Monochrome Winter Fashion Inspiration

Outfit Inspiration: Cozy Winter Monochrome

- posted by Misti Kosoff

It’s January and winter’s in full force! Stay warm with a country, cozy look with anything-but-basic black and fun accessories.

As the women’s clothing buyer at Smith & Edwards, I see my customers wearing lots of great outfits. I had to share this winter fashion inspiration outfit so you can recreate your own basic black with some fringe and bling!

Smith & Edwards winter inspiration: Cozy in MonochromeHow to create this Winter Fashion Inspiration Look!

Sweater weather, get cozy but still look fabulous with this perfect outfit for a cold day!

You can’t go wrong with this darling chunky striped sweater paired with these amazingly awesome Rock Revival jeans.

Adding a faux leather jacket and bag give the outfit a more put-together look while still looking casual.

Top it off with the perfect accessories like this necklace & earrings set from Montana Silversmiths, bangles from Rock 47 by Wrangler, and trendy Skechers booties, and this will be your go-to outfit for winter.

Where can you get this look? Exclusively in-store at Smith & Edwards in Farr West, Utah! Call 801-731-1120 for availability.

Misti’s outfits were featured in our Miss Rodeo Utah recap – if you miss summer weather, check out the fun dresses and skirts in fierce & fun Aztec prints here!

Marty McCafferty at Causey Reservoir

Everything to make Ice Fishing FUN!

- posted by Chris Jacobson

OK, so last month we talked about 5 Things to do while waiting for the ice to freeze.

Well, it’s January and Mantua is FROZEN! Utah’s ice fishing season has arrived. Strawberry Reservoir and Birch Creek are frozen too, and Causey and Pineview. All right!

So I’ve made a checklist of everything you need to go ice fishing in comfort. And if you’re getting ready to go ice fishing for the very first time, scroll down to the bottom of this post for a printable ice fishing gear checklist just for you!

Checklist for Ice Fishing in Comfort

If you’re ready to invest in a Clam tent to really enjoy fishing, here are the items you want to make sure to have on your trip this weekend.

Staying Warm in Comfort

It’s all fun and games til you get wet and freeze! Have fun by staying warm & dry:

Carhartt Face Mask

Carhartt has lots of great beanies and ways to keep your head warm, including this Pull-Down Face Mask (click the picture)

Clam Ice Fishing Shelter at Smith and Edwards

This Clam Vista shelter will fit up to 3 people.

  • Good-quality coat, snow pants, boots: There’s a good bit of advice for a lot of winter activities: dress in layers. If you’ve got a tent, which I’ll talk about in a bit, all you need is a good-quality coat and pair of boots to get you out on the ice and get the tent set up – then you can hang out in a hoodie. If you don’t have a tent, a good pair of snow pants can really keep out the cold.
    If you already have a good Carhartt coat or Carhartt bibs, put a little waterproofing on them and they’ll work nicely. Our Western guy Marty recommends Duck’s Back waterproofing for dusters and canvas clothing. Or, look for nice waterproof snow bibs & a jacket.
  • ICE Trekkers: One of the best brands of treads out there, choose from Chains or Diamond Grip. These treads slide right on to your boots and will let you walk on ice just like pavement.
  • Ice Shelter & Sled: Yeah, you can go Ice Fishing without a tent – definitely! But if you want to enjoy ice fishing (or your kids & wife!) – get a Clam ice tent. They start right around $200.00 and you can even upgrade to one that would hold all your buddies from work or your whole family.
    And to haul all your gear, get a nice Ice Sled. I like Otter sleds, and you can even hook up your ATV or snowmobile. Some ranches use these to haul newborn calves. Upgrade from just your bucket: fit all your gear and a folding chair, and make life easy for yourself!
  • Gloves, Hand warmers, Beanie or Hat: Heat rises – keep that heat in with a good hat, beanie, or face mask. A ball cap works for some guys, and others need all the fleece and lining they can get.
    Plus, a good pair of gloves goes a long way. If you get waterproof gloves you won’t have to rotate pairs. One trick I learned from a skiing buddy is to wear a pair of knit glove liners, put in a handwarmer pad, and then wear good gloves on top of that.
  • Snacks: Make sure and pack in jerky, Twizzlers, candy, and drinks!
Marty McCafferty at Causey Reservoir

Man could we all be as lucky as Marty with this 20″ Tiger Trout at Causey Reservoir! Nice!

Ice Fishing Tackle for the Experienced Angler

OK, now that you’re set up on the ice, let’s start catching some fish!

Strikemaster Power Auger

Ice Auger with a Motor on top… nice.

