Use tissue paper to make fun faces on mason jars!

Fun Halloween Mason Jar Ideas!

- posted by Rose Marion

The people in our Housewares department are ALWAYS full of ideas! That’s why when I saw they are doing a weekly Mason jar idea I HAD to share it with you!

Halloween Mason Jar ideas: Jack O'Lantern Jars

Place tea lights or battery-operated candles in mason jars for fun decorations

Use tissue paper to make fun faces on mason jars!

Use tissue paper to create fun Jack o’Lantern faces like ghosts and Frankenstein, then use Mod Podge or glue to glue them to mason jars!

They used green Mason jars to create these fun decorations, and you can use clear ones, too!

You can use Mod Podge or glue to attach tissue paper to the glass jars – OR, you can even use a Sharpie marker to draw on the glass. They glow better when you use tissue paper, we found!

Everyone in Housewares contributed to this Halloween mason jars idea, and Ashley and Melissa put them together.

Nice going, Melissa and Ashley!

Want more Mason Jar ideas?

Mason Jar gift ideasThere are a million and a half fun things to do with Mason jars BESIDES canning… if you’re looking for inspiration, check out Amy’s 7 Super Simple Mason Jar Crafts that Make Great Gifts. Doesn’t she have great ideas? I think it’s something to do with the fact that Amy was in HOUSEWARES before she came to the Web department! Hm…. I think Vickie‘s on to something in her Housewares department, if only she could bottle it…. :)

Bekah and her fish at the Brigham Community Pond

Northern Utah Fishing Report – September 5

- posted by Chris Jacobson

This last month has been a relatively slow one here in Northern Utah. The rain has really put a damper on the fishing. You can’t really cuss the rain though; we can use all the moisture we can get.

Some of the higher reservoirs are doing okay as far as water level goes but as for the closest reservoir to me, Willard Bay, that is not the case. It has gotten a little better with most farmers not irrigating anymore, but Willard Bay is still way low. Despite the weather being less than cooperative, fishermen have been able to get out and make the best of it.

Fishing at Willard Bay

Willard Bay has been slow with all these storms and cold fronts moving through. As the weather stabilizes for a bit though, look for the fishing to improve.

We have been getting reports that the water clarity is low, but that people are seeing fish on their fish finder screens all over the place. We have even heard of people getting in on the action of a boil or two. Although most boils are short lived. Boils are a lot of fun if you can get there just as it starts and fish it for the whole duration.

Using shad colored Rapalas are the best when fishing for boils. Trolling has produced some okay fish as well. Walleye and Wiper fishing will be great in the fall and is a great way to spend an afternoon off from work.

Other Fishing Spots to Try

There are a few other areas that I suggest you try out if you want to travel a little farther and get away from more people.

Fishing in the higher lakes and reservoirs can be great this time of year. As people go back to school and finish taking summer vacations, Bear Lake and Pineview will be great places to watch. Fishing should pick up there as fall goes on.

Also, with less pressure in the fall, the Uintah lakes should be a great place to catch a nice trout. The lakes are fished hard during the summer but as fall winds down these lakes are going to be great places to spend a weekend away.

The fall is a great time of year to get out and go fishing. Taking your family out and spending some time on the lake is something that you and your family will never forget.

A few weeks ago we had one of our cashiers, Bekah, go fishing with her family up at the Brigham City Community Pond. She had a great time and even caught a “monster”! She said even though she didn’t catch the biggest fish, it was a great time spent with her family.

Bekah and her fish at the Brigham Community Pond

Bekah and her fish at the Brigham City Community Pond!

We like to see the pictures of you guys catching fish and love it when you do wearing Smith and Edwards gear! Send us your pics of your fall catch or that monster buck that you bag this year at or on our Facebook page!

Camo Basics and Camouflage Patterns for hunting Utah

Camouflage Basics & New Hunter Information

- posted by Rose Marion
Realtree Max 4

Waiting for waterfowl wearing Realtree Max 4

Not everyone in Utah grows up hunting & fishing just like they do camping & swimming – I know, it’s crazy. Seems like a whole lot of people learn because their family hunts, and they bring good friends along with them. But not everyone reaches adulthood with their falls spent in duck blinds or waiting for deer – and if you didn’t grow up with it, there’s a lot to learn. Fortunately for you, we got together and talked about the basics of camo and hunting gear. Here’s all the camouflage basics you always wondered but were too afraid to ask. And further down, there are examples of what camo patterns you can use for what Utah environments. But first…

New Hunters: Utah Trial Hunting Program

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources just announced a new Trial Hunting program, that started in early August. If you’d like to bring someone along hunting, or if YOU would like to go hunting before you complete your Hunter Education course, here’s how. A licensed hunter, 21 years of age or older, takes a person 12 years of age or older along with them hunting. What a great mentorship program. All that has to be done is completing a quick online Trial Hunting Program orientation course. Here’s more information: How to sign up for the Utah Trial Hunting program

Smith & Edwards talks the Basics of Hunting Camo

So what would you take with you hunting the first time? What would you tell your buddies to get when you take them along the first time? There’s a lot of hunting-minded people here at Smith & Edwards, so they had a lot of good suggestions and considerations for hunting camo. Got some tips yourself? Let us know in the comments below! Smith and Edwards camo answerers

Q. Why wear camo?

Sam, Western: Because you’re a solid color. Even though deer are colorblind, they can still see patterns.

Dave, Western: Duck hunting & waterfowl – can’t do it without it. Big game? Wear it if you have it, for bow hunting it’s important. It’s good to blend in so you don’t stick out.

Kevin, Hardware: So you can blend in with your surroundings.

Joyce, Clothing: So you’re not seen. I elk hunt and so I need to fit in with the mountainside for a sneak attack.

Tyler, Sporting Goods: It’s not just the look, but camo also helps you get in the mindset that you’re going hunting. That you’re not just out on a hike in jeans.

Q. What’s the most important hunt to wear Camo for, and what do you wear?

Sam: For deer I wear King’s Camo desert, because deer are in an open field. For elk, I wear Under Armour camo because they like to hide and stay in the trees, so I have camo with pines and green on it to match that. Everything on me is camo or brown to blend in.

Dave: Big game it’s not as important for rifle. For turkey, I get completely camo’d up: gloves, face mask.

Kevin: I do archery. You gotta get close to do archery. I hunt deer, elk, duck & waterfowl, pheasant, turkey. Turkeys can pick out the slightest detail and the slightest movement.

