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Smith and Edwards profiles Yellowstone gloves out of Idaho Fall, ID

Brand Spotlight: Yellowstone Leather Products for 40 Years Runnin’

- posted by EmmaLee Sessions

We here at Smith and Edwards have often wondered, “What makes a good, leather work glove?” The folks at Yellowstone Leather Products have been showing us what a good quality work glove looks like for the past 47 years, and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

Kevin modeling our Yellowstone elkskin and deerskin gloves.

Kevin, from our hardware department, modeling our Yellowstone elkskin and deerskin gloves.

Yellowstone Leather Products is an Idaho-based business that opened in 1960. In 1969, now owner, Boyd Zollinger bought the company and went to work marketing and distributing American made work gloves. Zollinger said, “I was back east for school and was looking for a way to get back to Idaho,” where he was originally from. “My family and I looked at this company that was for sale and we thought, ‘we could work with that.'” That’s exactly what they have been doing now for the last 47 years.

Smith & Edwards has had a long partnership with Boyd and Yellowstone, reaching back to 1969:

“We found their quality is far superior to any other glove we carry,” said Jim Smith, president of Smith & Edwards, an Ogden, Utah, retailer that has stocked Yellowstone Gloves for more than 35 years. “Most people who buy Yellowstone know they are quality gloves that will last longer than two or three other pairs they could buy cheaper.”
Article from 2010 by Clark Corbin with the Idaho Falls Post Register

What makes Yellowstone Leather work gloves different?

The patented pattern of Yellowstone work gloves is really, what sets them apart from other work gloves. All of the premium leather gloves made at their warehouse in Idaho Falls feature both a seamless palm and back, making these work gloves form fitting. They fit tighter to your hand, Zollinger said, thus making it more like working with your bare hands, but with the protection necessary for even the toughest jobs.

Jean modeling our Yellowstone elkskin and deerskin gloves.

Jean, one of our managers, modeling our Yellowstone elkskin and deerskin gloves. Jean manages the gloves department as well as our famous candy section!

Talking about premium leather, these gloves are made from some of the finest, hand selected elk, deer, and goatskin in the western United States. When asked about the difference in materials, Smith and Edwards’ own Jean Dimick said, “Elkskin and deerskin last longer than traditional cowhide gloves. They won’t get hard and brittle if they get wet.” You can enjoy soft, supple gloves no matter what.

What projects can I use my Yellowstone Leather work gloves for?

These deer and elkskin gloves can be used for any job, big or small, tough or easy. Elkskin is a heavier leather than deerskin and are best for heavy-duty jobs, such as fencing and other ranch work and construction. Deerskin gloves are more pliable and comfortable, and better for easy jobs.

Kevin and Jean modeling our Yellowstone elkskin and deerskin gloves.

Smith and Edwards own Kevin and Jean modeling our Yellowstone elkskin and deerskin gloves.

We would rave about these gloves all day if we could. So come on in and find out for yourself what makes these work gloves so special. We know you’ll fall in love with the Idaho-based, made in USA, leather work gloves that we have come to love and depend on too. Yellowstone Leather also distributes a high quality, imported brand of leather work gloves called Rocky Mountain Gloves.

What they wore:


102216412LTLL Carhartt Hubbard Classic Plaid Button Up Shirt

MNVBLKL Wyoming Traders Black Nevada Vest

428-1738 Bailey Stampede Silver Wool Felt Hat

Kevin wears a size 9 in the Yellowstone Premium Leather work gloves and an XL in the Rocky Mountain gloves.

Jean (the buyer):

5039-75K-7 Stormy Kromer Button Up Partridge Plaid Hat (brown plaid)

5067-40P-SM Stormy Kromer Aurora Snowdrift Cap (green plaid)

Jean wears a size 8 in the Yellowstone Premium Leather work gloves.Shop Yellowstone gloves on SmithandEdwards.com.

Pioneer Trek Outfit Ideas and Packing List

What You Need for Pioneer Trek

- posted by Rebecca Adams

The Pioneer Trek has become a popular activity for LDS church members. It’s an opportunity to experience a little bit of the life lived by the Utah pioneers. It is a way for them to learn and experience a little part of the challenges and sacrifices they faced as they made their way across the plains of America in search for religious freedom.

The Trek Experience

The trek is an opportunity to travel back in time and let go of everyday comforts and modern technology. Cell phones, cars, and cable are left at home and are replaced with handcarts, face-to-face conversation, and the great outdoors.

When you start your trek you are placed into a family that consists of a ma, pa, and siblings. The group is about ten people to a handcart as they travel up to 13 miles a day. Looking for a packing list to replace your misplaced list? Check out our Trek Packing List!

LDS Trek Outfit Ideas

A pioneer trek typically lasts for four days and travels through about 28 miles of rough terrain. As a participant of the trek you must be at least 14 years old and up to 18.

