Chris's new-in-2017 Utah ice fishing gear picks at Smith & Edwards

Chris’s Ice Fishing Picks for 2017: What’s New, & What’s Back!

- posted by Chris Jacobson

Hey guys, so I don’t know if you have noticed but it’s getting really cold outside lately! That means a lot of our favorite fishing holes are covered in ice. [Read my top 5 tips to get ready for Ice Fishing!]

I have even heard of some of my favorite spots back where I grew up in northern Utah having 12in of ice, and that was before the most recent cold snap. I am not one that likes very thin ice so having about 5-6 inches of ice gets me excited to get out a try some fishing!

To help combat the ice and the cold, I have put together some of my favorite new ice fishing items that I am excited to get out and try. By new, I mean either newly-released this year or a brand that we just started carrying in the store. Check it out:

Chris’s Auger of Choice

Let’s start in augers. It seems like to me that the new rage in augers is either electric or propane instead of gas. There is a lot of reasons they have become more popular. They are quieter, lighter, and don’t have the stinky exhaust that the gas augers do.

Chris recommends this powerful ION Electric Ice Fishing Auger...My pick for an electric auger is the ION 8 inch electric auger. Two of the coolest things about this auger is that it has a reverse option and that it only weighs 22 pounds!

This is one of the lightest augers that I have seen! No more packing or dragging that heavy auger across the ice!

Probably one of the biggest questions I had, and others have had, was: Won’t the battery die in the cold really fast?

The answer to that is, NO! The lithium ion battery will cut through 1,000 inches of ice! I don’t know about you but I don’t cut that much ice in a trip. This auger will do everything that you need it to.

Ice Fishing Shelters

As far as shelters go, we carry Clam and Eskimo brands and they both have great things about each one! It really is hard to pick one or the other. This much I can tell you, they both are selling really well right now and a shelter is almost always something you need to take when you go ice fishing! Our best seller is probably the Clam Six Pack 1660 right now!

Clam Ice Fishing Tents at Smith & Edwards

Back by Popular Demand: Swedish Pimples

We used to carry Swedish Pimple lures, and interest died down. Now people want them back, and so I’ve added them to our ice department!

Swedish Pimple LuresThere are 2 ways I see people using the Swedish Pimples.

One way is just as a lure on its own, putting the bait on the Swedish Pimple hook.

A different way, which seems more effective, is to use the Swedish pimple to attract the fish in. Then, run a line down from the Swedish pimple to a Ratfinkee or a Ratso, and the fish will smell the bait on that.

Try it out for yourself and let me know what works!

Ice Fishing Rod Brands to Watch

I have two fishing rod companies that I think are doing great things! The first one is a local company that many of you have heard of. Christenson Lake Shore Tackle of Manila, Utah has come out with some new ice fishing rods that are tailored to the local Utah fishing market. One of which is a 40″ Lake trout rod. They also come in some cool colors, too!

The next company is 13 Fishing. They were one of the biggest new booths at ICAST last July and they have rods for almost everything. They have ice rods, casting rods, and spinning rods. All of which we will be carrying but their ice rods have done really well and look really good! Check them out and see for yourself!

New Ice Fishing Rods at Smith & Edwards: 13 Fishing & Christensen Lakeshore Tackle!

These are just a few of the new things that I am excited about. There is so many new things out there that it is almost impossible to list them all!

I would love to hear the brands or equipment that you just can’t go fishing without!

Troll fishing tips from Smith & Edwards

Up Your Trolling Game This Spring!

- posted by Regan Taylor
Chris Jacobson, Smith & Edwards Fishing buyer

Chris has great tips for trolling at Willard Bay.

Are you looking to try something new this spring? Have you thought about looking into trolling for fish? Or maybe you’re already troll-savvy and are just wanting to gain knowledge or tips on how-to’s. I talked to Chris, our fishing guy here at Smith and Edwards, to get his TOP tips n’ tricks for trolling!

What Should I Know About Trolling?

The benefits of trolling in a boat vs. fishing from shore are apparent; your fishing range expands, making it easier to find hot spots and catch bigger fish in deeper waters. This can be a great way to get those deep-water Trout and Kokanee.