Bears Butt in Orange and Camo with his bull elk

Bears Butt with his bull elk last November, wearing orange and camo (click for the story!)

Bear’s Butt aka Wynn Zundel, My favorite camo for turkey and muzz deer hunting is Kings Camo in Desert sage pattern. (Bears’ jacket in the photo at right is Desert King’s Camo) For duck hunting pretty much all the cat tail and bulrush patterns work.

Joyce: For late cow elk hunt, in December and January, there’s snow on the ground. I wear snow camo to stay concealed.

Q. What’s the closest you’ve gotten wearing camo?

Sam: I got within 5 yards of my doe wearing camo!

Kevin: About 5-10 feet.

Dave: I could reach out and touch a deer. Not by going out there and walking up to it, but sitting and waiting, being quiet, being camouflaged, I could reach out and touch it.

Tyler: I’ve had coyotes run up on me less than 10 yards. Also I’ve been within 10 yards with a bow hunting elk.

Love camo? Check out this Camo ammo box that Brenda in the paint department painted with Plasti Dip! Camo painted wooden ammo box with Plasti DipYou can spray wood, metal, glass & more with Plasti Dip – and it’s real rubberized plastic so this ammo box is now more waterproof in case you need it out at deer camp. Come see Plasti Dip in action next Saturday at Smith & Edwards – details here.

Q. Have you ever used snow camo for hunting in winter?

Sam: Yeah, my brother and I go hunt coyotes. I like the King’s winter patterns for that. You can get coyotes or bunnies.

Snow camo hat

Browning snow camo cap (warmer than snow on your head)

Kevin: I have a double-sided jacket, one side camo one side snow camo. I need a full set but haven’t gotten it yet. I’d use it for late season archery if there’s snow on the ground. Also ducks in the blind or on the boat if the fields are snowy. Also coyote. I know people who sit in snow fields and hunt geese with snow camo.

Joyce: Yes, for elk in the snow I wear snow camo. It’s face-stinging cold, so I wear a face mask and good waterproof gloves and boots as well. That way I can hike the mountain after elk without getting cold and wet.

Tyler: Still think about where your terrain. White camo is great when it’s snowy. Just make sure that it doesn’t have branches on it if you’re hunting in an open field, and the other way around – don’t go pure white if you’re going to be in bushes.

Q. What’s more important than camo when hunting?

Sam: Scent. If they scent ya, they can just start running the other way. You can get rid of your scent with No Scent detergents, body wash, shampoo, deodorant – there are a lot of ways you can get rid of your scent.

Kevin: Stealth. Being quiet, watching every step, every move and movement. Camo just helps you get in closer, you have to stay still. Also, location. Know where you’re going to be hunting, what the terrain is like.

Dave: Shutting up and not talking. Being down wind. Not standing out or being flashy.

Joyce: Waterproofing. For snow, keeping warm and dry is even more important than your visibility, because elk hunting, you need to already know where the elk are going to be. You need to be sitting still in your spot in the dark before dawn, then sit and wait for them. So your camo needs to be waterproof and breathable.

Tyler: Camo is a close second to being prepared and having the right equipment to make the kill. I see people that have a nice rifle but a cheap scope. You need to make sure you can make the kill. Boots is also a big part of being prepared: break them in before the season. Also have moleskin for if you get blisters, and a rangefinder if you’re in open terrain so you can get the right distance. Better optics mean you’ll be able to use your scope longer because the optics let in more light as the sun sets.

Q. What’s the best thing about your favorite camo?

Sam: I like the way camo looks, I wear it constantly at home too because I like it. It’s hard to find girls’ camo though, growing up I just wore guys’ camo. Luckily King’s makes camo for women.
Note from Joyce: Recently they’ve started making more camo for women who hunt. Now we carry Ranger, Browning, and King’s Camo in real camouflage patterns for women, in addition to the fashion pink camo.

Kevin: Comfort and durability. I mix and match my camo, the jacket doesn’t always match the pants pattern. If you keep still it’ll work for you. I’ve heard of “leafy camo,” camo that has cuts in it to give a leafy outline. I love it except it tangles in the underbrush pretty bad. Same with ghillie suits.

Dave: Get the pattern you want. That’s the most important thing. From there, the nice things to have are waterproof, breathable, and scent locked, depending on price.

Joyce: My favorite Columbia camo jacket has Omnitech inside and it’s waterproof. So it wicks off sweat, while keeping me dry and warm.

Tyler: Layerability and universal coloring. I really like the Kyptek and Sitka because these materials are light for layering. In bow hunting in August, you want to keep cool. Even later seasons, you want to avoid sweat because if a cold front comes in, you’ll freeze. Since the Salt Lake makes its own weather patterns, I go for the lightest layers possible. I like universal coloring because this Kryptek highlander jacket will work for me in the mountains and the sagebrush here in Utah. It’ll work well enough for me that I can take it anywhere it’s not snowing.

Kryptek Highlander camo jacket

This Kryptek Highlander camo jacket is super-lightweight so you can layer and be comfortable during archery or any season.

Military surplus multicam is designed to blend in with 98% of terrain, so if you’re just starting out multicam and ATACS are good patterns and they’re what military guys trust their lives to.

Camouflage Patterns for Different Game

There’s a lot of patterns at Smith & Edwards and if it’s your first time camo shopping it can be overwhelming! But if you know what you’re going for, you’ll know what patterns to pick out. Here’s a quick guide to the basic patterns & why they’re used. Realtree and Mossyoak are your big 2 camo pattern “brands.” Here are what you need for 3 types of hunting in Utah: waterfowl, desert/sagebrush, and forest/mountain.

Duck Hunting Camouflage patterns

For hunting waterfowl, you want to look like the reeds and grass of the wetlands.

Browning camo in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades

Browning shirt and pants in Browning camo in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades pattern

Browning camo in Realtree Max 5

Browning camo shirt and pants in Realtree Max 5 pattern

Realtree Max 5

Realtree Max 5


Realtree Max 4

Realtree Max 4

Sitka Waterfowl camo jacket

Sitka has a different take on waterfowl camo: their camo is designed to match how BIRDS see things from overhead – instead of human eyes.

Desert and Fields Camouflage patterns

For hunting deer in Utah, in a lot of units you need to be out in the grass and sagebrush. Here’s camo designed to look like the open spaces in Utah.