Being physically prepared is also very important: get out and walk for at least 60 minutes a day at least two weeks before the trek. Many activities are planned out as part of the pioneer experience: square dancing, spiritual meeting, and personal stories and history of the pioneers.

What do you Wear for Trek?

To fully appreciate and experience the pioneer trek, the clothing you wear will reflect those of a pioneer. LDS trek clothing can be a bit of a challenge, but our crew has been helping folks find the perfect outfit for several years – we’ll help you find the right pieces.

Women's LDS Trek Outfit
Men's Traditional Trek Outfit - Front

Women’s LDS Trek Clothing

For women, broomstick skirts are an appropriate and cool piece of clothing. We’ve got this broomstick skirt in several colors! They wash easy, and they look best wrinkled – no ironing needed.

Women's Trek pioneer outfit

We added an apron over the skirt which is handy for pockets and keeping your skirt clean. You’ll want check out our selection of women’s hiking tops. The lightweight blouses will keep you cool and their button-down design will allow for multiple purposes.

Looking to be more period specific for trek? No problem! We also carry these great pullover options in the Scully brand. These 100% cotton blouses are durable and hard-working yet feminine and fashionable.

Many stakes and wards suggest taking a pair of good hiking boots, like these Merrells. You’ll definitely need a good pair that you’ve broken in. There’s nothing worse than hiking and blisters.

Ladies' Merrell Shoes are a great choice for Trek

If you do get a blister or two then you’ll want to have some moleskin with you. We carry Dr. Scholl’s and Adventure Medical Kits brands.

Add a bonnet for some shade and to help keep you cool. You can get this red gingham bonnet in-store or online.

LDS Trek Bonnet

Men’s LDS Trek Clothing

For a traditional men’s look, turn to the Scully brand. It’s got all you need for the traditional pioneer appearance. These pants have suspender buttons built-in so you can walk comfortably, and these pullover shirts look great as well.

Men's Traditional Trek Outfit - Front
Men's Traditional Trek Outfit - Back

For a more modern approach (and the promise of wearing your clothes after trek) you can check out these great products! Columbia, White Sierra, Stillwater Supply Co. and American Outback are great, lightweight options. They’ll keep ya cool and dry and many of the pant styles are convertible into shorts! You’ll wear these items over and over for many adventures to come.

Don’t forget those hiking boots! You can’t go wrong with Merrell, but we also carry other leading brands like Danner, Columbia and Hi-Tec. Keep a silk wild rag close to keep yourself cool in the summer heat.

Sitting in the Utah shade, this is a great men's outfit - and a bucket seat lets you stop for rest!

A Sunbody palm-leaf hat is a smart way to keep cool and keep your skin safe. You can wear a wide-brimmed palm leaf hat right off the shelf, or use a steamer to shape the hat in any way you like. Get a Sunbody hat online here. Men's LDS Trek outfit

What Else do I Bring?

Every stake and ward have different packing lists of what they want you to bring to the trek. Typically you’re asked to bring a bucket that holds your supplies. These ice fishing bucket seats have been popular here in the store for people going on Trek. They fit on both 5-gallon and 6-gallons and provide some much-appreciated cushioning.

Now you've got some great ideas for you or your son or daughter going on Trek!

Find everything you need all in one place as you shop for your trek at Smith & Edwards! More information on your pioneer trek can be found on your ward or stake’s Facebook page.

View our Trek Packing List for ideas on what you can collect at Smith & Edwards. You can view the ultimate guide by visiting LDS Living’s Ultimate Guide to Trek.

Special thanks to Kelsey from our Clothing Department and Tom from Western for modeling these great outfits!

Women's Rodeo outfit inspo from Smith & Edwards

Cool in Blue: Fun Women’s Rodeo Outfits

- posted by Misti Kosoff

Rodeo season is gearing up! So for both the serious competitor and the die-hard rodeo fan, we have the rodeo apparel you need, to get you noticed.

Kelsey from our Clothing department helped us out by modeling both of these outfits – thanks, Kelsey!

Stay cool in blue with these fun women’s rodeo outfits by rodeo fan favorites: Wrangler, Cowgirl Tuff, and Rock 47.

Rodeo Fan Outfit

Kelsey modeling our fun Rodeo Fan look

This fun Cowgirl Tuff printed tee is perfect for the rodeo or everyday. Top it off with a 6X Seratelli hat!

For cheering in the stands or after the competition, the Cowgirl Tuff cap sleeve v-neck t-shirt is a fun compliment to any jean. I have this one in my closet!

Wrangler Sadie jeans are a great choice for the rodeo!

These Sadie jeans from Wrangler look great – you’re ready to have FUN!

