Shiras moose in Utah - Ann Cooper

Utah Hunting Update!

- posted by Rose Marion

We have a lot of hunters as friends here at Smith & Edwards… and when they send us pictures of their hunt we can’t help but brag ’em up!

There are lots of reasons people go hunting…. to enjoy nature, get away from it all, spend time with hunting buddies…. and if you bring home a trophy, that’s the frosting on the cake.

Why do you go hunting?These 4 hunters were lucky enough to bring home some great pictures and great stories, take a look…

Ann Cooper’s Shiras Moose

Shiras moose in Utah - Ann CooperMy husband, Harlan, was able to call this bull in from across a canyon and nearly a mile away. After the first cow call, he came from a patch of aspens and headed down to the creek bottom, where I shot him at 60 yds. with my rifle. He measures right at 40″ wide, and I nicknamed him “Daggers” because of his extremely long front brow tines.

Casing from Shiras moose in Utah - Ann Cooper Shiras moose in Utah - Ann Cooper

Want to hunt in Utah, but not sure how to get started? Our guide to Camo Patterns & Concealment Tips will point you in the right direction!

Steve Russell – Archery Deer

Steve Russell Archery DeerSteve, our Diversified Marine rep, got this nice deer up Little Cottonwood canyon at the Wasatch west unit, the first day of archery, August 16 2014. Nice Steve!

Rod Thompson and Bart Thompson

Rod and Bart both got awesome results from their Wasatch archery hunt…

Bart with his 7x7, archery

Bart with his 7×7, archery

Rod with his 6x7, archery

Rod with his 6×7, archery

Thanks Cheryl Thompson for sending in the pictures!


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Good luck hunters!