Fishing Report: Bucket Mouth Fishing in Southeast Idaho

Travis had to miss an important store meeting to go fishing. So we thought it was only fair for him to bring back pictures & tell us about it! Here's what he had to say... Chasing the bass in southeast Idaho. From daybreak until just after noon, I caught 30 bucket mouths, give or take... more give than take. They all ranged in size from about 2 pounds to over 5 pounds. I caught a handful on topwaters, and the rest on soft plastics.   Continue reading →

Our New Huk Fishing Shirts Help you Fish Longer

That’s pronounced “Hook” Gear. I know, it doesn’t really seem to be spelled that way, but that is how you pronounce it! I promise! Clothing is not usually the top of my checklist when I am getting ready for a fishing trip! In fact, most of the time my wife gives me a funny look and asks, “Are you really going out looking like that?” To which my normal response was something along the lines of “Well, the fish don’t care what I look like!” Continue reading →

Chris’s Ice Fishing Picks for 2017: What’s New, & What’s Back!

Hey guys, so I don’t know if you have notice but it’s getting really cold outside lately! That means a lot of our favorite fishing holes are covered in ice. [Click here for my top 5 tips to get ready for Ice Fishing!] I have even heard of some of my favorite spots back where I grew up in northern Utah having 12in of ice, and that was before the most recent cold snap. I am not one that likes very thin ice so having Continue reading →

Northern Utah Fishing Report – June 2016

I have two words for my fishing trips so far this year. RAIN OUT! Man, that weather hasn’t been cooperating! It seems like every day I have time off, it rains or at least looks like it’s going to! Now, I am not complaining. We need the water. Every drop is needed to fill our reservoirs up! As far as the water levels, Pineview and Causey are spilling. Which means there is a lot of water flowing into Willard right now! That is great news! Continue reading →

WAKE THE BAY: Your April Willard Bay Fishing Report

#WAKETHEBAY Willard Bay is roaring awake for 2016! We are super excited to get this fishing season underway and I think Willard Bay isn’t going to disappoint this year. Check out this quick video we put together because we couldn’t wait to get out there! FISHING REPORT They raised the dike last year like some of you know, and early indications are that it is going to be an adequate watershed year. Hopefully that translates to a longer fishing season and more water in the Continue reading →

Up Your Trolling Game This Spring!

Are you looking to try something new this spring? Have you thought about looking into trolling for fish? Or maybe you’re already troll-savvy and are just wanting to gain knowledge or tips on how-to’s. I talked to Chris, our fishing guy here at Smith and Edwards, to get his TOP tips n’ tricks for trolling! What Should I Know About Trolling? The benefits of trolling in a boat vs. fishing from shore are apparent; your fishing range expands, making it easier to find hot spots Continue reading →

Ice Fishing Stories: Self-Rescue and Hypothermia

Well we’ve had a whole lot of warm weather this winter, let me tell you some ice fishing stories in lieu of new Braggin’ Board pictures. And I DO have a new Braggin’ Board pic for you to check out, so scroll down to see what’s swimming in local ponds. Self-Rescue while Ice Fishing Some of you guys are braver than I am. When it comes to thin ice, I am a chicken. I struggle even on 5 inches of ice! I don’t know if Continue reading →

Cisco Fishing Nets are Here!

It’s coming to Bear Lake, Utah… and it’s the only time this year! Are you ready? The Bear Lake Cisco Run happens 1 time a year and it’s unique in how you fish for them. And it’s only a couple weeks out of the whole year. This fish, the famous Bonneville Cisco, can only be found at Bear Lake. During this time, they can be caught by using a dip net from a boat. (Be careful not to net the Bear Lake MONSTER, though!) And Continue reading →

Everything to make Ice Fishing FUN!

OK, so last month we talked about 5 Things to do while waiting for the ice to freeze. Well, it’s January and Mantua is FROZEN! Utah’s ice fishing season has arrived. Strawberry Reservoir and Birch Creek are frozen too, and Causey and Pineview. All right! So I’ve made a checklist of everything you need to go ice fishing in comfort. And if you’re getting ready to go ice fishing for the very first time, scroll down to the bottom of this post for a printable Continue reading →

5 Tips to get Ready for Ice Fishing

Alright y’all, it’s that time of year again. It is getting colder and that means crazy weather, crazier drivers, and of course (my favorite) ice fishing season! It won’t be long now and all the reservoirs will be ice capped. Here at Smith and Edwards, we have everything you need if you’re looking to get into ice fishing or if you are a seasoned veteran looking to upgrade. (click here to shop Ice Fishing online!) Now, to get ready for ice season, I wanted to Continue reading →