Tip Up Tip Down Ice Fishing Rod Holder

This ice rod holder, “Tip Up Tip Down”, lets your rod jig up and down with just a push.

    • Power auger: Lots of guys start out with a hand auger because 1, they work well enough, and 2, they start at $59.99. Your Power Auger is for us guys who want to get out there and fish without the workout first – taking 15 minutes of drilling through 6″ of ice! I’ve got Strikemaster power augers starting at 499.99 and you’ll love yours to pieces. And remember to have a set of replacement blades with you. Check out ice fishing augers online here.
    • Jigs: If you’ve been out before, you’ve got a feel for what you like. A lot of my customers love the Ratsos and Ratfinkees. I’ve had good luck with them too.
      Metro Tungsten Jigs are a new lure out there for ice fishing and they’re a lower price than other options. And they’re just as good. Give them a try and let me know how they work for you!
    • Rod: Shorter than your summer fishing rod, get a good ice fishing rod and reel. I’ve got combos as well. If you’re serious about ice fishing, you might have 2 or more poles going at a time! If you’ve got good rods, make sure and protect them in a Rod Case.
    • Ice Skimmer to clear the ice.
    • Ice Fishing Line to take the colder temperatures. I carry clear, clear blue, smoke and green ice fishing line: Fireline, Trilene, Stren – and you can even get it shipped to you. Monofilament as well as braid line for you to choose from.
    • Terminal Tackle: Can’t catch a fish without a hook. Plus I’ve got sinkers, swivels, and everything you need for the end of the line.
    • Rod holder: Yeah, here’s how you fish without needing 5 hands. Set it up and let it go! With cool inventions like the Hook Setter and the Tip Up, you can keep jigging with just a poke – some models set the hook for you!
    • Use a Spring Bobber to keep the ice off the top of the rod and detect bites.
    • Bait: Most people like to use wax worms or night crawlers as live bait. Those wax worms are sure tricky for us to keep in stock – too warm and they’ll turn into moths, too cold and they won’t make it! I’m trying my hardest to keep new wax worms coming in from our supplier so you’ve got the live bait you need. I’ve also got spikes and mealworms for you.
      If you don’t need your bait to wiggle on its own, I’ve got Powerbait, Trout Dough, Waxies, and Lunker Lotion for you. It’s also on the website if you want it shipped.

Bait and attractants

  • Fish finder: Just like summer fishing, see those puppies under the ice. Ice fishing fish finders are more temperature-resistant.

Budget or First-Time Ice Fishing Gear Checklist

Chris's Ice Fishing Essentials Kit

Enter your email address and I will send you a free PDF checklist you can print out so you remember all the gear to take with you to the reservoir! Nothing worse than pulling up to the shore and remembering your jigs and lures are back on the kitchen table…. been there, done that!

Get your Ice Fishing Gear Checklist!

Ice Fishing Checklist Download

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Did I miss anything? Do you have questions on ice fishing? Leave a comment and let me know, and have fun fishing!

Discover 13 gifts for the outdoorsy cook at Smith and Edwards!

13 Outdoor Cooking Gifts they’ll Love!

- posted by Rose Marion

Your husband, your sister, your uncle – they’re the type that as soon as the snow melts, they’re planning the getaway.

Whether it’s just a ways out of town or out to Bryce Canyon in the RV, they’ve got nature in their blood.

And the reason you love going with them on their getaway trips isn’t just for the experience of getting out there or the stories & adventures had – but the delicious food with that smoky taste that can only be found by cooking outside.

We know – among the thousands of items we have at Smith & Edwards, the outdoor cooking gear has been flying off the shelves – and also getting sent across the country for gifts through!

There’s just something about a campfire and a cast iron Dutch oven that makes food taste so good. For that special person, here are gifts they’ll LOVE you for giving them this Christmas.

Outdoor Cooking Gifts

Cast iron conditioners and Dutch oven cover and stand
1: Camp Chef Cast Iron Cleaner, $7.99 Get Cast Iron Cleaner online Since you don’t want to put your cast iron in the dishwasher (ever!) just wash your skillet or Dutch oven out after each meal. But food can build up with even careful cleaning. This bottle breaks down food and residue to give your cast iron a good cleaning.
2: Camp Chef Cast Iron Conditioner, $7.99 Get Cast Iron Conditioner online Made from 100% natural oils, this conditioner will season your cast iron, giving it good nonstick and protects it from rust.
3: Dutch Oven Lid Stand, $9.99 Get your Lid Stand – perfect for resting your lid on and even works as a grill if you want to cook scrambled eggs on your lid.
4: Camp Chef Dutch Oven Dome, $29.99 Get your Dutch oven dome online! This dome traps and circulates heat around your Dutch oven. Safe to use on your stove or gas grill, it comes with a heat diffuser, too!

