt jacket.

Carhartt Jackets for men at Smith and Edwards - GREAT prices!Carhartt Quick Duck Jefferson JacketCarhartt jackets are always priced competitively at Smith & Edwards! Jackets range from $79.99 to 119.99. See Carhartt workwear online. Plus, there are also vests and hoodies that will keep him warm, too.

One newer item from Carhartt is the Quick Duck jacket, which is even more repellant than other Carhartt jackets. It has 3M Thinsulate with Rain Defender finish to give him the warmth and durability he loves in his Carhartt clothes…. plus it’s lighter-weight and rain-resistant. Carhartt Quick Duck Jefferson Traditional Jacket, $119.99.

For Her: Kitchen Basics

Some cooks like and welcome help from their guests when they’re cooking for the holidays. Others of us would rather the guests stay in the front room and visit, while we try to calculate the turkey or cry over onions!

If your wife loves to cook but you’d like to make it easier for her, check out these simple but oh-so-valuable kitchen gadgets from Progressive. Each bundle below has essentials that are just beyond the basics but will make her life so much easier.

Super Savings Progressive Kitchen Gadget Gift Set
Super Savings Progressive® Kitchen Gadget Gift Set – see it online

Super Savings Progressive Kitchen Gadget Gift Set
Super Savings Progressive® DELUXE Kitchen Gadget Gift Set – see it online


And, if your daughter is moving out of the house, help her remember the time she spent baking with you with this sweet baking bundle! It’s just $34.99 (online-only!) See the Baking Bundle here.
Red Baking Kit at SmithandEdwards.com

For a Home Chef: Seasonings & Fermenting

Whether your Christmas tradition involves a Ham, a Turkey, or if Frosted Cookies are the must-do family tradition, you’ve got to have the right spices, extracts, and of course food coloring on hand!

Get your herbs, salt-free seasoning, vanilla extract, and much more delivered right to your home, no matter how rural your homestead is. See spices online!
Spices and Herbs at SmithandEdwards.com

Pickling and fermenting is a fun way to preserve pickles, make sauerkraut, kimchi, and more sour-but-so-good food. For the serious gourmet in your family, or the person who loves finding the results of a months-long project… a pickling crock or fermentation crock set is the perfect gift.

SmithandEdwards.com is your source for pickling crocks AND the matching weights and lids to get your fermenting start. Plus, we guarantee that your American-made stoneware crocks will arrive in perfect shape – no cracks or broken crocks here! Shop pickling crocks here.
Shop Pickling Crocks and Fermentation Crocks at Smith & Edwards

Simple Gifts for the Kids

It’s difficult not to give your kids everything they hope for! Here are some great simple toys to give your children for Christmas that don’t even take batteries.

Paracord + Buckles: Give your teenagers a fun project to keep them busy over Christmas Vacation: there are hundreds of videos on YouTube showing how to make paracord bracelets, knots, monkey fists, keychains, and so much more!

100-foot hanks of paracord start at just $6.99 at Smith and Edwards and you can find buckles here to go with your paracord bracelets.

Paracord Hanks
Hanks of Paracord (over 150 colors!)
Paracord Buckles
Paracord Buckles

Arrowcopter (in-store only) toys are the flying toy you can spin with your hands! These fun flying toys are a blast on sunny days in the snow. And they start at just $3.99 a package! In-store only.
Kids Arrowcopter ToyWooden rubber band toys & swords are great ways for your kids to use their imagination and creativity! These toys make great gifts and are super-cost-effective: this Jumbo Marshmallow Shooter is only $7.99! Find it online.

Jumbo Marshmallow Slingshot toy

Ty Giraffe Beanie Boo

Gabriel and the 16″ tall giraffe!

Ty Beanie Boos: Every child loves their own special stuffed animal. Ty’s so-adorable Beanie Boos have HUGE glitter-rimmed eyes, cute smiles, and so-soft plush coats.

Available in 6″ – 16″ heights, you’ll find the perfect snuggle buddy for your child. Click here to see Ty Beanie Boos.

For the Family

Have new neighbors? Is this your son or daughter’s first Christmas as a new family with their spouse? Give a thoughtful gift of Food Storage. You’ll fill their pantry with freeze-dried meals that will provide for them, like you have all those years before. Choose from baking mixes, vegetables, and freeze-dried meal pouches they can use in an emergency or on camping trips!

Food Storage Baking Mixes from Honeyville
Food Storage Baking Mixes
Freeze Dried Vegetable Cans from Honeyville Grain
Freeze Dried Food Storage Cans
Freeze Dried Meal Pouches
Freeze Dried Meal Pouches

Wrapping it Up

All Wrapped Up wrapping paper

Bonnie’s fun gift wrap designs…. on PAINT CANS!

When you need wrapping paper for Christmas or any occasion, you’ll find both tulle and locally-produced gift wrap by All Wrapped Up online here and in-store in the Housewares department. This gift wrap is printed in the USA.

All Wrapped Up is based in Layton, Utah. Bonnie’s gift wrap always has fun designs… plus she makes HUGE rolls of wrapping paper – 150 square feet – that will last you for ages!

In fact… check out Bonnie’s great Neighbor Gift ideas with her All Wrapped Up gift wrap from when she stopped in at Smith & Edwards last year!

Bonnie and Leslie with their fun Neighbor Gifts made with paint cans wrapped in All Wrapped Up wrapping paper!

Bonnie and Leslie with their fun Neighbor Gifts made with paint cans wrapped in All Wrapped Up wrapping paper!