So what’s the perfect way to troll fish? Well, that may vary depending on your preferences, but here’s what Chris recommends:

1. Speed is Everything: It is very important you monitor how fast you are trolling. Try 1.5-3.5 mph at first and track your results. Different species may be attracted to different trolling speeds.

Mike's Lunker Lotion2. Monitor Speed and Fish with a Fish Finder: This can be a very useful accessory for trolling. It will show you how fast you’re going as well as alert you to fish in the area. A fish finder is a great to scope out schools of fish to drop your trolling line into… they simply won’t be able to resist! One of Chris’s favorites is the Elite Series by Lowrance. Chris’s favorite Elite Series fish finder is sold exclusively in stores, but check out what fish finders we offer online by clicking here.

3. Spice Up Your Trolling Line!: Although trolling lures are made to specifically flash and flutter to attract fish, it can be extremely helpful to use another form of bait or attractant.

Mike’s Lunker Lotion or Berkley Gulp Spray can be a tempting add-on to your set-up. Not only will it give off a “fish friendly” smell, it will also cover up your scent you may have left behind on your lures. If the fish don’t sense a human, there’s nothing stopping them from taking that lure!

A couple family tricks of mine include using old rings or jewelry with your lures and coating them with your favorite fish attracting scent!

Berkley Gulp Spray4. Try New Spots: Fishing success can be very lake specific. Some of Chris’s favorite trolling spots are Willard Bay and Flaming Gorge. Trying new places can further help you understand which fish take which bait and what time of day they are most likely to bite. (Although most people recommend mornings and late nights).


One of our favorites for trout – the flatfish by Yakima


Chris also recommends:

  • Squids or Flatfish for Trout
  • Squids or Kokanee King for Kokanee
  • Rapala, wedding rings or jewelry, or Warm Harness for Walleye and Wipers

Click here to see the lures you can get delivered to your house here. And you can find even more lures in-store in Chris’s Fishing department at Smith & Edwards!

What Other Fish Trolling Tips Can Help Me?

Cannon 1901020 Downrigger

Chris’s favorite brand of downriggers, Cannon. Model #1901020.

Downriggers, mounts, rod-holders, and different lures or spoons can enhance your trolling experience with versatility and convenience.

Electric vs gas motors are more boat size and water depth specific. Electric downriggers may be more beneficial for deep water fishing areas, where as manual downriggers may be better suited for shallow depths. Chris finds Scotty or Cannon brand downriggers and Okuma Coldwater Reels to be his favorite!

Coldwater Trolling Reel

Perfect Coldwater Trolling Reel by Okuma


Have Fun With It!

Try new trolling areas, new lures, and new equipment to find your favorite fish-catchin’ troll setup. The best way to learn is to experiment for yourself!

Remember, if it’s trolling you’re interested in, Smith and Edwards has the knowledgeable crew and the best equipment for the job. Click here to explore the Fishing & Trolling selection online or come in the store today!

Ice Fishing Stories at Smith & Edwards

Ice Fishing Stories: Self-Rescue and Hypothermia

- posted by Chris Jacobson

Well we’ve had a whole lot of warm weather this winter, let me tell you some ice fishing stories in lieu of new Braggin’ Board pictures. And I DO have a new Braggin’ Board pic for you to check out, so scroll down to see what’s swimming in local ponds.

Self-Rescue while Ice Fishing

Some of you guys are braver than I am.

When it comes to thin ice, I am a chicken. I struggle even on 5 inches of ice!

I don’t know if it is because I am a bigger guy, if it’s cause I swim like a rock, or just what… but I AM pretty chicken.

In any event, you should check out this video that I found through our good friend Wynn aka Bear’s Butt. He’s totally immersed in fletching and bows but go tell him hi from me. This video he shared, teaches you what you should do in the event that you fall through the ice.

Thanks Butt! That’s some good knowledge to have.

I don’t fish very often (if ever) on ice that could potentially be less than 5 inches. That means that I haven’t had much fun this ice season. It’s been a big bust actually here for northern Utah – one of the mildest winters on record.