Wrangler’s Booty UP Sadie jeans are everything that any woman wants in one jean. These jeans lift and define the seat – which is flattering, but doesn’t compromise comfort. The right blend of cotton, polyester and spandex make them just downright comfy.

Rodeo Competitor Outfit

Rock 47 Cotton Woven top is perfect for breakaway or barrels!

Gorgeous cobalt stitching and cobalt & silver sparkles make this shirt stand out.

Gorgeous cobalt stitching and cobalt & silver sparkles make this cotton shirt stand out.

Rock 47 women's rodeo shirt

This Rock 47 shirt features black gem-cut snaps on the sleeves and front, with a top button.

This Wrangler Rock 47 embroidered and embellished woven long sleeve cotton top is the perfect combination of style and flash. It features diamond blue stitching on both the front and the back around blue and silver rhinestone spots.
Kelsey at Smith & Edwards models this Rock 47 and Wrangler outfit

Look cool in blue as you do breakaway or barrels with this tough-but-cute outfit. Pair with matching cowboy boots like blue-stitched Ariat Pro Baby Flame boots.

Top it off with a 6X Seratelli hat. Then, accessorize with jewelry & cowboy boots. Kelsey picked the Ariat Pro Baby Flame boots – you can get yours online here!

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Women's Rodeo Outfit from Smith & Edwards
Monochrome Winter Fashion Inspiration

Outfit Inspiration: Cozy Winter Monochrome

- posted by Misti Kosoff

It’s January and winter’s in full force! Stay warm with a country, cozy look with anything-but-basic black and fun accessories.

As the women’s clothing buyer at Smith & Edwards, I see my customers wearing lots of great outfits. I had to share this winter fashion inspiration outfit so you can recreate your own basic black with some fringe and bling!

Smith & Edwards winter inspiration: Cozy in MonochromeHow to create this Winter Fashion Inspiration Look!

Sweater weather, get cozy but still look fabulous with this perfect outfit for a cold day!

You can’t go wrong with this darling chunky striped sweater paired with these amazingly awesome Rock Revival jeans.

Adding a faux leather jacket and bag give the outfit a more put-together look while still looking casual.

Top it off with the perfect accessories like this necklace & earrings set from Montana Silversmiths, bangles from Rock 47 by Wrangler, and trendy Skechers booties, and this will be your go-to outfit for winter.

Where can you get this look? Exclusively in-store at Smith & Edwards in Farr West, Utah! Call 801-731-1120 for availability.

Misti’s outfits were featured in our Miss Rodeo Utah recap – if you miss summer weather, check out the fun dresses and skirts in fierce & fun Aztec prints here!

Camo Basics and Camouflage Patterns for hunting Utah

Camouflage Basics & New Hunter Information

- posted by Rose Marion
Realtree Max 4

Waiting for waterfowl wearing Realtree Max 4

Not everyone in Utah grows up hunting & fishing just like they do camping & swimming – I know, it’s crazy. Seems like a whole lot of people learn because their family hunts, and they bring good friends along with them. But not everyone reaches adulthood with their falls spent in duck blinds or waiting for deer – and if you didn’t grow up with it, there’s a lot to learn. Fortunately for you, we got together and talked about the basics of camo and hunting gear. Here’s all the camouflage basics you always wondered but were too afraid to ask. And further down, there are examples of what camo patterns you can use for what Utah environments. But first…

New Hunters: Utah Trial Hunting Program

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources just announced a new Trial Hunting program, that started in early August. If you’d like to bring someone along hunting, or if YOU would like to go hunting before you complete your Hunter Education course, here’s how. A licensed hunter, 21 years of age or older, takes a person 12 years of age or older along with them hunting. What a great mentorship program. All that has to be done is completing a quick online Trial Hunting Program orientation course. Here’s more information: How to sign up for the Utah Trial Hunting program

Smith & Edwards talks the Basics of Hunting Camo

So what would you take with you hunting the first time? What would you tell your buddies to get when you take them along the first time? There’s a lot of hunting-minded people here at Smith & Edwards, so they had a lot of good suggestions and considerations for hunting camo. Got some tips yourself? Let us know in the comments below! Smith and Edwards camo answerers

Q. Why wear camo?

Sam, Western: Because you’re a solid color. Even though deer are colorblind, they can still see patterns.

Dave, Western: Duck hunting & waterfowl – can’t do it without it. Big game? Wear it if you have it, for bow hunting it’s important. It’s good to blend in so you don’t stick out.

Kevin, Hardware: So you can blend in with your surroundings.

Joyce, Clothing: So you’re not seen. I elk hunt and so I need to fit in with the mountainside for a sneak attack.

Tyler, Sporting Goods: It’s not just the look, but camo also helps you get in the mindset that you’re going hunting. That you’re not just out on a hike in jeans.

