Enjoy Delicious Home Pickled Foods

Canning season in Northern Utah is in full force! We have some new canning gadgets you need to know about. You'll love these great products designed to make your favorite home pickled foods in smaller, faster batches. Fermentation Creation and ViscoDisc are sure to change the way you can, pickle, and ferment foods. So come on! Let's create some delicious foods that are sure to be a hit at your next family party. Chop, Salt, Brine and Repeat Fermentation Creation was founded by two friends Continue reading →

Fermentation and Pickling Crocks Questions & Answers

At some point in your life, you’ve probably had fresh, homemade pickles – maybe even homemade sauerkraut or kimchi. You might even have a few seasons of pickling and fermenting under your belt. Yet, I would venture to bet that, no matter where you are in your journey, you have a few questions about pickling crocks. We’ve carried made-in-Ohio, USA stoneware pickling crocks for several years (click to see them online!) here at Smith & Edwards, and here are some questions our customers have asked Continue reading →

How to Make Dried Apricots & Apricot Jam

What do you do with a couple pounds of fresh Utah apricots? Some of the best ways to preserve that fresh, tangy sweetness are dehydrating apricots and turning them into apricot freezer jam. Maggie & Hannah are 10-year-old friends, cousins, and daughters of Smith & Edwards employees. They gave it a shot! Here’s how they did – and if they can do it, YOU & your kids can, too! Making Dried Apricots You’ll need: Food Dehydrator Kitchen knife Wash and dry the apricots. Then, cut Continue reading →

How to Freeze Beets

Beets are a yummy vegetable packed with nutrients like manganese, potassium, copper, magnesium, vitamin C, iron, and vitamin B6. They’re a delicious Utah summer crop, and you can freeze beets to enjoy them year-round. Our produce experts Vickie Maughan, our Housewares manager, and Jean from Pettingill’s Fruit Farm, teamed up to freeze beets last week and here’s how they did it. You’ll need: Disposable gloves Kitchen knife Pot of water Ziploc freezer bags How to Freeze Beets Put on your gloves! Wash the fresh beets Continue reading →

How to Freeze Cherries

Here in northern Utah we’re lucky to get large yields of cherries in late June & early July! While there’s no end to what you can do with fresh cherries – cobbler being my favorite! – freezing cherries is a wonderful use for these short-seasoned juicy treats! Freezing cherries will let you taste that sweetness even in January. Plus, you can use these for your shakes & smoothies. Vickie, our Housewares manager, and Jean from Pettingill’s Fruit Farm, got together to show me how to Continue reading →

Why We LOVE Honey: Cox Honeyland!

Henderson and Marion Cox started in the bee industry in St. George, Utah. Since then, the family has carried the tradition of bee keeping and honey production, and in 1989, Cox Honeyland opened for business. Now, the fourth generation of family is running the business in Logan, Utah, with more things than just honey, including lotions and other food items. Here at Smith & Edwards, we have proudly carried Cox Honeyland for the past 20 years. Honey has so many benefits! Besides being all natural, Continue reading →

How to Can Applesauce in 6 Easy Steps!

Fall is here! The leaves are falling, the wind is cooler, and it’s time to get ready for winter. One of my favorite ways is by storing all the delicious food we have enjoyed in the summer, so we can have it in the winter as well. Vickie Maughan, our canning and housewares department manager, shared with us her great recipe for making canned applesauce at home. And we want to share it with you! The perk of this recipe, is you can eat it Continue reading →

How to Freeze Corn – Plus Easy Corn-Cutting Method!

What do you do with all that left-over corn you made for dinner? Throw it out? Stick it in the fridge, forget about it, and then throw it out? Not anymore! With this easy video & guide, you don’t need to let the words “canning” or “food storage” intimidate you. Melissa in our Housewares department will walk you through the steps. Easy Frozen Corn Storage: Watch How! Now, this is something I have done with my family since I was a little girl. We have Continue reading →

How to use a Pickling Crock: the Art & Science

When people think of pickles, large quart jars of olive-colored pickles come to mind. But there’s another way to make pickles that takes a lot less heat, a lot more time, and some say, yields a lot tastier results: Fermenting Pickles and Vegetables When you make pickles in a traditional pickling crock, in some ways it’s much less work: simply prepare your pickles, load them in the crock according to the recipe, and give them a few weeks. This yields crisp, crunchy, delicious pickles! And Continue reading →

Have Herbs? Dry & Preserve in Mason Jar Herb Shakers!

The best part of having your own garden is harvesting your own vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Drying herbs is simple, and with your own herb garden you can have the comfort of fresh and organic herbs and spices at your fingertips. When to get ready The early summer months of May and June is the best time to head over to your local nursery, and you can find an abundant supply of different herbs and spices to choose from. Some popular choices that do really Continue reading →