When Cold Water is Hot, You’ve Probably Got Hypothermia

I remember when I was younger and growing up in a very small town in northern Utah. My hometown is small enough that if you blink when driving through it to go to Bear Lake, you would miss it.

I was young enough that I did not have a driver’s license yet, and it was Christmas Break. A friend of mine and I decided we wanted to go fishing.

Being in the small town where everyone knows everyone, you can get most places on a four wheeler. My buddy just happened to have one, and we got permission to go.

Woodruff Reservoir was about 10-15 miles away, and we thought that would be no problem to get to. We forgot about where we lived and that we wouldn’t be inside a cab getting up there. A four wheeler in the winter up there is SO cold!

We only made it partway and decided that we would just fish a pond that was only part of the way up the highway.

When we finally got on the ice, we found another obstacle. We realized that the hand auger that we had was dull.

I mean, so dull that it wouldn’t have cut warm butter let alone 10″ or more of ice. This thing was almost useless!

We finally got two holes drilled and fished for about 10-15 minutes. We caught two fish and decided that was enough… and froze all the way home.

Our hands were SO numb that when we got home, we put them under COLD water because warm water felt like it was burning us! I still have all 10 fingers though so we made it ok.

We never went on a trip like that again… although there were plenty of other adventures we went on!

Want to hear more of my fishing stories? Or share one adventure you had? Leave a comment below and tell me about it.

And before I go, let me show you this perfect rainbow trout caught at Brigham City’s Pioneer Park in January.

Allen Larsen and his Rainbow Trout outta Brigham City's Pioneer Park pond

Allen Larsen pulled this beauty: 8 pounds and 26″. Thanks for sharing Allen, and great catch!

Ranger Cisco Nets at Smith and Edwards

Cisco Fishing Nets are Here!

- posted by Chris Jacobson

It’s coming to Bear Lake, Utah… and it’s the only time this year! Are you ready?

The Bear Lake Cisco Run happens 1 time a year and it’s unique in how you fish for them. And it’s only a couple weeks out of the whole year.

This fish, the famous Bonneville Cisco, can only be found at Bear Lake. During this time, they can be caught by using a dip net from a boat.

(Be careful not to net the Bear Lake MONSTER, though!)

And if you’re participating in the Cisco Disco, a cisco net is a MUST!

Get your Cisco Fishing Net today

Cisco nets are IN at Smith & Edwards!

This Ranger 173 wire smelt net is perfect for Cisco! Get yours before you miss the season.

What’s the Cisco Disco? This year on January 24th, start fishing at sunrise at Cisco Beach on the east side of Bear Lake. There will even be prizes for largest catch of the day!

From now through the first of February, get your chance at a cisco with a cisco net! My Cisco fishing nets just arrived here at Smith & Edwards, I’ve got the Ranger 173 wire smelt net for you here in the Fishing department.

It has a telescoping handle, and an 18″ net perfect for cisco. Plus, it’s got a handle on the bottom so you can empty your catch easily!

Exclusively available in-store at Smith & Edwards (not online), come in & get yours today for just $29.99.

More Information about the Cisco Disco

Click for all the details about the Cisco Disco & Polar Bear Plunge on, and make sure to Like the Bear Lake Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau on Facebook!

Plus – New Lures online

Before you go, check out the new Maniac Lures I just added to our web store. New colors of Gizzybugs, Gizzillas, Cutterbugs, and new Vertigo. Give these jigs a shot and let me know how they work for you.

Get your ice fishing jigs delivered from!

Marty McCafferty at Causey Reservoir

Everything to make Ice Fishing FUN!

- posted by Chris Jacobson

OK, so last month we talked about 5 Things to do while waiting for the ice to freeze.

Well, it’s January and Mantua is FROZEN! Utah’s ice fishing season has arrived. Strawberry Reservoir and Birch Creek are frozen too, and Causey and Pineview. All right!

So I’ve made a checklist of everything you need to go ice fishing in comfort. And if you’re getting ready to go ice fishing for the very first time, scroll down to the bottom of this post for a printable ice fishing gear checklist just for you!

Checklist for Ice Fishing in Comfort

If you’re ready to invest in a Clam tent to really enjoy fishing, here are the items you want to make sure to have on your trip this weekend.