Q. What’s the most important hunt to wear Camo for, and what do you wear?

Sam: For deer I wear King’s Camo desert, because deer are in an open field. For elk, I wear Under Armour camo because they like to hide and stay in the trees, so I have camo with pines and green on it to match that. Everything on me is camo or brown to blend in.

Dave: Big game it’s not as important for rifle. For turkey, I get completely camo’d up: gloves, face mask.

Kevin: I do archery. You gotta get close to do archery. I hunt deer, elk, duck & waterfowl, pheasant, turkey. Turkeys can pick out the slightest detail and the slightest movement.

Bears Butt in Orange and Camo with his bull elk

Bears Butt with his bull elk last November, wearing orange and camo (click for the story!)

Bear’s Butt aka Wynn Zundel, BearsButt.com My favorite camo for turkey and muzz deer hunting is Kings Camo in Desert sage pattern. (Bears’ jacket in the photo at right is Desert King’s Camo) For duck hunting pretty much all the cat tail and bulrush patterns work.

Joyce: For late cow elk hunt, in December and January, there’s snow on the ground. I wear snow camo to stay concealed.

Q. What’s the closest you’ve gotten wearing camo?

Sam: I got within 5 yards of my doe wearing camo!

Kevin: About 5-10 feet.

Dave: I could reach out and touch a deer. Not by going out there and walking up to it, but sitting and waiting, being quiet, being camouflaged, I could reach out and touch it.

Tyler: I’ve had coyotes run up on me less than 10 yards. Also I’ve been within 10 yards with a bow hunting elk.

Love camo? Check out this Camo ammo box that Brenda in the paint department painted with Plasti Dip! Camo painted wooden ammo box with Plasti DipYou can spray wood, metal, glass & more with Plasti Dip – and it’s real rubberized plastic so this ammo box is now more waterproof in case you need it out at deer camp. Come see Plasti Dip in action next Saturday at Smith & Edwards – details here.

Q. Have you ever used snow camo for hunting in winter?

Sam: Yeah, my brother and I go hunt coyotes. I like the King’s winter patterns for that. You can get coyotes or bunnies.

Snow camo hat

Browning snow camo cap (warmer than snow on your head)

Kevin: I have a double-sided jacket, one side camo one side snow camo. I need a full set but haven’t gotten it yet. I’d use it for late season archery if there’s snow on the ground. Also ducks in the blind or on the boat if the fields are snowy. Also coyote. I know people who sit in snow fields and hunt geese with snow camo.

Joyce: Yes, for elk in the snow I wear snow camo. It’s face-stinging cold, so I wear a face mask and good waterproof gloves and boots as well. That way I can hike the mountain after elk without getting cold and wet.

Tyler: Still think about where your terrain. White camo is great when it’s snowy. Just make sure that it doesn’t have branches on it if you’re hunting in an open field, and the other way around – don’t go pure white if you’re going to be in bushes.

Q. What’s more important than camo when hunting?

Sam: Scent. If they scent ya, they can just start running the other way. You can get rid of your scent with No Scent detergents, body wash, shampoo, deodorant – there are a lot of ways you can get rid of your scent.

Kevin: Stealth. Being quiet, watching every step, every move and movement. Camo just helps you get in closer, you have to stay still. Also, location. Know where you’re going to be hunting, what the terrain is like.

Dave: Shutting up and not talking. Being down wind. Not standing out or being flashy.

Joyce: Waterproofing. For snow, keeping warm and dry is even more important than your visibility, because elk hunting, you need to already know where the elk are going to be. You need to be sitting still in your spot in the dark before dawn, then sit and wait for them. So your camo needs to be waterproof and breathable.

Tyler: Camo is a close second to being prepared and having the right equipment to make the kill. I see people that have a nice rifle but a cheap scope. You need to make sure you can make the kill. Boots is also a big part of being prepared: break them in before the season. Also have moleskin for if you get blisters, and a rangefinder if you’re in open terrain so you can get the right distance. Better optics mean you’ll be able to use your scope longer because the optics let in more light as the sun sets.

Q. What’s the best thing about your favorite camo?

Sam: I like the way camo looks, I wear it constantly at home too because I like it. It’s hard to find girls’ camo though, growing up I just wore guys’ camo. Luckily King’s makes camo for women.
Note from Joyce: Recently they’ve started making more camo for women who hunt. Now we carry Ranger, Browning, and King’s Camo in real camouflage patterns for women, in addition to the fashion pink camo.

Kevin: Comfort and durability. I mix and match my camo, the jacket doesn’t always match the pants pattern. If you keep still it’ll work for you. I’ve heard of “leafy camo,” camo that has cuts in it to give a leafy outline. I love it except it tangles in the underbrush pretty bad. Same with ghillie suits.

