Country Boy April Fools Prank Ideas

April Fool’s Pranks from the Western Department

- posted by Amy Griffiths

Nobody loves a good joke more than our Western department. They are infamous for their many pranks. Insomuch that when I joined Smith and Edwards I was even warned not to go over there on April Fool’s Day!

So in light of April Fool’s Day coming up I’m going to share with you some of their pranks that you might want to use for your own April Fool’s pranks!

Drop for Drinks

When you bring up the topic of past pranks in the Western department, there is one that seems to be revered over all, even honored. If they had a Hall of Fame prank board, this would be at the top. They call it Drop for Drinks.

For this “game” you need a quarter, a funnel, and what’s a good prank without ice-cold water.

Start by telling your “victim” the rules of the game. Entice him by telling him the loser buys drinks for everyone else. The idea behind the game is that you drop a quarter from your forehead in a funnel that you are holding up in the waist of your pants. When you make it in, you get to step out of the circle. The last one to catch his quarter buys drinks for everyone else. (I realize it sounds like you’d actually have to be drunk to play this game, but truth is, most our guys are water drinkers!)

Everyone gets in a circle and has a “practice round.” When it’s time for your “friend” to take his turn, wait for him to lean back to get his quarter ready. That’s the time to pour ice-cold water down his funnel. But watch out. After the shock wears off you may need to run! Can you picture why this is a Western department favorite?


This next prank they were laughing so hard I couldn’t always understand them! It involves a tarantula, a plastic container, and a co-worker with some serious arachnophobia.

One early morning Shaun came to work with a tarantula in a plastic container. Marty, their fearless leader, made a tarantula look-alike with a sheepskin for the body and dangling leather for the legs – all painted black. They tied it to an unsuspecting, unnamed co-worker’s work apron. (They manufacture leather tack for their wholesale department right here in our store.)

When the man came in to work, Shaun was holding the tarantula in its case, looking around frantically. The co-worker asked what was wrong and Shaun told him that when he came to work that morning there were two tarantulas in that box and now there was only one! You could see the other guy glancing around nervously. He carefully went to his workbench and reached for his apron while still scanning the area anxiously. As he went to put his apron on he saw the tarantula Marty had made dangling off his apron.

Now at this point in the story they are laughing so hard it’s hard to tell what they’re saying.

The poor man couldn’t stretch his arms out long enough to keep that apron away from him as he was screeching and backing up into the middle of the store. (We weren’t open yet so there were no customers to watch the scene, thank heavens!)

He realized it was a joke when he finally noticed everyone laughing. In the words of Marty, “That’s when he started breathing again.”

More Drink Than You Bargain For

The next two pranks show that you should never leave your drink unattended back in the Western department.

Next time you see a fast food drink sitting around, try this favorite trick! All you need is the cup with a straw and lid, a packet of Arby’s sauce (feel free to use Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, or any other sauce you can find), and some tape.

While the owner is gone, take off the lid. Make a small slit in the Arby’s sauce so the straw can just fit through. Secure it to the straw with tape and replace it in the cup with the lid. When he comes back he’ll take a big swig and get a special surprise!

I love this one, but once again, you’ll need your running shoes on!

The Leaky Pop Can

Don’t let Marty get a hold of your pop can, or water bottle, or pretty much anything that you value.

Apparently he likes to use a razor blade to cut a horizontal slit about 1″ down from the rim, right below the drink opening. The “victim” doesn’t realize it’s there and when he drinks he dribbles all over himself!

Oreo Horseradish Cookies

The next three pranks are simply irresistible!

Start by gently taking off the top of your Oreo. Carefully scrape out the middle of the filling, leaving just a thin outer layer. Fill it in with horseradish sauce, or something similar.

Replace the top of your cookie and replace in the Oreo package. Now you are ready to serve your delightfully deceptive treats!

Tabasco Sauce Donuts

This idea is a pretty simple concept that really packs a punch! First you need a box of store-bought donuts. (I suggest maple bars, but only if you’re sharing with me.)

Fill a clean syringe with Tabasco sauce and carefully insert into the middle of some of the donuts. Your “victim” will see you eating donuts, so won’t think twice about it when you offer him a Tabasco-filled one. Watch the pleasure turn to horror when he starts eating!

Chocolate Cupcake Surprise

Here’s a story I’ve heard over and over again. I guess if they prank a manager it goes down in the history books!

One April Fool’s Day Dani decided to buy some chocolate cupcakes from the store and add a little something of her own – black food color. She injected it in the middle of the cupcake with a syringe. (Apparently a pretty handy tool to have back in the Western department!)

Most of the cupcakes were untouched, and everyone was eating them – so when one was offered to our co-worker, he jumped at the chance.

He started realizing there was a problem when he saw black dye on his hands. Too late. His lips and tongue were black the rest of the day!

Raccoon Eye

For this simple prank you just need an ink pad and some binoculars. Ink around the binocular lenses with the pad so that when the unsuspecting wearer looks into them, they leave him with a surprise he won’t notice til someone tells him  – or he looks in a mirror.

The guys in Western did this to a co-worker one time and he went most the day with the “ink spectacles” around his eyes before a co-worker from another department told him about it. Not saying it’s nice, just saying it works. Hehehe

Glue Bottle Jump

I call this the Glue Bottle Jump because that’s exactly what I did when they did this to me! You just need an empty glue bottle and some white 1/8″ cotton cord.