Each of these gifts is sure to delight your friends and family – as well as be absolutely useful. You’ll love giving these simple Christmas gifts. We hope we can help make your holidays even better this year!

Happy Holidays!

Floppy Moose at Smith and Edwards

Savor the Christmas Experience – and Bring it Home!

- posted by Rose Marion

Update: our Christmas selection has just been marked down: up to 70% off MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price). So Smith & Edwards is THE place to find your perfect Christmas decorations – and at a great price, too!

Smith & Edwards has all your home decor and outdoor decorations you need to celebrate the holidays! We’ve got the most unique Christmas decorations in Utah. You’ll find Christmas decorations – and gifts galore! – in the aisles here at Smith & Edwards. Just take a look…

Smith & Edwards’ Magnificent Christmas Selection

There’s no way we could fit everything in a little blog post… so check out these photos, and then come on in and see them for yourself!

We’ve got everything you need, extension cords and bulbs to gifts and toys and the best Christmas decorations Utah has to offer. Let’s start off with prelit Christmas trees and these fun tree toppers:

Christmas Trees and Tree Toppers

Prelit Christmas trees at Smith and Edwards

Choose your Christmas tree – we’ve got white lights and multicolored lights, from “Charlie Brown” size trees to 7.5 – 9-foot trees for you.

Antler Tree at Smith and Edwards

Perfect for a cabin or country home, this prelit Christmas tree is full of antlers, too! (Deer tree topper available separately…)

Bear, Moose, and Deer tree toppers at Smith and Edwards

Choose a tree topper – we’ve got a Deer, a Moose, and Bears!


Indoor fountains make great Christmas gifts! We’ve got simple fountains, statue fountains, fountains with lights, and even “fireplace” fountains – you have to see them…


Christmas Lights

Here are just a few strands of the Christmas lights we have for you…

Christmas lights in all colors and shapes - Smith and Edwards
More Christmas lights - Smith and Edwards

Bubbling Christmas lights, front, and flickering flame lights in the background at Smith & Edwards

Bubbling Christmas lights, front, and flickering flame lights in the background

Wreaths & Stockings

Lots of Christmas stockings and wreaths to choose from at Smith and Edwards

Choose a stocking for everyone in your family – and we’ve got several styles of wreaths to choose from, too!

And we’ve got amazing, locally-produced wrapping paper, too!

This paper is from All Wrapped Up based in Layton, Utah.
Christmas wrapping paper made by Layton, Utah company All Wrapped Up - Smith and Edwards

Tip: Check out the in-store Gift Wrapping Demonstration we had Nov. 16!

Home Decor

You’ll find everything you need to make your home a warm, festive place to host family and friends for the holidays. You’ll find friendly Santas, cinnamon-scented pinecones, and much more to decorate your home this Christmas.

This Santa Claus sings and dances - what a jolly guy! - Smith and Edwards

This Santa Claus sings and dances – what a jolly guy!

Christmas Nutcrackers at Smith and Edwards

Nothing says Christmastime like cinnamon-scented pinecones!

Nothing says Christmastime like cinnamon-scented pinecones!

Floppy Moose at Smith and Edwards

There’s room in every home for a floppy moose!

Christmas Ornaments

You can find ornaments anywhere – so we’re featuring just the coolest Christmas ornaments.

Special ornaments with LEDs that light up - Smith and Edwards

Special ornaments with LEDs that light up

Santa Ornament blows out! - Smith and Edwards

This Santa is a great ornament for kids! The “Good Night Light” stays lit, then at bedtime…

Blow on the candle ornament... - Smith and Edwards

…blow on the candle…

and the candle's blown out! - Smith and Edwards

…and the candle goes out!

Cowboy Santas and Snowmen at Smith and Edwards

These Cowboy Santa and Cowboy Snowmen ornaments make great gifts!

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Holiday banners for your porch - Smith and Edwards

Holiday banners for your porch

Decorate your front door (or trees!) with a grapevine snowflake wreath like this one.

Decorate your front door (or trees!) with a grapevine snowflake wreath like this one.

Light up your fence with clip-on Christmas lights - Smith and Edwards

Light up your vinyl fence with EZKlipz clip-on Christmas lights: they clip right on and stay on straight. (click picture to view larger)

Christmas garden decorations - Smith and Edwards

Festive Christmas stakes for your garden or potted plants


Inflatable Santa at Smith & Edwards

This 7-foot airblown Santa Claus is on special until December 1!


Huge candy canes for your home! Smith and Edwards

Huge candy canes for your home!

Mickey Mouse Christmas Decoration - Smith and Edwards

Let Mickey light up your porch

Light up your yard with Christmas trees and more - Smith and Edwards

Light up your yard with Christmas trees and more!

Train Set

Choo chooooooo!

Train set for Christmas - Smith and Edwards

Who wouldn’t love a Train Set for Christmas?

Come on in – we’re waiting to see you!

So come on in – we’ve got a lovely Christmas wonderland for you to explore and bring home to your family.
Trees, gifts, and Christmas decor await you at Smith and Edwards!

Come visit our Christmas display and get your own magnificent Christmas decorations: you’ll see them right away when you walk into Smith & Edwards, located at exit 351 off I-15. Come see us at 3936 N Highway 126 in Farr West, Utah, because we’re your #1 Christmas decor & gift destination!

Smith & Edwards’ Christmas Sale

Check out our Christmas Sale – Great savings starting Black Friday!

Smith and Edwards' Christmas Sale