Dave: Get the pattern you want. That’s the most important thing. From there, the nice things to have are waterproof, breathable, and scent locked, depending on price.

Joyce: My favorite Columbia camo jacket has Omnitech inside and it’s waterproof. So it wicks off sweat, while keeping me dry and warm.

Tyler: Layerability and universal coloring. I really like the Kyptek and Sitka because these materials are light for layering. In bow hunting in August, you want to keep cool. Even later seasons, you want to avoid sweat because if a cold front comes in, you’ll freeze. Since the Salt Lake makes its own weather patterns, I go for the lightest layers possible. I like universal coloring because this Kryptek highlander jacket will work for me in the mountains and the sagebrush here in Utah. It’ll work well enough for me that I can take it anywhere it’s not snowing.

Kryptek Highlander camo jacket

This Kryptek Highlander camo jacket is super-lightweight so you can layer and be comfortable during archery or any season.

Military surplus multicam is designed to blend in with 98% of terrain, so if you’re just starting out multicam and ATACS are good patterns and they’re what military guys trust their lives to.

Camouflage Patterns for Different Game

There’s a lot of patterns at Smith & Edwards and if it’s your first time camo shopping it can be overwhelming! But if you know what you’re going for, you’ll know what patterns to pick out. Here’s a quick guide to the basic patterns & why they’re used. Realtree and Mossyoak are your big 2 camo pattern “brands.” Here are what you need for 3 types of hunting in Utah: waterfowl, desert/sagebrush, and forest/mountain.

Duck Hunting Camouflage patterns

For hunting waterfowl, you want to look like the reeds and grass of the wetlands.

Browning camo in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades

Browning shirt and pants in Browning camo in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades pattern

Browning camo in Realtree Max 5

Browning camo shirt and pants in Realtree Max 5 pattern

Realtree Max 5

Realtree Max 5


Realtree Max 4

Realtree Max 4

Sitka Waterfowl camo jacket

Sitka has a different take on waterfowl camo: their camo is designed to match how BIRDS see things from overhead – instead of human eyes.

Desert and Fields Camouflage patterns

For hunting deer in Utah, in a lot of units you need to be out in the grass and sagebrush. Here’s camo designed to look like the open spaces in Utah.

Realtree Max 1 Camo

Gamehide shirt and pants in Realtree Max 1 pattern

Realtree Max 1 camo

Realtree Max 1 camo is great for sagebrush and grassy areas, in the sun…

Realtree Max 1 camo

…or in the shadows.


King's Camo t-shirt in Desert Shadow pattern

King’s Camo t-shirt in Desert Shadow pattern


Mountain and Forest Camouflage patterns

In the hills, where there are lots of trees and shade, you want similar camo to desert but darker and more treelike. In some you will find lots of green, like Realtree Xtra Green and Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity. These could be for deer, elk, or turkey as well, depending on your area. Here are a few picks:

Bell Ranger shirt in Realtree Xtra Green

Bell Ranger long sleeve t-shirt in Realtree Xtra Green pattern

Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity

Bell Ranger long sleeve t-shirt in Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity pattern

Bell Ranger shirt in Realtree Xtra

Bell Ranger long sleeve t-shirt in Realtree Xtra pattern

See that T-shirt and more online here: Men’s Camo Shirts on SmithandEdwards.com (and we got LOTS in the store, too!)

Realtree Xtra camo lets you hide in the trees!

You can hardly see him wearing Realtree Xtra!

Thanks to Realtree for allowing us to use the cool shots of camo in action! Let us know YOUR camo thoughts in the comments below! We want to know what works for you! Before you go – here’s a handy hunting checklist, don’t leave home without it: Hunter's Checklist from Smith and EdwardsYou’ll find loads of Camo and Hunter Orange in-store at Smith & Edwards in Farr West…. or order online:

Mens Camo Shirts and JacketsMen’s Camo Shirts

Womens camoLadies’ Camo

Youth camoKids’ Camo

Mens Camo PantsMen’s Camo Pants

Hunting Hats and GlovesHunting Hats & Gloves

Check out our Camping and Hiking gear - click here!

Bailey Jo Woolsey at Miss Rodeo Utah 2014

Western Wear Rebates & Miss Rodeo Utah Fashion Show

- posted by Rose Marion

It’s not every day I get to go to a fashion show! Misti Smith Kosoff, one of the clothing buyers here at Smith & Edwards, invited me to come take pictures at the Miss Rodeo Utah Fashion Show July 23, part of the Miss Rodeo Utah competition in Ogden. The show was a blast! It was great to see the girls shine in fabulous womens Western wear as well as fun fashions & dresses on display.