Realtree Max 1 Camo

Gamehide shirt and pants in Realtree Max 1 pattern

Realtree Max 1 camo

Realtree Max 1 camo is great for sagebrush and grassy areas, in the sun…

Realtree Max 1 camo

…or in the shadows.


King's Camo t-shirt in Desert Shadow pattern

King’s Camo t-shirt in Desert Shadow pattern


Mountain and Forest Camouflage patterns

In the hills, where there are lots of trees and shade, you want similar camo to desert but darker and more treelike. In some you will find lots of green, like Realtree Xtra Green and Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity. These could be for deer, elk, or turkey as well, depending on your area. Here are a few picks:

Bell Ranger shirt in Realtree Xtra Green

Bell Ranger long sleeve t-shirt in Realtree Xtra Green pattern

Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity

Bell Ranger long sleeve t-shirt in Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity pattern

Bell Ranger shirt in Realtree Xtra

Bell Ranger long sleeve t-shirt in Realtree Xtra pattern

See that T-shirt and more online here: Men’s Camo Shirts on (and we got LOTS in the store, too!)

Realtree Xtra camo lets you hide in the trees!

You can hardly see him wearing Realtree Xtra!

Thanks to Realtree for allowing us to use the cool shots of camo in action! Let us know YOUR camo thoughts in the comments below! We want to know what works for you! Before you go – here’s a handy hunting checklist, don’t leave home without it: Hunter's Checklist from Smith and EdwardsYou’ll find loads of Camo and Hunter Orange in-store at Smith & Edwards in Farr West…. or order online:

Mens Camo Shirts and JacketsMen’s Camo Shirts

Womens camoLadies’ Camo

Youth camoKids’ Camo

Mens Camo PantsMen’s Camo Pants

Hunting Hats and GlovesHunting Hats & Gloves

Check out our Camping and Hiking gear - click here!

NuvoH2O Systems

Salt Free Water Softener: Born in Utah!

- posted by Rose Marion

I love our water softener, but there’s one thing I can’t deal with: 40-pound salt bags. That’s what the honey-do list is for right?

Some folks don’t like soft water though. Getting out of the shower, maybe you get a slimey feeling still like the soap isn’t washed off still. Or maybe you don’t like the way it tastes.

NuvoH2O is a company based out of Kaysville, Utah that has a solution to make both of us happy! A salt-free water softener that doesn’t have the taste or feel of soft water – just all the benefits.

How NuvoH2O works

The NuvoH2O takes the place of water softening machines 3-4 times its size! Water runs through the unit, coursing through the citrus cartridge. The cartridge allows limescale and other chemicals to run through your pipes and appliances without any buildup or residue – it’ll even clean out the stalactites growing in your hot water heater if you’ve got an older home without a softener.

The citrus cartridges good for 6 months, and they’re even FDA-approved.

NuvoH2O Softener

NuvoH2O can hook right up to your existing pipes.

How to Install the Saltless Water Softener

The NuvoH2O system is only a couple feet tall on the biggest model! So it can attach right to your wall instead of taking up more room by the water heater. A bracket and installation hardware come with the system so you can put it up without having to get more stuff.

If you already have a water softener, you don’t have to call the plumber to switch it out unless you really want to. We have all the parts you need to hook it up.

Here’s how to switch it:

  1. Turn off your main water line.
  2. Cut pipes that are connected to your old water softener.
  3. Remove old system.
  4. Connect new system in-line using shark-bite fittings.

If you need more help, Blaine Taylor our Plumbing & Hardware manager would be happy to help you out! Come in or give him a call at 801-731-1120.

Salt Free Water Softener

Check out how small this system is! This is the home edition Marcus has got his hand on.

To replace the cartridge, just unscrew the top, take out the old one, and pop the new one in. The cartridge is 37 pounds lighter than a bag of salt to dump in your typical water softener!

Nuvo Water softener

Where can you find one?

Smith & Edwards is one of only a handful of stores in Utah carrying the NuvoH2O system because it’s so new to the market!

Well, actually that’s half true. The fact is Nuvo’s technology has been around for 25 years in the commercial sector, softening water in businesses like restaurants. So it’s just now coming into homes and apartments.

Smith & Edwards is a GREAT place to get your NuvoH2O, too, because not only do we have all the cartridges and plumbing fixtures you need (remember, you don’t need a plumber to hook it up!) …. we also have a $100 INSTANT REBATE through September 30 so you can get a new water softener system at a great savings. All right!

Check out the NuvoH2O & buy replacement cartridges online:

NuvoH2O Rebate

NuvoH2O Systems

Keep your Mason Jar rims clean with this funnel

The Secret to Clean Jar Rims: a New Canning Funnel

- posted by Rose Marion

To enjoy home canned salsa and pickled beets, we have to be certain we’re canning safely in the summer. Making sure our jar rims are clean and not sticky is so important – but most canning funnels wind up still letting some syrup or jam drip over. Isn’t there a better way? A clean canning funnel?

Carefully ladling, pouring, and wiping down 89 jars of salsa could make anyone break down…. instead, Mark Gallegos woke up the next morning at 3am and designed the Bottle Mate canning funnel.

This canning funnel is available in-store and in our online Canning Equipment department!

This canning funnel is available in-store and in our online Canning Equipment department!

That was 4 years ago, and now Mark’s canning funnels are our most popular funnel!

What makes this canning funnel the best for keeping rims clean?

  • It’s cleaner
  • It’s safer
  • It’s lightweight
  • Doesn’t get hot
  • Doesn’t wobble
  • Wide, sturdy handles for great gripping

If you have arthritis, Mark has found that the broad handle and sturdy plastic makes it the best funnel for his clients to use.

The Bottle Mate canning funnel has a broad, sturdy handle for easy grippingMade from BPA-free polypropelene, these funnels are lightweight and rest on the outside of the jar, giving you stability so you can pour or ladle salsa, corn, beets, or jam right into the funnel and jar without holding onto the funnel. The Bottle Mate funnel’s design has 2 rings: one for the funnel to go into the jar, and an outer ring to rest on the outside of the jar. This keeps your rims clean on wide mouth & regular jars!

This clean canning funnel made in Utah has 2 rings to keep your jars clean!

Mark’s design has the secret: the two-ring design allows the funnel to completely cover the rims of your canning jars, keeping them sauce- and jam-free for safe canning!

Designed by Mark in Utah and manufactured right here in Ogden, the Bottle Mate canning funnels have been featured in Edible Wasatch magazine and on Good Day Utah!