Staying Warm in Comfort

It’s all fun and games til you get wet and freeze! Have fun by staying warm & dry:

Carhartt Face Mask

Carhartt has lots of great beanies and ways to keep your head warm, including this Pull-Down Face Mask (click the picture)

Clam Ice Fishing Shelter at Smith and Edwards

This Clam Vista shelter will fit up to 3 people.

  • Good-quality coat, snow pants, boots: There’s a good bit of advice for a lot of winter activities: dress in layers. If you’ve got a tent, which I’ll talk about in a bit, all you need is a good-quality coat and pair of boots to get you out on the ice and get the tent set up – then you can hang out in a hoodie. If you don’t have a tent, a good pair of snow pants can really keep out the cold.
    If you already have a good Carhartt coat or Carhartt bibs, put a little waterproofing on them and they’ll work nicely. Our Western guy Marty recommends Duck’s Back waterproofing for dusters and canvas clothing. Or, look for nice waterproof snow bibs & a jacket.
  • ICE Trekkers: One of the best brands of treads out there, choose from Chains or Diamond Grip. These treads slide right on to your boots and will let you walk on ice just like pavement.
  • Ice Shelter & Sled: Yeah, you can go Ice Fishing without a tent – definitely! But if you want to enjoy ice fishing (or your kids & wife!) – get a Clam ice tent. They start right around $200.00 and you can even upgrade to one that would hold all your buddies from work or your whole family.
    And to haul all your gear, get a nice Ice Sled. I like Otter sleds, and you can even hook up your ATV or snowmobile. Some ranches use these to haul newborn calves. Upgrade from just your bucket: fit all your gear and a folding chair, and make life easy for yourself!
  • Gloves, Hand warmers, Beanie or Hat: Heat rises – keep that heat in with a good hat, beanie, or face mask. A ball cap works for some guys, and others need all the fleece and lining they can get.
    Plus, a good pair of gloves goes a long way. If you get waterproof gloves you won’t have to rotate pairs. One trick I learned from a skiing buddy is to wear a pair of knit glove liners, put in a handwarmer pad, and then wear good gloves on top of that.
  • Snacks: Make sure and pack in jerky, Twizzlers, candy, and drinks!
Marty McCafferty at Causey Reservoir

Man could we all be as lucky as Marty with this 20″ Tiger Trout at Causey Reservoir! Nice!

Ice Fishing Tackle for the Experienced Angler

OK, now that you’re set up on the ice, let’s start catching some fish!

Strikemaster Power Auger

Ice Auger with a Motor on top… nice.

Tip Up Tip Down Ice Fishing Rod Holder

This ice rod holder, “Tip Up Tip Down”, lets your rod jig up and down with just a push.

    • Power auger: Lots of guys start out with a hand auger because 1, they work well enough, and 2, they start at $59.99. Your Power Auger is for us guys who want to get out there and fish without the workout first – taking 15 minutes of drilling through 6″ of ice! I’ve got Strikemaster power augers starting at 499.99 and you’ll love yours to pieces. And remember to have a set of replacement blades with you. Check out ice fishing augers online here.
    • Jigs: If you’ve been out before, you’ve got a feel for what you like. A lot of my customers love the Ratsos and Ratfinkees. I’ve had good luck with them too.
      Metro Tungsten Jigs are a new lure out there for ice fishing and they’re a lower price than other options. And they’re just as good. Give them a try and let me know how they work for you!
    • Rod: Shorter than your summer fishing rod, get a good ice fishing rod and reel. I’ve got combos as well. If you’re serious about ice fishing, you might have 2 or more poles going at a time! If you’ve got good rods, make sure and protect them in a Rod Case.
    • Ice Skimmer to clear the ice.
    • Ice Fishing Line to take the colder temperatures. I carry clear, clear blue, smoke and green ice fishing line: Fireline, Trilene, Stren – and you can even get it shipped to you. Monofilament as well as braid line for you to choose from.
    • Terminal Tackle: Can’t catch a fish without a hook. Plus I’ve got sinkers, swivels, and everything you need for the end of the line.
    • Rod holder: Yeah, here’s how you fish without needing 5 hands. Set it up and let it go! With cool inventions like the Hook Setter and the Tip Up, you can keep jigging with just a poke – some models set the hook for you!
    • Use a Spring Bobber to keep the ice off the top of the rod and detect bites.
    • Bait: Most people like to use wax worms or night crawlers as live bait. Those wax worms are sure tricky for us to keep in stock – too warm and they’ll turn into moths, too cold and they won’t make it! I’m trying my hardest to keep new wax worms coming in from our supplier so you’ve got the live bait you need. I’ve also got spikes and mealworms for you.
      If you don’t need your bait to wiggle on its own, I’ve got Powerbait, Trout Dough, Waxies, and Lunker Lotion for you. It’s also on the website if you want it shipped.