Scroll down to check out their looks plus Misti’s picks for kids’ back-to-school styles…

The Miss Rodeo Utah Fashion Show

Cassidy Black at Miss Rodeo Utah 2014
Cassidy’s white top is a white sequined Panhandle Slim layered under a sequined cadet-style Ariat jacket… looks cute with just about anything and has a very flattering fit.
Cassidy Black at Miss Rodeo Utah 2014

Cassidy Black and Dianna Drollette wearing Smith & Edwards at Miss Rodeo Utah 2014

Can’t keep from dancing during “Sweet Home Alabama!”

Cassidy Black and Dianna Drollette wearing Smith & Edwards at Miss Rodeo Utah 2014
Dianna’s top is a fun Panhandle Slim top with a sequin Aztec print. This is a flattering silhouette for all body types. Aztec patterns and sequin tops are all over the women’s Western wear world right now and seem to be staying strong.
Cassidy Black and Dianna Drollette at Miss Rodeo Utah 2014Cassidy and Dianna are both wearing Wrangler jeans. Always a Western staple, skinny jeans let you show off the fun boots that are so popular right now! Colorful jeans are still happening; pastel colored jeans will be trending for fall!

Rachel Halverson and Shianne Lowe at Miss Rodeo Utah 2014

Rachel Halverson and Shianne Lowe strike a pose

Rachel on the left is wearing a sequin Aztec print, short sleeve Panhandle Slim knit top paired with cute Wrangler Rock ’47 jeans. These Rock 47s have Aztec embroidered back flap pockets.

Shianne Lowe at Miss Rodeo Utah 2014Shianne’s wearing a beautiful sequined black Roper dress. This dress is a sheath style that is very flattering. This short “midi” length is a fall trend. Black and 60’s inspired dresses like this are also a fall trend!

Bailey Jo Woolsey and Stephanie Jimerson at Miss Rodeo Utah 2014

Bailey Jo Woolsey and Stephanie Jimerson

Stephanie Jimerson at Miss Rodeo Utah 2014Stephanie’s wearing a Stetson brand orange Aztec embroidered long sleeve woven shirt. Orange is a big color for this fall! She’s also wearing Adikted embroidered denim jeans that fit her just perfectly.

Stephanie Jimerson at Miss Rodeo Utah 2014

Bailey Jo Woolsey at Miss Rodeo Utah 2014Bailey Jo is showing off a darling Wrangler hi-low chiffon dress. It’s a halter top dress in an Aztec print. Her Wrangler denim jacket compliments just about every outfit!

Bailey Jo Woolsey at Miss Rodeo Utah 2014

Congratulations to Bailey Jo, Miss Rodeo Utah 2015!

Brandy Mortensen wearing Wrangler for Smith and Edwards at Miss Rodeo Utah

Reigning Miss Rodeo Utah 2014 Brandy Mortensen wearing Wrangler

Brandy Mortensen wearing Wrangler for Smith and Edwards at Miss Rodeo UtahBrandy’s wearing a Wrangler denim shirt with lace details, paired with a cute Wrangler lace skirt. Feminine and flirty!

Ladies, you made our clothes look fantastic, thank you!

I loved seeing the girls do such a great job showing off their clothes… although if I had to rock a runway, this would have been my outfit of choice:

Cassidy Black - Miss Rodeo Utah

Cassidy and her pink dress!

Here are some other fabulous dresses the Miss Rodeo Utah contestants wore:

Brandy Mortensen - Miss Rodeo Utah 2014

Brandy Mortensen

Dianna Drollette - Miss Rodeo Utah 2014

Dianna Drollette

Rachel Halverson - Miss Rodeo Utah 2014

Rachel Halverson

Shianne Lowe - Miss Rodeo Utah 2014

Shianne Lowe

Stephanie Jimerson - Miss Rodeo Utah 2014

Stephanie Jimerson

Bailey Jo - Miss Rodeo Utah 2014

Bailey Jo Woolsey

Which dress is your favorite?

Western Apparel for You & the Kids

Does all this talk about clothes has you in the mood to go shopping? Or on the other hand, are you trying to avoid thinking about shopping with all the back-to-school going on (can you believe there are just a couple weeks of summer left?) Maybe you’re counting the days! Take a look at these fun boys, girls, and womens Western wear-inspired clothes Misti’s chosen for the fall clothing sale going on right now:

Girls’ Belted Lace Dresses by StarRide:

Girls' Belted Lace Dresses

Little Girls’ Embellished Shirts by Star Ride:

Star Ride Little Girls Embellished Tees Girls’ Cap Sleeve Tees with Pleather and Sequined Chevron accents:Girls' Cap Sleeve Tee with pleather and sequin chevronsBoys’ Smith’s American Denim Jeans:

Boys' Smiths American Denim Jeans

Boys’ Smith’s American Long Sleeve Woven Plaid Shirts:

Boys Smith's American Long Sleeve Plaid Shirt

Juniors’ Aztec Print Cardigan by Derek Hart

Trendy Juniors' Aztec print cardigan

Click here to view the Fall Shoe & Boot ad, now through Saturday, August 23, 2014. Those items above are on sale and that’s just a peek at the huge selection – there are also Wranglers, Cinch, Cruel Girl, Roper, and many more western wear brands for all your and your kids’ school, work, and play times!