Mark loves his salsas and marinara sauce, and he’s the only one of 5 siblings who cans, so he stays busy. Phew, 89 jars? Wow!

The Bottle Mate Canning FunnelBottle Mate funnels are the right size and rest on the outside of canning jars. So you can leave headspace on even specialty jam jars – they won’t sink all the way down into the jar like other funnels!

Mark Gallegos and his Bottle Mate Canning Funnel

Mark Gallegos and his Bottle Mate Canning Funnel

Thanks, Mark! Happy Canning!

See the Bottle Mate Canning funnel online here, and click here to see all Canning Equipment & Gadgets.

7 Mason Jar Gift Ideas

7 Super Simple Mason Jar Crafts that Make Great Gifts

- posted by Amy Griffiths

Read on for great mason jar craft ideas!It’s 10:00 pm and your child tells you she needs a teacher gift for school in the morning. What do you do? You start your daily chores and realize it’s your friend’s birthday, but you don’t have time or money to go to the store. What now?

With 5 kids and a busy schedule, these and many more scenarios like them seem to be what makes my world go round.

Here are 7 easy tried and true mason jar crafts that are not only simple to make, but are kid friendly, inexpensive, can be done in a jiffy, and are sure to bring smiles to the ones receiving them.

1. Candy Jars

Mason Jar candy jars gift idea

This one is as versatile as the friends you give them to. Keep them simple with a favorite treat you know they like or go elaborate by layering them by color.

We used Lemon Heads, Laffy Taffy, Zotz, and Bit O’ Honey. They work beautifully with unwrapped candy like M&Ms or Skittles!

You can finish it off simple and let the candy do the talking, or for the more artistic type, deck it out with ribbons, tulle, flowers, a homemade gift tag – whatever works for you. The sky’s the limit on these mason jar gifts!

2. Painted Vases

Painted mason jar vasesImage courtesy of Jana from Hydrangea Hill Vintage on Etsy

Painted mason jar vases are all the rage right now. There is something so warming about a nostalgic piece of America, and I love the way these were done with a vintage touch. They are great for flowers, kitchen utensils, pen organizers, or a rainy day money fund.

Since you are making them yourself you can pick out the perfect color for your special friend (after you’ve made one for yourself, of course!)

3. Conversation Jar

Mason jar conversation starters gift
Want to encourage a more meaningful family time? These mason jar crafts aren’t only fun to make but can make such a difference for the one you are giving it to. You simply cut a bunch of questions in strips, fold them up, and put them in the jar. They are meant to encourage conversation and get to know each other a little better.

Questions may include, “If you were given $100 to spend today, what would you buy with it?” or “Name the best birthday gift you were ever given.” Don’t start to panic, I’ve made it easy on you. Here’s a link to a great site that has done all the work for you so you can just print and copy. I’m sure you’ve got some great ideas too, so feel free to add some of your own.

Some other fun themes to customize this jar idea would be: Couples questions (great wedding gift!), family history questions to ask grandma & grandpa, a teacher’s jar to use in her classroom, dinner party questions, or holiday related questions/activities.

Use your imagination or stick to the script; either way, they are going to love it!

4. The Mega Mason Jar Statement Piece

Mason Jar vase

This is absolutely adorable with decoration or without. If you have a friend who loves canning, she’s going to go crazy over this extra large, 1 gallon mason jar (no, you can’t actually preserve in this jar, it’s just awesome!)

Okay, okay, so you will have to go to the store to pick this one up, but once you have it you’ll be glad you do!

For the image shown we wrapped 5.25″ mesh wire fabric we got out of the giant junk playground that is the Smith & Edwards surplus yard to give it a more vintage, rustic look. We added a bit of ribbon and a fabric flower and……voila! A statement piece worthy of attention.

Use it for flowers, fruit, favorite knick-knacks, or just let it stand alone. It really speaks for itself.

5. Toys for Boys

Gifts for Boys in a mason jar!Give your son Lego in a mason jar!If you’re like me, it’s easy to whip up something for a girl – ribbons, flowers, glitter and sparkles and you’re good to go! Boy gifts I’ve always struggled with, especially when you want to make something with a little added personal touch.

Here are some ideas I actually got from my sister. She made some darling jars with Hot Wheels in them for a boutique.

People were crazy for them, and they were the first ones gone. She was asked if she would make some more, so I guess it’s not just me looking for boy ideas!

With 2 boys of my own, you can’t go wrong with Legos, marbles, and cars.

For the mega mason jar, it’s fun to create a theme they love and here we used farm animals from Schleich®. I can picture a cool jar full of batman or dinosaur items too, can you?

Farm animals in a mason jar gift idea

6. The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Good Deeds jar

Someone help me, I’m a dreamer. I can’t help myself, I always have been! I believe we can make a difference in the lives of those around us one small act at a time.

That being said, I love the idea of this jar. It’s to encourage looking beyond yourself and seeing what you can do for someone else. It’s a great way to teach kids to be aware of those around them and reminds us to reach out where we can.

Mason Jar good deed poemHere is what the poem says:
The Gift that Keeps on Giving
Is the gift I bring to you;
Just put a candy in the jar
For each random act of kindness you do.
Watch the jar start filling up
One small act at a time,
What a difference you can make
By letting your light shine.
When the candy reaches the top
Your service doesn’t end,
Pass the jar to someone new;
Share it with a friend!

Each time the recipient of the jar does a random act of kindness he/she puts a piece of candy in the jar. Watch your treats stack up as you are helping others. But it doesn’t stop there, after they fill their jar they can share it with another!

It’s the little things – a simple smile, dropping by to check on a neighbor, helping the lady with 5 little kids pick up the bag she just dropped, or giving some change to the guy in front of you who is short $1.78 for his groceries. Simple things that soften hearts, brighten days, and even give hope. This is a gift that benefits everyone!

7. Mason Jar Drinking Cup with Straw

Mason Jar Sip and Straw Lids

Since we’ve been talking about simple mason jar crafts, I just couldn’t resist showing you this cute idea. Ball® recently came out with lids and straws that fit perfectly on the canning jars that make drinking more like a fun activity than a basic need (you can find them here with our canning lids). This is such a fun gift idea!

Just open package, wash before you use, pop on clean mason jar, and you’ve got an easy gift that is ready to go. If you are giving it immediately, fill it with cold lemonade, add some ice and lemons, and really get bonus points!

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Take a Peek: Limited-Edition Green and Blue Mason Jars

Curious about the gorgeous blue and green jars and lids throughout this post? Talk about taking your mason jars to the next level!