Bait and attractants

  • Fish finder: Just like summer fishing, see those puppies under the ice. Ice fishing fish finders are more temperature-resistant.

Budget or First-Time Ice Fishing Gear Checklist

Chris's Ice Fishing Essentials Kit

Enter your email address and I will send you a free PDF checklist you can print out so you remember all the gear to take with you to the reservoir! Nothing worse than pulling up to the shore and remembering your jigs and lures are back on the kitchen table…. been there, done that!

Get your Ice Fishing Gear Checklist!

Ice Fishing Checklist Download

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Did I miss anything? Do you have questions on ice fishing? Leave a comment and let me know, and have fun fishing!

Five tips to get ready for Ice Fishing season!

5 Tips to get Ready for Ice Fishing

- posted by Chris Jacobson

Alright y’all, it’s that time of year again. It is getting colder and that means crazy weather, crazier drivers, and of course (my favorite) ice fishing season!

Ice Fishing GearIt won’t be long now and all the reservoirs will be ice capped. Here at Smith and Edwards, we have everything you need if you’re looking to get into ice fishing or if you are a seasoned veteran looking to upgrade.

(Shop Ice Fishing on!)

Now, to get ready for ice season, I wanted to share a 5 good ice fishing preparation tips that have helped me get ready to go.

1. Patience is a virtue! Even though you can safely fish on only a few inches of ice, I prefer to be safe and wait for at least 4-6 inches before venturing out.

There are a few reservoirs around that have under water springs and just because there will be spots with plenty of ice doesn’t mean it’s safe everywhere.

2. Make sure that you charge your gear before going out. The first outing can be so exciting that anglers forget that some of their gear runs off of batteries.

Make sure that all of your gear is charged and ready to go before you head out. There isn’t anything worse than getting out on the ice and realizing your gear isn’t ready!

3. Layers!! Make sure that you dress in layers. You never really know what kind of weather you are going to have out on the ice. The best way to prepare for any weather is to have layers on. You can always take layers off, but you only have so many that you take with you.

Start with a good pair of thermals – find men’s thermals here, and shop ladies’ thermals.

4. One of the best pieces of advice I have ever been given is to have a plan. By that I mean, plan your fishing trip out. I know its hard to believe that the advice your friend gave you about how great the fishing is at a certain spot wasn’t exactly accurate. Also, a lot of times the fish move and you miss the great bite.

I like to have at least one backup spot that is near my original planned area, and it doesn’t hurt to have a couple backup spots.

5. Have some snacks and drinks on hand. If you are like me, you are so excited to get out and go fishing that the last thing on your mind is food or drinks. It is no fun to be out on the ice and not have anything to eat or drink all day! This tip is a must if you are taking your family with you!

Get your Ice Fishing Gear Checklist!

Ice Fishing Checklist Download

I know I for one can’t wait for ice season to get here. It can’t get here fast enough! Be sure to check back with us for more tips and tricks on ice fishing. We really want to get out and test some new gear we have in stock as well as to just get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

I would love to hear from you guys as well. What are your favorite tips or techniques to get ready for the ice season? Let us know in the comments below. Be safe out there!

Bekah and her fish at the Brigham Community Pond

Northern Utah Fishing Report – September 5

- posted by Chris Jacobson

This last month has been a relatively slow one here in Northern Utah. The rain has really put a damper on the fishing. You can’t really cuss the rain though; we can use all the moisture we can get.