More Ways to Save!

If you’re coming in to Smith & Edwards to pick up clothes for you & the kids, or shopping online, I want to make sure you know about 2 great rebates!

There are only a couple days left for the Wrangler Rebate!

Wrangler Buy 2 get $10 rebate

All clothing – men’s, women’s, and kids’ – from Wrangler qualifies. Just purchase two items at $14.95 or more and you can get a $10 mail-in rebate! This promotion ends August 17, 2014, so shop online or come in to Smith & Edwards before we close Saturday night to get your $10.

Cinch WRX, Cinch, and Cruel Girl also have rebates on, now through September 15th, here are the details:

Cinch and Cruel clothing rebates for 2014

Ladies Camouflage on Smith and EdwardsIf you qualify for these online we’ll send you the rebate form in your order. (We also offer free in-store pickup!) Or, you can pick up your rebate from in the clothing department at Smith & Edwards.

And you can find more clothing on our Web Store right now: new pink camo is online! Keep checking in with us, we add more clothes every season. You can get free in-store pickup or quick shipping on clothing, boots, and Western gear you love.


What are your favorite looks? Let us know! Remember to share this post on Facebook or Twitter if you liked it :)

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Smith and Edwards Mens Jeans Guide

The Truth about Fit: Men’s Jeans Guide

- posted by Rose Marion

It’s time for a new pair of jeans and, chances are, you’re frustrated. Men’s jeans can be confusing! Not only do you have to know your inseam (how tall the pants are) and your waist measurement for each company, but you also have to figure out if you prefer “Relaxed Fit” or “Tapered Leg.”

Good luck trying to read the faded tag on the pants you bought 5 years ago. They are so comfortable and you really don’t want to replace them, but it’s time.

Guess what? There are 3 specs you can memorize that will solve all this angst. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Jean fit is not only about comfort. It’s also about making different body types look good. This men’s jeans guide will help you dress yourself in the best jeans for your build, and get you familiar with the jeans makers’ terms for different types of jeans.

Take a look at how the different brands and styles compare to one another.

Quick Comparison

Wrangler Men’s Jeans

Style No. Natural Rise Mid-Rise Low Rise Tapered Leg Straight Leg Bootcut Leg Slim Fit Regular Fit Relaxed Fit Loose Fit
0935 X X X
0936 X X X
0945 X X X
0947 X X X
31000 X X X
35001 X X X
35002 X X X
39902 X X X
3W001 X X X
3W020 X X X
3W030 X X X
3W060 X X X

Cinch Men’s Jeans

Style No. Natural Rise Mid-Rise Low Rise Tapered Leg Straight Leg Bootcut Leg Slim Fit Regular Fit Relaxed Fit Loose Fit
Black Label X X     X
Blue Label X X       X
Bronze Label X X   X  
Green Label X X     X  
Silver Label X   X   X  
White Label X   X   X

Ariat Men’s Jeans

Style No. Natural Rise Mid-Rise Low Rise Tapered Leg Straight Leg Bootcut Leg Slim Fit Regular Fit Relaxed Fit Loose Fit
M2   X     X   X
M3   X   X     X
M4   X     X   X
M5   X   X X    

What You Need to Know

To get the best fit, you want to know more than your waistband and inseam. You already probably know how your favorite pair of pants fits. Knowing 3 more specs will help you get the perfect fit next time a knee blows out or the heels get worn out: Rise, Leg Opening, and Fit.

A lot of people don’t know the difference between rises, leg opening, and fit – and most people don’t know for sure which works best for them. These are 3 areas you can really tailor your look.

Rise is all about how far the jeans come up your waist. Leg opening answers the question of how tight the jeans are at your ankle. And Fit, that’s how baggy or tight the jeans are. Scroll through these examples to discover which one suits you best.

Men's Jeans Rise

Men’s Jean Rises

Natural rise jeans sit right at the waist. Cinch’s Green Label is a great example if you like your pants to come all the way up to the waist. They will also help short legs appear longer.

Cinch Men's Green Label natural rise jeans - MB9053

Midrise jeans sit just below the waist, so they’re not too tall but not too low. Ariat makes the M5 low straight jeans that are a great mid rise jean. These Wrangler Retro Relaxed Jeans are another great mid rise jean for men. Any build looks great in this rise.

Wrangler Retro Relaxed Mid Rise Jeans - WRT20

Low rise jeans are even lower than midrise. Make sure and wear a belt! Ariat’s M3 Athletic is a great low rise jean we carry, and so is this M4 Low Rise.