Blue and Green limited edition mason jars

Ball® is making limited edition, period-inspired colored jars and lids in classic blue and green, just like they made 100 years ago! The quality and structure is the same as their awesome canning jars we use now, but with a fabulous vintage flair. (Find them with our canning jars here)

Blue came out in 2013, green in 2014, and a final new color will be unveiled in 2015. Since they are limited editions, grab them while you can find them because they’re not going to be available forever!

Can’t you just imagine how fun your next canning projects could be in these heritage-style mason jars? Perfect for a little added touch to your gift giving – especially at Christmas!

Show us what you make!

I hope these ideas inspire some creative thoughts and give you some hope next time you’re in a jam (no pun intended!) You’ll find the supplies – jars, candy, toys, ribbon & tulle – all at Smith and Edwards. If you have any questions about any of the products shown let us know and we’ll be happy to help any way we can.

We’d also love to see the mason jar gifts you’ve made, so feel free to share (and you may even be spotlighted on a future blog!)

Pin these Mason Jar Gift Ideas for Later!

Seven Mason Jar Gift Ideas on

Whether you have a passion for canning or just a beginner, feel free to explore our great selection of canning jars, tools, and equipment that will make your food preservation easier than ever.

Be sure to check out our helpful canning tips, too. I learned a lot from reading that blog post!

Check out Canning and Cooking supplies online!

Bailey Jo Woolsey at Miss Rodeo Utah 2014

Western Wear Rebates & Miss Rodeo Utah Fashion Show

- posted by Rose Marion

It’s not every day I get to go to a fashion show! Misti Smith Kosoff, one of the clothing buyers here at Smith & Edwards, invited me to come take pictures at the Miss Rodeo Utah Fashion Show July 23, part of the Miss Rodeo Utah competition in Ogden. The show was a blast! It was great to see the girls shine in fabulous womens Western wear as well as fun fashions & dresses on display.

Scroll down to check out their looks plus Misti’s picks for kids’ back-to-school styles…

The Miss Rodeo Utah Fashion Show

Cassidy Black at Miss Rodeo Utah 2014
Cassidy’s white top is a white sequined Panhandle Slim layered under a sequined cadet-style Ariat jacket… looks cute with just about anything and has a very flattering fit.
Cassidy Black at Miss Rodeo Utah 2014

Cassidy Black and Dianna Drollette wearing Smith & Edwards at Miss Rodeo Utah 2014

Can’t keep from dancing during “Sweet Home Alabama!”

Cassidy Black and Dianna Drollette wearing Smith & Edwards at Miss Rodeo Utah 2014
Dianna’s top is a fun Panhandle Slim top with a sequin Aztec print. This is a flattering silhouette for all body types. Aztec patterns and sequin tops are all over the women’s Western wear world right now and seem to be staying strong.
Cassidy Black and Dianna Drollette at Miss Rodeo Utah 2014Cassidy and Dianna are both wearing Wrangler jeans. Always a Western staple, skinny jeans let you show off the fun boots that are so popular right now! Colorful jeans are still happening; pastel colored jeans will be trending for fall!

Rachel Halverson and Shianne Lowe at Miss Rodeo Utah 2014

Rachel Halverson and Shianne Lowe strike a pose

Rachel on the left is wearing a sequin Aztec print, short sleeve Panhandle Slim knit top paired with cute Wrangler Rock ’47 jeans. These Rock 47s have Aztec embroidered back flap pockets.

Shianne Lowe at Miss Rodeo Utah 2014Shianne’s wearing a beautiful sequined black Roper dress. This dress is a sheath style that is very flattering. This short “midi” length is a fall trend. Black and 60’s inspired dresses like this are also a fall trend!

Bailey Jo Woolsey and Stephanie Jimerson at Miss Rodeo Utah 2014

Bailey Jo Woolsey and Stephanie Jimerson

Stephanie Jimerson at Miss Rodeo Utah 2014Stephanie’s wearing a Stetson brand orange Aztec embroidered long sleeve woven shirt. Orange is a big color for this fall! She’s also wearing Adikted embroidered denim jeans that fit her just perfectly.

Stephanie Jimerson at Miss Rodeo Utah 2014

Bailey Jo Woolsey at Miss Rodeo Utah 2014Bailey Jo is showing off a darling Wrangler hi-low chiffon dress. It’s a halter top dress in an Aztec print. Her Wrangler denim jacket compliments just about every outfit!

Bailey Jo Woolsey at Miss Rodeo Utah 2014

Congratulations to Bailey Jo, Miss Rodeo Utah 2015!

Brandy Mortensen wearing Wrangler for Smith and Edwards at Miss Rodeo Utah

Reigning Miss Rodeo Utah 2014 Brandy Mortensen wearing Wrangler

Brandy Mortensen wearing Wrangler for Smith and Edwards at Miss Rodeo UtahBrandy’s wearing a Wrangler denim shirt with lace details, paired with a cute Wrangler lace skirt. Feminine and flirty!

Ladies, you made our clothes look fantastic, thank you!

I loved seeing the girls do such a great job showing off their clothes… although if I had to rock a runway, this would have been my outfit of choice:

Cassidy Black - Miss Rodeo Utah

Cassidy and her pink dress!

Here are some other fabulous dresses the Miss Rodeo Utah contestants wore:

Brandy Mortensen - Miss Rodeo Utah 2014

Brandy Mortensen

Dianna Drollette - Miss Rodeo Utah 2014

Dianna Drollette

Rachel Halverson - Miss Rodeo Utah 2014

Rachel Halverson

Shianne Lowe - Miss Rodeo Utah 2014

Shianne Lowe

Stephanie Jimerson - Miss Rodeo Utah 2014

Stephanie Jimerson

Bailey Jo - Miss Rodeo Utah 2014

Bailey Jo Woolsey

Which dress is your favorite?