Some of the higher reservoirs are doing okay as far as water level goes but as for the closest reservoir to me, Willard Bay, that is not the case. It has gotten a little better with most farmers not irrigating anymore, but Willard Bay is still way low. Despite the weather being less than cooperative, fishermen have been able to get out and make the best of it.

Fishing at Willard Bay

Willard Bay has been slow with all these storms and cold fronts moving through. As the weather stabilizes for a bit though, look for the fishing to improve.

We have been getting reports that the water clarity is low, but that people are seeing fish on their fish finder screens all over the place. We have even heard of people getting in on the action of a boil or two. Although most boils are short lived. Boils are a lot of fun if you can get there just as it starts and fish it for the whole duration.

Using shad colored Rapalas are the best when fishing for boils. Trolling has produced some okay fish as well. Walleye and Wiper fishing will be great in the fall and is a great way to spend an afternoon off from work.

Other Fishing Spots to Try

There are a few other areas that I suggest you try out if you want to travel a little farther and get away from more people.

Fishing in the higher lakes and reservoirs can be great this time of year. As people go back to school and finish taking summer vacations, Bear Lake and Pineview will be great places to watch. Fishing should pick up there as fall goes on.

Also, with less pressure in the fall, the Uintah lakes should be a great place to catch a nice trout. The lakes are fished hard during the summer but as fall winds down these lakes are going to be great places to spend a weekend away.

The fall is a great time of year to get out and go fishing. Taking your family out and spending some time on the lake is something that you and your family will never forget.

A few weeks ago we had one of our cashiers, Bekah, go fishing with her family up at the Brigham City Community Pond. She had a great time and even caught a “monster”! She said even though she didn’t catch the biggest fish, it was a great time spent with her family.

Bekah and her fish at the Brigham Community Pond

Bekah and her fish at the Brigham City Community Pond!

We like to see the pictures of you guys catching fish and love it when you do wearing Smith and Edwards gear! Send us your pics of your fall catch or that monster buck that you bag this year at or on our Facebook page!

Northern Utah Fishing Report – August 1

- posted by Chris Jacobson

Has July been a hot one or what?! Summer heat is not great on anglers, but it hasn’t been all bad. There have been a lot of guys coming in and telling us about their stories of success all around the state. Earlier this summer, the DWR posted a blog report saying that they predicted this year to be one of the best years in recent memory for fishing. I didn’t believe it at the time, but it sure has turned into one of the best I can remember. In fact, we heard that the fishing was good over on Willard Bay so we decided to send two of our sporting goods employees out to check it out.

Hanna and Tyler with their catch from Willard Bay

Hanna and Tyler with their catch from Willard Bay

Tyler and Hanna teamed up with Randy from our surplus department and took a trip out on the bay after work. They found that the fishing has slowed considerably in the last month, but they still caught fish. The Walleye were not biting at all, but the Wiper were still doing okay. They even got treated to a great sunset as they came in from fishing.

Willard Bay Sunset So what do I think is going to happen this next month? Well, here you go.

Fishing Willard Bay

Like I mentioned before, the bay has been slowing down with this hot weather. The bay isn’t nearly as deep as the walleye and wiper would like it to be. The water temperature has been in the mid to upper 80s and that makes the fish want to go to deeper water, but there isn’t any. This means that most of the Walleye and Wiper are most active at night; wipers are still being caught though. The best times are dawn and dusk. Be on the watch for boils too, we have heard that a few anglers have seen boils. The Rapalas are still the best lure out there; although bottom bouncers are also doing well.

Fishing Flaming Gorge and Strawberry Reservoir

Generally I like to highlight the close reservoirs around for other places to fish, but this month I have heard some great things coming out of Flaming Gorge and Strawberry Reservoir. These two reservoirs have been heating up with fishing activity lately. We even heard reports of a 6lb Kokanee being caught at Strawberry. That’s awesome! Flaming Gorge has been producing some big fish too, with some angler’s averages being in the 3lb range.

I got a visit the other day from Christenson Lakeshore Tackle and Rocky Mountain Tackle and they have some great dodgers and squids and they let me in on what they have seen as the best colors.