Fire Pit, Steak Brands, and Barbecuing Gloves
1: Mini Steak Branding Irons Get your Mini steak brands online 5.99 each. Great gifts for your family: get everyone’s initials! Make cute 1/2″ tall brands on your steaks, shish kabobs or even wood decorations. Special characters available too! – including star, bar, rocker, and rafter.
2: Steak Brands, 8.99 each Get your BIG steak brands online! Bigger than the mini counterparts, these 1-1/4″ tall brands are the serious way to label your steaks.
3: Fire Pit or Dutch Oven Cooker (Military surplus from WWII!) Get your Fire Pit online – bargain at $12.99
4: Leather Heat Gloves, $14.99 Get your barbecuing gloves online Ideal for Dutch oven cooking, or firepit or chuck wagon cooking in general, this pair of heat resistant gloves will help you keep cooking, even when it gets hot!

So whether they love barbecuing, camping, working the chuck wagon, or tailgating, they’ll have a blast with the outdoor cooking goodies you got them!

And for your brother or sister you know would LOVE to get into backyard or camp cooking…

Gifts for Getting Started with Outdoor Cooking

Gifts to get started backyard cooking

1: Camp Chef Backyard Stove (shown: Pro 60 Deluxe 2 Burner, DB-60D, $179.99) get backyard stoves online! The beauty of backyard stoves is that you can take them practically anywhere – campsites, Scout trips, take it to your cabin, or even – and this is a GEM – do your canning outside on a Camp Chef stove in the summer, so you don’t tax your AC even more! These stoves work great for your Dutch oven cooking outdoors.
2: Spices are a MUST! Starting at $1.49. Get your spices online You’ll find salt-free spices from Flavor Mate as well as J R Watkins premium spices and a huge range of spices and herbs at bargain prices from Spice Time.
3: Cast Iron Skillets Get a skillet online! Starting at $13.99 for an 8″ skillet. Cast iron will give you an amazing sear on your steaks, work like a charm on just about any surface – electric, gas, campfire, or induction – and they’ll last a lifetime.
4: Enamel plates Choose Red, Green, or Blue online Nothing says outdoor cooking like enamelware plates, mugs, bowls, kettles, and silverware! Fun for your camping trip, your cabin, or even your kitchen.
5: Cast Iron Dutch Ovens. Get your Dutch oven online! starting at $26.99. Click here for a fabulous guide to Dutch oven cooking & a great recipe! There are thousands of Dutch oven recipes out there and you’ll be hooked once you start. 12″ is a great size for a small family, 14″ for a large family (or a group of Scouts or hunting buddies!)
Tip: The difference between Dutch ovens with legs & without legs, is, the legs are designed so you can put your Dutch oven in the campfire, directly on the coals. If you have a backyard stove, you’ll want the flat-bottom Dutch oven. You can use both kinds in your kitchen oven at home, just rest the Dutch oven on a cookie sheet.

Hot Dog RoastersThey are sure gonna love the thoughtful outdoor cooking gifts you got them at Smith & Edwards! Hmm, maybe they’ll even make you some yummy Dutch oven apple pie or seared elk steaks as a thank-you!

Remember to grab some hot dog roasters for the kids!

Merry Christmas and good cooking!

***Prices listed good through December 27, 2014.

Last Minute Christmas Ideas

Last Minute Gift Ideas – Under $10!

- posted by Amy Griffiths

It’s getting close. You can almost hear the faint jingle bells from Santa’s sleigh. Are you ready?

If you are anything like me you’ve still got some last minute gifts to look for. There are neighbors, co-workers something for the babysitter, and especially those stockings. Why did we think it was such a good idea to have such big stockings!

Time may be running out but you can still find some really fun gifts that they’re going to love. And all under $10!

Pez Dispensers

Elsa, Olaf, & Anna Pez Dispensers
The kids will go crazy for Pez in their favorite characters. Frozen’s Elsa, Anna, and Olaf along with other favorites like Cars, Toy Story, Rudolf and more will be the hit of the morning. They are only $1.29 each in-store or get the set of 3 Frozen characters of online only for just $3.79 through 12/27/14.