Ariat M4 Low Rise Jeans - 10007775

While it’s completely up to you, generally lowrise jeans aren’t a good choice for working outside all day and bending over a lot. Low rise jeans are nice, though, for riding your horse – they won’t dig into your belly as much as a mid or natural rise would.

If you have a long torso, you may want to try low rise jeans first. And the opposite is true – if you have longer legs, a natural rise may fit you better.

Men's Jeans Leg Opening Guide

Men’s Jean Leg Openings

There are 3 big types of leg openings in jeans common among the big jeans manufacturers. This is another piece of information you want to look out for when replacing your favorite jeans.

Tapered jeans narrow toward the hem of your jeans, so they will come closer to your boots. Wrangler Cowboy Cut jeans 13MWZ are a great tapered jean.

Regular Fit Wrangler Original Cowboy Cut Jeans - 13MWZ

Straight cut jeans are just your basic leg opening with no flare or taper at all. Cinch’s White Label jean is a nice straight leg. You’ll find lots of jeans that are straight cut.

Cinch White Label Stright Leg Jeans - MB9283

Lastly, Boot Cut jeans are wider at the hem of the jean, flaring out slightly. Wrangler Vintage Boot jeans are a good choice if you like a little more fabric around your boots. These Cinch Carter Bootcut jeans are another great example.

Cinch Carter Bootcut Jeans - MB96134

Tapered jeans may help you keep looking more proportionate if you have really skinny legs, whereas if you have large legs a straight leg or boot cut will look much better. Bootcut jeans are going to be the first ones to start to lose the heel, because they hang so low on the boot. They may be a little too wide to stack and might sag instead, depending on your height.

Men's Jeans Fit

Men’s Jean Fit

Fit is the third dimension of jean cut. It’s asking how close you want the jeans to be cut to your legs: slim, almost skinny jeans; regular; relaxed; or loose and baggy.

Depending on who makes the jeans you’re looking at, you may see a few different terms on the jean fit spectrum. So let’s take a look, from tightest to loosest fitting jeans.

Slim Fit Jeans: Fitted seat, thigh, and knee, like Ariat M5’s or Wrangler’s Premium Performance Slim Fit 36MWZ:

Slim Fit Men's Wranglers - 36MWZ

Regular Fit Jeans: Regular-fitted seat, thigh, and knee, like Wrangler Premium Performance Cowboy Cut jeans 47MWZ or Cinch Silver Label:

Wrangler Men's Premium Performance Cowboy Cut Jeans - 47MWZ

Relaxed Fit Jeans: Relaxed seat, thigh, and knee, like Wrangler 20X jeans 23MWX and Ariat M4

Wrangler 20X Relaxed Fit Jeans - 23MWX
Also check out the Cinch Black Label 2.0.
Cinch Black Label 2.0 Style MB90633006

Loose Fit Jeans: The baggiest fit, with an extra-relaxed seat, thigh, and knee, like these Wrangler 33MWZ or the Cinch Blue Label Carpenter Jeans.

Wrangler 20X Extreme Relaxed Fit Jeans - 33MWX

Slimmer cut jeans can also help give you a little height if you’re on the short side while more relaxed jeans may be much more comfortable. They’re perfect to work in, especially if you’re getting on and off the horse or stepping in and out of your truck frequently. Most work jeans are relaxed fit for easy movement.

It’s all up to you – but we can help

So what, is it all clear now, or clear as mud? Here are 3 pointers for keeping your new jeans the way you like them – and keep reading for the best tip of all.

First, find what you’re comfortable in. If you’ve got a favorite pair of jeans, wear it in to the clothes store and find ones that come closest to matching.

Treat them right: If you want your jeans to keep a true fit, wash them on cold and hang them up to dry. They’ll even last longer that way. If you want your jeans to shrink, make sure and wash your them in hot water, and dry them on hot too.

Here’s the third pointer: take them in to the dry cleaner’s and get them starched: you can keep your jeans going for twice as long by keeping them starched and out of the dryer. Plus they look nicer with that nice crease from the starch.

And the best tip?

Come on in! We’ve got a fantastic crew of ladies here at Smith & Edwards who really care about helping gentlemen like you look their best in their Wranglers. You’ll get all the individual attention you need to get your look right.

Smith and Edwards' Ladies of Wrangler can help you get the best fitting jeans!We’ve got tons of experience. We’ll help you find the exact rise, fit, and leg opening that will help you look the way you like, in jeans that will hold up for a long time – and stay comfortable.

Plus, each of us would be happy to help you pick out the perfect outfit, so you can be sure to have shirts that are matched to your jeans, plus a vest, belt, or boots. Come on in and see what we can do for you today in Smith & Edwards‘ Clothing department!