Western Apparel for You & the Kids

Does all this talk about clothes has you in the mood to go shopping? Or on the other hand, are you trying to avoid thinking about shopping with all the back-to-school going on (can you believe there are just a couple weeks of summer left?) Maybe you’re counting the days! Take a look at these fun boys, girls, and womens Western wear-inspired clothes Misti’s chosen for the fall clothing sale going on right now:

Girls’ Belted Lace Dresses by StarRide:

Girls' Belted Lace Dresses

Little Girls’ Embellished Shirts by Star Ride:

Star Ride Little Girls Embellished Tees Girls’ Cap Sleeve Tees with Pleather and Sequined Chevron accents:Girls' Cap Sleeve Tee with pleather and sequin chevronsBoys’ Smith’s American Denim Jeans:

Boys' Smiths American Denim Jeans

Boys’ Smith’s American Long Sleeve Woven Plaid Shirts:

Boys Smith's American Long Sleeve Plaid Shirt

Juniors’ Aztec Print Cardigan by Derek Hart

Trendy Juniors' Aztec print cardigan

Click here to view the Fall Shoe & Boot ad, now through Saturday, August 23, 2014. Those items above are on sale and that’s just a peek at the huge selection – there are also Wranglers, Cinch, Cruel Girl, Roper, and many more western wear brands for all your and your kids’ school, work, and play times!

More Ways to Save!

If you’re coming in to Smith & Edwards to pick up clothes for you & the kids, or shopping online, I want to make sure you know about 2 great rebates!

There are only a couple days left for the Wrangler Rebate!

Wrangler Buy 2 get $10 rebate

All clothing – men’s, women’s, and kids’ – from Wrangler qualifies. Just purchase two items at $14.95 or more and you can get a $10 mail-in rebate! This promotion ends August 17, 2014, so shop online or come in to Smith & Edwards before we close Saturday night to get your $10.

Cinch WRX, Cinch, and Cruel Girl also have rebates on, now through September 15th, here are the details:

Cinch and Cruel clothing rebates for 2014

Ladies Camouflage on Smith and EdwardsIf you qualify for these online we’ll send you the rebate form in your order. (We also offer free in-store pickup!) Or, you can pick up your rebate from in the clothing department at Smith & Edwards.

And you can find more clothing on our Web Store right now: new pink camo is online! Keep checking in with us, we add more clothes every season. You can get free in-store pickup or quick shipping on clothing, boots, and Western gear you love.


What are your favorite looks? Let us know! Remember to share this post on Facebook or Twitter if you liked it :)

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Northern Utah Fishing Report – August 1

- posted by Chris Jacobson

Has July been a hot one or what?! Summer heat is not great on anglers, but it hasn’t been all bad. There have been a lot of guys coming in and telling us about their stories of success all around the state. Earlier this summer, the DWR posted a blog report saying that they predicted this year to be one of the best years in recent memory for fishing. I didn’t believe it at the time, but it sure has turned into one of the best I can remember. In fact, we heard that the fishing was good over on Willard Bay so we decided to send two of our sporting goods employees out to check it out.

Hanna and Tyler with their catch from Willard Bay

Hanna and Tyler with their catch from Willard Bay

Tyler and Hanna teamed up with Randy from our surplus department and took a trip out on the bay after work. They found that the fishing has slowed considerably in the last month, but they still caught fish. The Walleye were not biting at all, but the Wiper were still doing okay. They even got treated to a great sunset as they came in from fishing.

Willard Bay Sunset So what do I think is going to happen this next month? Well, here you go.

Fishing Willard Bay

Like I mentioned before, the bay has been slowing down with this hot weather. The bay isn’t nearly as deep as the walleye and wiper would like it to be. The water temperature has been in the mid to upper 80s and that makes the fish want to go to deeper water, but there isn’t any. This means that most of the Walleye and Wiper are most active at night; wipers are still being caught though. The best times are dawn and dusk. Be on the watch for boils too, we have heard that a few anglers have seen boils. The Rapalas are still the best lure out there; although bottom bouncers are also doing well.

Fishing Flaming Gorge and Strawberry Reservoir

Generally I like to highlight the close reservoirs around for other places to fish, but this month I have heard some great things coming out of Flaming Gorge and Strawberry Reservoir. These two reservoirs have been heating up with fishing activity lately. We even heard reports of a 6lb Kokanee being caught at Strawberry. That’s awesome! Flaming Gorge has been producing some big fish too, with some angler’s averages being in the 3lb range.

I got a visit the other day from Christenson Lakeshore Tackle and Rocky Mountain Tackle and they have some great dodgers and squids and they let me in on what they have seen as the best colors.

Both of them told me that a shattered glass dodger with a blue squid has been working really well. You can also try pink and green squids, as these are colors that work often as well.

Fishing should continue to be great in Utah this next month. Fishing is a great way to get out of the hot valley and get up in the mountains where it is a little cooler. Remember to send in pictures of your catch for our Braggin’ Board!

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A few of the pictures that got our attention this month were some great fish caught by Jake Gertsch who was fishing up in Fort Peck Lake in Montana. He caught a Pike and a Walleye on a fly rod! Great job Jake! Send in your pictures to and good luck out there!

Jake's pike on the fly rod

Jake’s pike on the fly

Walleye on a Fly Rod - Jake Gertsch

Jake’s walleye on a fly rod

Canning basics - and Utah fruit stand forecast!

Canning Tips and Fruit Stand Forecast

- posted by Rose Marion

Ah, the first of August! It’s that time of year: Time to turn the fragrant, tasty fruits of summer into beautiful bottled treats for the winter. That’s right, it’s canning season. And if you haven’t been up Highway 89 this summer, you’re really missing out!

Pettingill's Fruit Stand on Highway 89 in Willard, Utah

Take Exit 351 north off I-15 and head up Highway 89 to see the produce at Pettingill’s!

Jean Davis runs the southernmost fruit stand, Pettingill’s, with her family. Jean’s father built the farm back in 1947. Jean and her family have put together one of the finest fruit stands along the entire “Fruit Highway,” which is Highway 89 from the I-15 exit 351 north to Brigham City at the Eagle Mountain Golf Course in northern Utah.

There’s nothing better than local produce fresh from the farm: it’s excellent quality at good prices, and you’ll get to meet some great people at the fruit stand, too. They’re friendly and always happy to share uses & ideas for the produce that’s in-season… they may even tell you what’s coming around the corner!

I asked Jean what some of the best fruit and vegetables are best for a beginning canner. Apricots, she said. Apricots and Peaches. It’s a quick bottling process and easy to do.

And you don’t have to can all that produce to keep it for the winter. Sweet corn is excellent frozen. Peaches, nectarines, pears, tomatoes, apples, corn, and apricots are all wonderful dehydrated (more on dehydrating in a moment!)

Peaches at Pettingill's

Bushels of tasty peaches at Pettingill’s

So what’s in the fruit stands right now?