Redneck Repair Kit

The Original Redneck Repair
This clever gift is as humorous as it is useful! On sale now for only $9.99 through 12/27/14. In-store and online


A Display of Poo-Pourri Bottles
Nope. Not a misspelling. This ultra popular gift is the gift that keeps on giving. Sure it brings a chuckle when the gift is unwrapped, but when it’s actually used you’ll be glad you have it and be back for more! Lots of scents to choose from. In-store only

Red Santa Hats

Stuff these Santa hats with Candy!
These are not your ordinary Santa hat! These adorable caps have a velcro closure in the back so you can stuff them with sweet treats, small gifts, or any fun little surprise. They are also a darling decorations just by themselves. You’re not going to believe it. Only $.99 for a set of 4 through 12/27/14!

Fingernail Polish/Makeup Kits

Smith and Edwards' Makeup and Fingernail Polish Sets
We have some darling kits that your girls both young and old are going to love! They’re a great bargain starting at only $3.99 through 12/27/14. In-store only

Mini Branding Irons

Steak Branding Irons
What a fun way to monogram! Don’t think these are just for the kids. Your super stud will start branding everything he owns, starting with his steak with these cool irons. You may not want to turn your back to him for the first week though, to make sure you’re not next! In-store and online for just $5.99-$8.99 through 12/27/14.

Camouflage Bandages

Camo Band-aids
Always a winner, these camo bandages are just what the doctor ordered. My kids actually ask for bandages in their stockings! In-store only


Flashlights at Smith and Edwards
Okay, the idea isn’t new but they are always a favorite. It seems the kids and dad can never get enough, yet they’re never around when we need them!

At Smith and Edwards you’ll be able to find any flashlight you need, with tons to choose from. The mini ones are great for stockings and the kiddos, while dad will really get excited about a mighty King’s Camo Mongo, or maybe something big and bright from Mag-Lite. You just can’t go wrong with a flashlight. Prices start at 2/$5 through 12/27/14. In-store only


Colorful Spatulas from Smith and Edwards
You can never have too many spatulas, especially when they are so pretty! You won’t believe the selection of colors and styles we’ve got. In-store you’ll find 33 colors of this one style alone! You’re sure to find her/his favorite color. In-store and online

Bonus Gift Idea: DIY Tulle Ornament

And for those of you who like to add a personal touch, try out this super easy and inexpensive tulle ornament. All you need is some rolls of 6″ tulle, a regular canning jar ring, a canning lid, and a photo you want to use. That’s it!

Update: Due to requests, I made this project into a tutorial! Click here for the Sweetheart Ornament How-To.

Red, white, and green tulle adorn this Tulle Wreath Photo Frame ornament!
Start by cutting 21 pieces of tulle 8″ long, and one 12″ piece. I used three different colors, so I cut 7 pieces of each.

Hold your ring upside down and make a loop on the back side with your tulle. On the front side, pull your 2 ends through the loop and pull. Both ends should be facing down.

Keep tying your tulle around your ring until it is full. Take your 12″ piece of tulle and tie in a regular knot by the sides of the corresponding color you chose. (Here I used the green, so I tied it right next to the greens so it would blend in.)
Back of the Tulle Wreath Photo Frame ornament showing mason jar lid
Cut your photo just smaller than the canning ring. Glue it to the ring and push it in place from the back.

Ta-da! You’re done. They’ll love it and you’ll want to make more for your tree next year! (Wouldn’t it be darling with cute little Christmas sayings inside all over your tree?!)

You’ll find a terrific selection of glitter and regular tulle at great prices both in-store and online

Hope this gives you some fun last minute gift ideas! May you be able to rest soon, sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of the Christmas season with friends and family.

Five tips to get ready for Ice Fishing season!

5 Tips to get Ready for Ice Fishing

- posted by Chris Jacobson

Alright y’all, it’s that time of year again. It is getting colder and that means crazy weather, crazier drivers, and of course (my favorite) ice fishing season!

Ice Fishing GearIt won’t be long now and all the reservoirs will be ice capped. Here at Smith and Edwards, we have everything you need if you’re looking to get into ice fishing or if you are a seasoned veteran looking to upgrade.

(click here to shop Ice Fishing online!)

Now, to get ready for ice season, I wanted to share a 5 good ice fishing preparation tips that have helped me get ready to go.

1. Patience is a virtue! Even though you can safely fish on only a few inches of ice, I prefer to be safe and wait for at least 4-6 inches before venturing out.

There are a few reservoirs around that have under water springs and just because there will be spots with plenty of ice doesn’t mean it’s safe everywhere.

2. Make sure that you charge your gear before going out. The first outing can be so exciting that anglers forget that some of their gear runs off of batteries.