Both of them told me that a shattered glass dodger with a blue squid has been working really well. You can also try pink and green squids, as these are colors that work often as well.

Fishing should continue to be great in Utah this next month. Fishing is a great way to get out of the hot valley and get up in the mountains where it is a little cooler. Remember to send in pictures of your catch for our Braggin’ Board!

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A few of the pictures that got our attention this month were some great fish caught by Jake Gertsch who was fishing up in Fort Peck Lake in Montana. He caught a Pike and a Walleye on a fly rod! Great job Jake! Send in your pictures to and good luck out there!

Jake's pike on the fly rod

Jake’s pike on the fly

Walleye on a Fly Rod - Jake Gertsch

Jake’s walleye on a fly rod

Camping Checklist

Scout Camp, Fishing & Camping Checklist

- posted by Rose Marion

It’s the right time of year for fishing, hiking, and camping. This time of year, we get a lot of people coming in and asking, “What gear do I need for…”

Whether you’re hiking, camping, fishing, or even sending your Cub Scout off to camp for a couple days, this checklist has everything you need to make it a great adventure here in Utah or in the mountains or lakes of our neighboring states.

If you’re camping or hiking, or sending a Scout to camp, here’s what you need:
Camping Checklist
If you’re sending a scout, remember his uniform, too!

For fishing:
Fishing Checklist

Click here to download a printable PDF of both lists.

Did you have fun? Make sure and send us pictures for the Bragging Board!

These lists were made after we had lots of families looking for a Scout camp checklist for their boys about to go to camp. We find them useful as a camping checklist so we’re sure we’ve got the car packed with all the gear we need. These also work great for packing your gear even for a fishing getaway on a Friday afternoon!
Check out our Camping and Hiking gear - click here!

Truman Holbrook and his huge wiper!

Willard Bay Fishing Report – July 1

- posted by Chris Jacobson

June has been a great month and we have seen a lot of fish being caught out on Willard. The stellar year of fishing has continued to produce some of the best fishing in recent memory.

A couple of our employees, including our own sporting goods employee Hanna, went out about mid-June and had a very good outing. They caught lots of Wiper and a few Walleye and had a blast doing it. They even stopped to pose with a few of their catch. Hanna and her fish

Hanna at Willard getting too cozy with a fish Nice job guys!! Although I don’t think licking it will taste very good!

Fishing at Willard Bay

In July we should see the fishing continue to be good, but it has slowed down in the last few weeks. As the weather and the water gets warmer, you will start to see the fish be more active in the mornings and evenings. The shad that are in the reservoir are getting bigger, and a lot of anglers are saying that is why we are seeing a slowdown in fishing activity. With the bigger shad, the fish aren’t as active and willing to chase the shad raps or bottom bouncers.

July is the month that we should start looking for some boils. We haven’t had reports of any good, consistent boils in a few years. Hopefully, with any luck, this year will be different. We would love to hear of any boils you guys see out there!

Don’t let the slowdown scare you though; the fish might not be as active, but you still can catch them using bottom bouncers with a worm harness or floating Rapala. You will want to fish in some of the deeper parts of the reservoir, although it is Willard and that means it’s not very deep at all.

At any rate, there is still some good fishing to be had out on Willard this year and July will be a great time to get out on the water!

Fishing at Other Reservoirs

Pineview Reservoir has started to become a little more active these last few weeks as anglers have been able to catch a few more Crappie from shore using a small jig and a bobber. This reservoir gets to be hard to troll with it being used by a lot of wakeboarders and skiers.

Mantua is still a good spot to go for some great bass fishing. Look for those bass to be hidden in any structure along the edges. Mantua has also been a pretty decent spot to catch some Rainbows while trolling. Wedding Rings or Pop Gear with a worm behind them have had the best success.

There has been some great fishing this in Northern Utah year and we look forward to it continuing.

I have been asking for you guys to send in your photos and you haven’t disappointed. Truman Holbrook sent in this pic of this big ol’ Wiper that he and his family caught in their secret spot!

Truman Holbrook and his huge wiper!Great catch guys! Be sure to keep these pics coming and we will put them on our bragging board and on our blog! Good Luck Fishing!

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