What to Can in August

It’s pretty tough to say which tasty fruits and veggies will be in the fruit stands week-to-week… your best bet is just to drop in and see what’s there! Please note that all dates are as of August 1st. Generally speaking, here’s what you can expect for the month of August in the Fruit Stands this year:

Just finishing, get ’em now: Cherries and Apricots. Summer apples have about 3 weeks left!
Just in: Tomatoes and Sweet corn just came in – this is a great time to get your salsa, bottled tomatoes, and sauces going! Freeze your sweet corn today (you can also dry it!)
Pears will be coming in to Pettingill’s in about 10 days.

Cantaloupe and Watermelon at Pettingill's

Cantaloupe and watermelon

Also in now: Watermelons, Anaheim peppers, Jalapenos, Yellow peppers, Cantaloupe, Raspberries, Zucchini, Beans, Beets, Peaches

Peppers, cucumber, and zucchini at Pettingill's

Peppers, cucumber, and zucchini

Coming soon: Fall apples will start at the end of August and continue to the first week of October. Plums will come in September.

Summer Gold Apples at Pettingill's

Summer Gold Apples at Pettingill’s – great for eating, baking, and making applesauce

Update August 9: Pickling cucumbers are in at Pettingills, and so are yummy Bartlett pears! Today was the first day for both!

Pears at PettingillsAll those yummy fruits and vegetables are in season now and ready for you to freeze, can, or dehydrate. You can get day-by-day updates on the Pettingill Facebook page!

We were so lucky this year to have an amazing cherry season in 2014. They’ve about wrapped up now… hope you got to make some delicious cherry cobbler, canned cherries, or crumbles with them!

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Best Peaches for Canning

One question both Jean and Smith & Edwards get is “What peaches are best for canning?” It’s a tough question because Jean’s farm has 50 different varieties of peaches alone!

Peaches at Pettingill's fruit stand

They all come on one after the other, and who could pick a favorite out of 50? So what Jean’s customers have said is the best canning peaches come on in August and September. The top 6 varieties of peaches for canning according to Pettingill’s customers are: Canadian Harmony, Rosa, Early Elberta, Angeles, Sun Princes, and Hales.

Besides fresh local fruit, Pettingill’s carries Utah and German chocolate, truffles, spicy cheese nuggets, syrups from every berry imaginable, vinaigrettes, local honey (in honey sticks, honey bears, and tubs), Farr West ice cream, and all sorts of sauces made from Pettingill’s produce. Plus they serve up shakes & hot dogs from 11-5:30pm. Just a mile north of Smith & Edwards, Pettingill’s fruit stand is a great local stop to visit all summer long!

Canning Tips from USU

Canning can be a lot of fun – well, at least it can be very rewarding! There’s nothing like digging in to your family’s favorite apple pie filling on a cold January Saturday morning. You can get better flavor through home processing, better nutritional content, and you can make food that fits your family’s special diet needs. Plus, once you’ve got a season under your belt – or friends, family, or church connections who can show you the ropes – you’ll have the canning process down pat.

Teresa Hunsaker from the USU Extension Office came to Smith & Edwards in July to teach a Food Preparedness seminar, part of our monthly preparedness series (see all events here). Afterward, she stayed at the store to test pressure canners, so you could be sure your pressure canner gauge is working properly!

Teresa Hunsaker educating people about canning and testing pressure canners at Smith and Edwards

Teresa Hunsaker educating people about canning and testing pressure canners at Smith and Edwards

Teresa had some great tips for us… here are a few:

  1. Use citric acid to preserve tomatoes. Really! You only need 1/2 teaspoon citric acid for quarts, which means you get more of the sunny tomato flavor. Using vinegar, you’d need a whopping 4 tablespoons, or 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Try it this year and see!

    Tomatoes at Pettingill's

    Bushels of ripe tomatoes at Pettingill’s – for salsa, canning, & BLTs!

  2. Canning adjustments for our area: Weber County isn’t at the same elevation as most cooking & canning books are written for. For Ogden, Brigham City, Farr West, and other places in our area, we’re right around 4300 feet. At sea level water boils at 212°F, but at our altitude in Weber County, water boils at about 202°F. So it will take longer to get the necessary heat to the center of the jar to destroy molds and yeasts.
    But it’s easy. If you’re using a Water Bath Canner, just add 5 minutes for a process time less than 15 minutes; or, add 10 minutes for a process time 20 minutes or more. If you’re Pressure Canning, have your dial gauge at 13 pounds between 4,001-6,000ft altitude, or 15 pounds on a weighted gauge for 4,001-6,000ft altitude.
  3. Think all bottles have to be sterilized before using? Not anymore! If you’re pressure canning or water bath processing for at least 10 minutes, you don’t need to sterilize the jars. The jars should be filled with food. You do want to wash the jars before using, though!

Need to know how much headspace to leave? Here you go:

  • 1/4-inch headspace on Jams & Jellies
  • 1/2-inch headspace on Fruits and Tomatoes
  • 1 to 1-1/4 inches headspace on low acid foods

Canning Basics: Water Bath and Pressure Canning

Canning may take a day out of your weekend, but those yummy pickled beets, salsa, and applesauce are so worth it in the wintertime.

The Ball Blue Book of Canning

The Ball Blue Book of Canning is the definitive resource on canning.

Jean from Pettingill’s highly recommends the Ball Blue Book of Canning. It’s got everything you need to know about canning in it.

If you’re just starting out, Jean says, remember that you don’t have to go it alone! Ask your family, friends, neighbors, or friends from church or work if they want to come can with you. More people makes it more fun, you’ll learn from the wide experience they’ve had, and someone might bring a special ingredient or recipe that you’ll all wind up loving!

There are 2 good methods for canning and bottling: Pressure canning and Water Bath canning. Use a pressure canner for vegetables, to avoid botulism. The modern pressure canners aren’t your grandmother’s canner, where the lid blows off! Today’s pressure canners are safe and have gauges and weights that will depressurize if needed. Plus, we always have Teresa from USU Extension come test pressure canner gauges at least once a year, so you can be sure you’re canning safely.

All-American Pressure Canners

All-American pressure canners (click to see more)

Fruits, jams, jellies, and tomatoes can be done in a water bath canner. Steam canners are available to use, but USDA and USU don’t recommend them due to lack of testing – most canning recipes don’t have adjustments for steam canners.