Make sure that all of your gear is charged and ready to go before you head out. There isn’t anything worse than getting out on the ice and realizing your gear isn’t ready!

3. Layers!! Make sure that you dress in layers. You never really know what kind of weather you are going to have out on the ice. The best way to prepare for any weather is to have layers on. You can always take layers off, but you only have so many that you take with you.

Start with a good pair of thermals – find men’s thermals here, and click here for ladies’ thermals.

4. One of the best pieces of advice I have ever been given is to have a plan. By that I mean, plan your fishing trip out. I know its hard to believe that the advice your friend gave you about how great the fishing is at a certain spot wasn’t exactly accurate. Also, a lot of times the fish move and you miss the great bite.

I like to have at least one backup spot that is near my original planned area, and it doesn’t hurt to have a couple backup spots.

5. Have some snacks and drinks on hand. If you are like me, you are so excited to get out and go fishing that the last thing on your mind is food or drinks. It is no fun to be out on the ice and not have anything to eat or drink all day! This tip is a must if you are taking your family with you!

Get your Ice Fishing Gear Checklist!

Ice Fishing Checklist Download

I know I for one can’t wait for ice season to get here. It can’t get here fast enough! Be sure to check back with us for more tips and tricks on ice fishing. We really want to get out and test some new gear we have in stock as well as to just get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

I would love to hear from you guys as well. What are your favorite tips or techniques to get ready for the ice season? Let us know in the comments below. Be safe out there!

Simple Christmas Gifts at Smith & Edwards

Simple Christmas Gifts

- posted by Rose Marion

It’s so easy to turn the holidays into stress and chaos! I know a family that had to put a limit on presents for the kids because it turned into a competition for all the aunts and uncles! And another family stopped hosting because it was so challenging accommodating the entire family as it grew – just became too much, especially with the winter travel.

For a lot of people, a simpler, slower pace is ideal for the holidays. That’s what they should be about, anyway – spending real time with loved ones, taking pictures for the scrapbooks, enjoying each other’s company, and celebrating the season.

With none of the stress and running-around that the media tells us we need to get caught up in.

So if you’re looking to have a simple Christmas this year, we’re right there with you. You’ll find frugal and simple Christmas gifts for the most important people in your life at Smith & Edwards in Farr West and

Take a look…

For Him: Carhartt Jackets

Guys, it’s straightforward. You know if you want outdoor or work clothes that hold up for years, you go to Carhartt. So ladies, if you want to give your husband or your father something he can really use, get him a Carhartt jacket.

Carhartt Jackets for men at Smith and Edwards - GREAT prices!Carhartt Quick Duck Jefferson JacketCarhartt jackets are always priced competitively at Smith & Edwards! Jackets range from $79.99 to 119.99. See Carhartt workwear online. Plus, there are also vests and hoodies that will keep him warm, too.

One newer item from Carhartt is the Quick Duck jacket, which is even more repellant than other Carhartt jackets. It has 3M Thinsulate with Rain Defender finish to give him the warmth and durability he loves in his Carhartt clothes…. plus it’s lighter-weight and rain-resistant. Carhartt Quick Duck Jefferson Traditional Jacket, $119.99.

For Her: Kitchen Basics

Some cooks like and welcome help from their guests when they’re cooking for the holidays. Others of us would rather the guests stay in the front room and visit, while we try to calculate the turkey or cry over onions!

If your wife loves to cook but you’d like to make it easier for her, check out these simple but oh-so-valuable kitchen gadgets from Progressive. Each bundle below has essentials that are just beyond the basics but will make her life so much easier.

Super Savings Progressive Kitchen Gadget Gift Set
Super Savings Progressive® Kitchen Gadget Gift Set – see it online

Super Savings Progressive Kitchen Gadget Gift Set
Super Savings Progressive® DELUXE Kitchen Gadget Gift Set – see it online


And, if your daughter is moving out of the house, help her remember the time she spent baking with you with this sweet baking bundle! It’s just $34.99 (online-only!) See the Baking Bundle here.
Red Baking Kit at

For a Home Chef: Seasonings & Fermenting

Whether your Christmas tradition involves a Ham, a Turkey, or if Frosted Cookies are the must-do family tradition, you’ve got to have the right spices, extracts, and of course food coloring on hand!

Get your herbs, salt-free seasoning, vanilla extract, and much more delivered right to your home, no matter how rural your homestead is. See spices online!
Spices and Herbs at

Pickling and fermenting is a fun way to preserve pickles, make sauerkraut, kimchi, and more sour-but-so-good food. For the serious gourmet in your family, or the person who loves finding the results of a months-long project… a pickling crock or fermentation crock set is the perfect gift. is your source for pickling crocks AND the matching weights and lids to get your fermenting start. Plus, we guarantee that your American-made stoneware crocks will arrive in perfect shape – no cracks or broken crocks here! Shop pickling crocks here.
Shop Pickling Crocks and Fermentation Crocks at Smith & Edwards

Simple Gifts for the Kids

It’s difficult not to give your kids everything they hope for! Here are some great simple toys to give your children for Christmas that don’t even take batteries.

Paracord + Buckles: Give your teenagers a fun project to keep them busy over Christmas Vacation: there are hundreds of videos on YouTube showing how to make paracord bracelets, knots, monkey fists, keychains, and so much more!

100-foot hanks of paracord start at just $6.99 at Smith and Edwards and you can find buckles here to go with your paracord bracelets.

Paracord Hanks
Hanks of Paracord (over 150 colors!)
Paracord Buckles
Paracord Buckles

Arrowcopter (in-store only) toys are the flying toy you can spin with your hands! These fun flying toys are a blast on sunny days in the snow. And they start at just $3.99 a package! In-store only.
Kids Arrowcopter ToyWooden rubber band toys & swords are great ways for your kids to use their imagination and creativity! These toys make great gifts and are super-cost-effective: this Jumbo Marshmallow Shooter is only $7.99! Find it online.

Jumbo Marshmallow Slingshot toy

Ty Giraffe Beanie Boo

Gabriel and the 16″ tall giraffe!

Ty Beanie Boos: Every child loves their own special stuffed animal. Ty’s so-adorable Beanie Boos have HUGE glitter-rimmed eyes, cute smiles, and so-soft plush coats.

Available in 6″ – 16″ heights, you’ll find the perfect snuggle buddy for your child. Click here to see Ty Beanie Boos.

For the Family

Have new neighbors? Is this your son or daughter’s first Christmas as a new family with their spouse? Give a thoughtful gift of Food Storage. You’ll fill their pantry with freeze-dried meals that will provide for them, like you have all those years before. Choose from baking mixes, vegetables, and freeze-dried meal pouches they can use in an emergency or on camping trips!

Food Storage Baking Mixes from Honeyville
Food Storage Baking Mixes
Freeze Dried Vegetable Cans from Honeyville Grain
Freeze Dried Food Storage Cans
Freeze Dried Meal Pouches
Freeze Dried Meal Pouches

Wrapping it Up

All Wrapped Up wrapping paper

Bonnie’s fun gift wrap designs…. on PAINT CANS!

When you need wrapping paper for Christmas or any occasion, you’ll find both tulle and locally-produced gift wrap by All Wrapped Up online here and in-store in the Housewares department. This gift wrap is printed in the USA.

All Wrapped Up is based in Layton, Utah. Bonnie’s gift wrap always has fun designs… plus she makes HUGE rolls of wrapping paper – 150 square feet – that will last you for ages!

In fact… check out Bonnie’s great Neighbor Gift ideas with her All Wrapped Up gift wrap from when she stopped in at Smith & Edwards last year!

Bonnie and Leslie with their fun Neighbor Gifts made with paint cans wrapped in All Wrapped Up wrapping paper!

Bonnie and Leslie with their fun Neighbor Gifts made with paint cans wrapped in All Wrapped Up wrapping paper!

Each of these gifts is sure to delight your friends and family – as well as be absolutely useful. You’ll love giving these simple Christmas gifts. We hope we can help make your holidays even better this year!

Happy Holidays!

Shiras moose in Utah - Ann Cooper

Utah Hunting Update!

- posted by Rose Marion

We have a lot of hunters as friends here at Smith & Edwards… and when they send us pictures of their hunt we can’t help but brag ’em up!

There are lots of reasons people go hunting…. to enjoy nature, get away from it all, spend time with hunting buddies…. and if you bring home a trophy, that’s the frosting on the cake.

Why do you go hunting?These 4 hunters were lucky enough to bring home some great pictures and great stories, take a look…

Ann Cooper’s Shiras Moose

Shiras moose in Utah - Ann CooperMy husband, Harlan, was able to call this bull in from across a canyon and nearly a mile away. After the first cow call, he came from a patch of aspens and headed down to the creek bottom, where I shot him at 60 yds. with my rifle. He measures right at 40″ wide, and I nicknamed him “Daggers” because of his extremely long front brow tines.

Casing from Shiras moose in Utah - Ann Cooper Shiras moose in Utah - Ann Cooper

Want to hunt in Utah, but not sure how to get started? Our guide to Camo Patterns & Concealment Tips will point you in the right direction!