There are a couple good brands of pressure canners out there, Presto and All-American among them. Both are good, come in different sizes, and they will both last you a lifetime. Presto has one tray. The All-American 21.5 Quart canner comes 2 trays for your convenience, so you can double-stack the pints! All-American canners have the advantage of having an all-metal seal, so you don’t have to replace the rubber gasket. They’re made in the USA and precision manufactured and inspected, so there’s a reason behind the investment.

Canning this year?

Whether it’s your first time or you’ve got seasons of canning under your belt, we’d love to see how your bottling turned out this year! Email your canning pictures to

Vickie’s Canning Tip

Vickie Maughan, the Kitchen & Canning buyer for Smith & Edwards, has an amazing tip for canning.

In the summer, it’s already hot, and then you’re cranking up the heat in the kitchen and making your air conditioner work doubletime. Plus there’s the heat and the mess to deal with in the kitchen, and maybe you have a glass stove top which means you have to be careful about which canners to use on it.

Vickie’s solution? Use your Camp Chef and do all the canning outside. It’s easier on the AC, it’s less mess and cleanup, and you can use just about any canning equipment on it. Come in to the store and check out Camp Chef stoves, it’s a real nice way to get your canning done!

Cooking on a Camp Chef

Sure you can make chicken noodle soup on a Camp Chef – and you can can fruit on one, too!

Dehydrating Recommendations

Square Food Dehydrator at Smith and Edwards

Square food dehydrators are great for jerky!

When it comes to dehydrators, the higher the wattage, the faster it will dehydrate your food. You can get ones that heat from the top or the bottom. We’ve found the dehydrators that heat from the bottom work best for us – look for metal-bottom dehydrators for best results. Square dehydrators are best for jerky, because you can fit more on.

What can you dehydrate? Fruit of course, jerky, and herbs all are great to dehydrate. If you’re just starting, head over to a fruit stand and start simple with cherries and apricots. You can even try dehydrating zucchini – it’s fabulous with cheese sauce! You can even dehydrate beautiful flowers from your garden, like sunflowers, to keep as decorations.

Apple Peeler and Corer at Smith and Edwards

Apple peelers are a dream tool for dehydrating apples!

Try dehydrating your own jerky, either with a jerky gun which uses ground meat, or slice thin strips of meat yourself.

Here’s another tip: an apple corer makes dehydrating easy. You can peel, slice, and core all at once and then put the apple slices right on your dehydrator!

Once your food is dehydrated, keep it safe from moisture in a ziploc bag in the fridge, the freezer, or a cold, dark space.

A word about Food Storage

Teresa also had some great advice about Food Storage when she came, and it’s really practical advice to live by.

Freeze Dried Meals for Emergency Preparedness

Home-canned or preserved foods can supplement freeze-dried vegetables or meals like Mountain House #10 cans… or even eliminate the need for them!

Having food canned and set aside in storage isn’t just about preparing for a “disaster.” While some people may seriously be preparing for the apocalypse, having food your family will eat in a stressed situation is beyond value and worth considering.

What types of stressed situations are there? Well, true, natural disaster is one. But if you’re preparing for an earthquake, glass bottling may need some extra steps to make that a good plan. A truck can spill or a train can derail, meaning that it may be 72-96 hours until grocery stores are replenished.

Or, even situations such as job loss, sudden or long-term illness, surgery, or the off-season for seasonal jobs are great times to appreciate the food preparation you’ve done ahead of time.

Canning may or may not be a part of your Food Storage plan. Maybe your family devours everything you can by the time temperatures are back in the 80s. But if your family is the type to put up loads of beans and then forget them: Let your Food Storage be your “What’s for Dinner?” backup plan!

If you really want to be prepared to use your Food Storage, keep it fresh and have a plan of what recipes to use by drawing from it regularly. This means you’ll keep it rotating, and you’ll never be stuck with the power out, thinking “How am I going to make a meal with dehydrated veggies, canned tomatoes, and wheat?”

(By the way, a Cooking with Food Storage class is coming up this September!!)

By making your Food Storage something you’re familiar with and something you’re comfortable using, you’re going to be a lot more prepared than someone who has food storage older than their youngest child and have never tried to cook with it…. I guarantee it!

Your Turn

Have canning tips to share with other Smith & Edwards customers? Have questions for Jean from Pettingill’s, Teresa from USU Extension, or Vickie & the gals in our Canning Department? Leave your questions & tips in the comments below!

Check out Canning and Cooking supplies online!

Doughy Maker samples

Make Sweet Campfire Treats with the Doughy Maker

- posted by Rose Marion

Last Saturday, Erik from DoughyMaker was generous enough to stand at the entrance of Smith & Edwards, celebrating our 67th Anniversary and handing out campfire treats!

Erik and his family have a lot of experience feeding Scout Camp and Girls Camps full of hungry mouths out in the woods here in Utah.

If you’ve been out with hungry campers, you know time is of the essence! Erik and his family came up with this amazing way to cook some sweet treats in a quick amount of time to keep the campers happy – and your family will love it, too.

A single Doughy Maker will make 10 biscuits, donut holes, or treats at a time.

Erik recommends Pillsbury dough to make campfire doughies: the baking powder in them will mean a faster cooking time and a lighter treat than others, like Rhodes.
Use Pillsbury biscuit dough to make Doughies

Simply pop the biscuits in:

Putting biscuits in the Doughy Maker

Then clamp the muffin tins together, and heat ’em up.

Erik’s perfected method is over a flame, 3-4 minutes, flipping from one side to the other every 5 seconds.

Heat the Doughies on one side, then the other!Heat the Doughies on one side, then the other!

The DoughyMaker is designed for a campfire, and you can also use it on your gas grill, barbecue, or Camp Chef. (These summer days in Utah, you could probably use the hood of a hot car, too!)

Ok, check ’em! When the biscuits are a golden brown, they’re ready:

Checking the Doughies

Here’s our favorite recipe: Cinnamon & Sugar Doughies.

Drop the hot doughies in melted butter:
Melted butter for DoughiesMelted butter for Doughies
Then roll them around in cinnamon & sugar:
Roll in Cinnamon and Sugar
Rolling a doughie in cinnamon and sugar

Mmmmm! What a perfect camping treat!

Enjoying Doughies!

Enjoying Doughies!Can you imagine what your family can come up with? Marshmallow s’mores, jalepeno doughies, cheese-stuffed doughies, carmel pecan, blueberry biscuits…. YUM!

Get a DoughyMaker of your very own here:

Doughy Maker

Doughy Maker at Smith & Edwards – available online and in-store!

Check out Canning and Cooking supplies online!