Steve Russell – Archery Deer

Steve Russell Archery DeerSteve, our Diversified Marine rep, got this nice deer up Little Cottonwood canyon at the Wasatch west unit, the first day of archery, August 16 2014. Nice Steve!

Rod Thompson and Bart Thompson

Rod and Bart both got awesome results from their Wasatch archery hunt…

Bart with his 7x7, archery

Bart with his 7×7, archery

Rod with his 6x7, archery

Rod with his 6×7, archery

Thanks Cheryl Thompson for sending in the pictures!


Your Turn!

Want to see even more pictures? Check out the Smith & Edwards Braggin’ Board here… or better yet, get out there and get a picture for us to post! Send your pictures & stories to

Leave a nice comment below for the hunters pictured… aren’t those nice photos?

Good luck hunters!

Western gifts for your sweetie at Smith and Edwards

Give your Cowgirl something special this Christmas!

- posted by Rose Marion

Whether your gal loves horses more than she loves you (!) or she just loves remembering the days she spent growing up on a farm as she looks through the pages of Western Horseman, you’ll find her the perfect gift this year at Smith & Edwards.

Marty Thompson would know, he’s been our Western department buyer for over 2 decades and he’s seen what lights up a lady’s eyes in his department…

She’ll love jewelry by Montana Silversmiths

Montana Silversmiths jewelry This western-inspired jewelry is a gift she’ll treasure and love to wear.

These are two of our Montana Silversmiths bestselling sets: Pistols and “Girls with Guns”…

Montana Silversmiths Pistols set and Girls with Guns Set

Give a Sparkle with Rock 47 Jewelry

Rock 47 Western JewelryThis fun line of jewelry is from Rock 47 by Wrangler. Lots of color and silver at a great price.

Bex Sunglasses

Whether she’s a barrel racer or you want to get matching pairs for your and your sweetie, your gal will love you for getting her a pair of Bex.

Bex SunglassesThese polarized sunglasses are built for protecting you from the sun when you’re on your horse. Lightweight and comfortable, Bex will keep harsh glaring rays and dust out of your eyes.

Bex Sunglasses

Country Sayins Signs

Country sayings on wooden signs - fun Western gift idea!

(click to read the signs better)

Not all these signs have real country sayings on them, but they do make us laugh. Great for your mudroom, tack room, or garage too!

Rustic Magnets, Steak Brands, and House Numbers

Rustic Ironwerks makes these darling metal items to decorate your fridge and front porch with.

Western Magnets

Western house numbers

Here’s our address in rustic numbers…

You’ll find rustic home numbers and wall hooks here online.

Plus these steak brands are so fun – they let you label your steaks with your initials, or brand Rare, Medium, or Well done. Get her a set of steak brands and you can use it when you barbecue!
Steak brands and Western magnets make great gifts… get yours here.

Mini and Regular steak brands - Western Gifts

There are both regular and mini steak brands to play with!

Wild Rags

100% silk scarves are a must-have for Western riders, and they are perfect gifts for both gents and gals.

Wild Rags and Silk Cowboy Scarves

You can never have too many scarves, and they have so many uses. Besides looking pretty, they also keep you warm in the winter, cool in the summer (wicking sweat), and can keep dust out of your nose… even repair a cinch or strain water if you need it out on the trail. Handy little things that are lightweight and so pretty. Browse silk scarves here.

If you don’t know how, here’s how to tie a silk scarf like a buckaroo!

Stoecklein Calendars and Datebooks

These are breathtaking pictures that will take you right back to the pasture in golden sunlight. Stunning pictures by David Stoecklein fill the pages of these calendars and datebooks – these make amazing gifts. You can also use the datebook as a journal.

Stoecklein calendars

Stoecklein datebooks

Western Music

If your gal loves guitar and songs sung round the campfire, you can’t go wrong with a Western music CD.

Western music CDs

Far from what country’s on the radio these days, you’ll find authentic buckaroo and cowboy music in our CDs – we even have many of them online to browse!

If you’re looking to get started, local Ogden artist Brenn Hill is a great musician to try out. And you’ll find lots more musicians including Michael Martin Murphey and Waddie Mitchell. Check out Western music online here!

Saddles and Tack

Saddles at Smith and Edwards

Well, if you can’t figure out what else suits her, get her a saddle! She’ll love ya for it, promise. There’s a huge selection of saddles at Smith & Edwards and we also have a great layaway program.

Get her that much closer to a great fit on her horse. Marty has lots of saddles and we also make a large catalog of trail riding and packing bags as well as headstalls, cinches, and other tack. Bring her in or surprise her with some quality leather goods made right here at Smith & Edwards.

Get it delivered!

We’ll ship your gifts to any US address or get it ready for free in-store pickup… just let us know what you’d like! And just think how far ahead you’ll be… save December for relaxing with the ones you love, not last-minute shopping! Select gifts above are available online are shown in green.

Special this week only: Free Leather Keychain!

Get a free keychain with your Western order at Smith and Edwards

That’s right, you’re going to find amazing gifts for your sweetie at Smith & Edwards – we know it! So when you order something from our Western department this week, October 9 – 17, you’ll get a free leather keychain in your order!

Check out Western Tack on Smith and Edwards

How to tie a Wild Rag

How to Tie a Wild Rag (Video)

- posted by Rose Marion

Brands Silk Scarf wild ragYou found the gorgeous silk scarves called wild rags and now you want to wear one all the time!

Cowboys, ranch hands, and buckaroos wear these silk scarves because they wick away sweat in the summer, keeping them cool. They also keep heat in, in the winter!

And they can be used for just about anything on the back of a horse: mend a stirrup leather, tie a hat down, or even filter water in a pinch. No wonder a cowboy always has a silk scarf around his neck!

Well how the heck do you tie it? Well, there are 2 great ways to tie a Western wild rag or cowboy scarf. Our Western guy Marty and his sons Wells and Pace will show you how to do it.

Tying a Buckaroo Knot

First, you can tie a wild rag in a buckaroo knot, also called a square knot:

Thanks Wells and Marty for showing us how to tie a wild rag in a square knot!

Wells Thompson shows us how to tie a wild ragHere’s how to do that:
To start, fold your scarf in half diagonally, so it’s a long triangle. Put the scarf around the back of your neck, holding the ends of the scarf out in your hands.

Hold 2 fingers of your left hand out. Take your right hand and wrap the wild rag around your left fingers once. Then, with your other fingers, hold it there.

Reach back under and grab the other side of the scarf. Come over the front and split the wrap, right over the top of your fingers.

Then come up underneath by your chin and reach back through to grab that tail of the wild rag.

Now that you have that end, go through the loop that’s over your fingers, going through the same direction your fingers are going. Reach through and pull that tail tight.

Straighten the square out by pulling each end. There you have your square knot!

Tying a Simple Knot

Or, if you want a snugger fit with less fiddling, here’s how to tie a silk scarf in a basic knot.

  1. Take your silk scarf and fold it in half, into a triangle.
  2. Put the scarf around your neck, with the big edge of the triangle going around your neck and the middle point on your chest.
  3. Cross the two points that are lying on your back behind your neck, and then bring them back over your shoulders.
  4. To finish, just tie the two ends under your chin in a granny knot. To tie a granny knot, simply tie an overhand knot, then tie an overhand knot again.

There you are!

Pace Thompson with his knotted wild rag

Pace looking sharp in his silk scarf decorated with different brands

Do you have another way of tying your wild rag, or want us to do more videos? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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Click the scarves below to explore the wild rags for sale at Smith & Edwards:

Wild Rags and Silk Cowboy Scarves

And know that you know how to tie a wild rag, send us a picture of you wearing yours to or post it to our Facebook page!

Check out Western Tack on Smith and Edwards

Pumpkins and Ammo Boxes

Just in: Pumpkins by the Pound!

- posted by Rose Marion

Get your Jack o’Lantern at Smith & Edwards

October’s here and Halloween is right around the corner! Thanks to our local farmers, you can get your pumpkins at Smith & Edwards for just 22 cents a pound!

Pumpkins and Ammo Boxes

You’ll find fun pumpkins right at the front of Smith & Edwards this October!

These pumpkins are locally-grown and from our friends at Pettingill’s. If you come by Smith & Edwards, make sure to hit the fruit stands up Highway 89, there’s still tons of fresh, local produce along the “Fruit Highway”! Pumpkins just 22 cents a pound at Smith & Edwards this October 2014 Pumpkins at the Country Boy Store, Smith & Edwards McCall's Pumpkin Spice Candles

Special Pumpkin Spice Savings!

If you love all things pumpkin spice, stop in: the McCall’s Candle of the Month is Pumpkin Spice! These candles are in the center of the store, past the kitchen goodies near Sporting Goods. What does that mean? It means the 26oz and 16oz Pumpkin Spice candles are 25% off all month at Smith & Edwards! This promotion is good through October 31st, 2014.