Take an empty bottle of glue and clean out the nozzle well. Marty uses a big bottle of Tear Mender because that’s what he uses all the time. Cut a 1/8″ cotton cord about 12″-15″ long and tie a knot at one end.

With the knot on the inside of the lid, insert the other end through the nozzle and make another knot on the open end. Now it is securely in place so it won’t come out. Pull the thread back through the lid so only the knot is showing on the nozzle of the lid. Attach your nozzle back to the bottle.

Marty, the Western department manager is fabulous at telling stories. He leads you up to the prank by showing you some of his work, or how he makes something. Then, when the moment is just right and he is showing you the glue, he’ll squeeze the bottle right at you and watch you jump…..and sometimes yelp. I’ve seen him do this to others and this harmless joke is always fun for a good laugh! Our friend Jeff was the last victim to his prank so we recorded it and you can see it below. Jeff says he doesn’t get scared easily so we’re pretty proud that we got any reaction out of him.

Thanks for being a great sport Jeff!

These are really only the beginning of the pranks and tricks you might find around here in the Western department. Maybe it’ll give you some ideas for April Fools pranks you can use!

Got some fun April Fools pranks of your own? We’d love to hear them! Please share them below.

Love all things Western? Tom teaches us how to tie a honda in this informative and easy-to-understand video. Check it out here!

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How to tie a Honda Knot

How to Tie a Honda

- posted by Amy Griffiths
Did you hear about our first ever in-store Dummy Ropin’ contest? We had so much fun we’re already thinking about the next one! Click here to check out what happened and who won. Sign up for our emails just for horse enthusiasts so you don’t miss out on the next one!

Our western department has western rock stars as far as I’m concerned. Not only do they carry a great selection of quality products, they are also so knowledgeable, friendly, and genuinely good people. They live the lifestyle they are talking about and have first hand experience.

The people of Smith & Edwards' Western department

Tom, Dave, Sam, Marty, Jess, Dani, Steve, Kyle, Shaun, Kris, and Sherm

Often they are asked how to do certain things, and how to tie a honda is a common request. Tom, one of our fabulous craftsmen from our manufacturing department (yes, they design and manufacture a lot of the tack they sell, and they do it right here in Smith and Edwards!) agreed to show us how to tie a honda. It must be effective because people keep coming back for more! (click here to skip to a written step-by-step how-to)

Watch How to Tie a Honda

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Tie a Honda

Tying a sturdy honda is really a two step process, but it really is quick and easy. First you make a stopper knot, then you can make your honda.

Begin by untying the strands in your rope about 6″ down and separate them. For our tutorial we’re using a 3 strand rope but you can easily do the same action with a 4 strand rope.

Separate the rope strands

Take the middle back red strand and curve it to the left.

Curve to middle back strand to the left

Take the blue strand on the left and go over and then under the middle red strand you just curved to the left.

Over and under left strand

Now take the right white strand and do the same over and under action you as you just did on the previous blue strand.

Next over & under - part 1
2nd Over & Under - part 2

Grab the tip from this same white strand and insert it in the top loop you created with the first red middle strand.

Up through the loop

Pull the end of each strand, making a tight knot at the bottom. Cut and burn the ends to seal it.

Pull strands up
Tighten strands
Cut strands
Burn strands

Now you’ve got your stopper knot ready for the next step. Look how great it turned out!

Finished Stopper Knot

Time to tie your Honda

With about 18″ of rope, take the end that has your newly tied stopper knot. Working towards the right of your rope, loop it towards you til the knot faces away.

Loop end toward you til it faces away

Grab the knot, take it to the left of the loop, then under and up, making an overhand knot.

Make an overhand knot

It kind of looks like a pretzel now. Take your knot back behind the top of the loop and tuck it in the top loop of the overhand knot.

Tuck in top loop
Tuck in top loop - part 2

Make sure the upper loop you just made is the size you want and pull the bottom rope tight. Push the stopper knot up as you do this to keep it out of the way.

Pull bottom rope tight

Now you’ve learned how to tie a honda like a pro, just like Tom and the rest of the crew.

Finished Honda Knot
Honda with Rope

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and feel confident in tying your own hondas. If you have a question or there is something you’d like to know more about, let us know. Tom, Marty, Dani and others are happy to share their skills with us!

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Smith and Edwards Video FOX13

Uniquely Utah: Smith & Edwards featured by FOX13

- posted by Rose Marion

Todd Tanner with FOX13 visited Smith & Edwards in February to take a peek at the Country Boy Store.

We’re tickled that Todd took such great video of Smith & Edwards!

In addition to getting to explore the store, he got to talk to Mr. Smith, who grew the store from a little surplus & salvage operation to the gigantically fun store Smith & Edwards is today. Bert Smith still comes into the store ‘most every day at 95 years old, he’s an inspiration to all of us.

Thanks for visiting, Todd! Click here to see the video on FOX13, and click here to read a bit more About Us.

Dummy Ropin, a new tradition at Smith & Edwards!

Dummy Ropin’ Photos

- posted by Rose Marion
Dummy Ropin' Prizes

A few of the dummy ropin’ prizes!

Smith & Edwards hosted our 1st Dummy Ropin’ on Valentine’s Day, February 14.

We’re glad everyone who came had such a great time!

There were 3 rounds and a range of ages participating…. and some GREAT prizes, from Smith & Edwards gift cards to ball caps and patches from Smart Roping, Fast Back Ropes, Bailey, Bex, and more.

It was a ton of fun for the adults who came. And it was even more fun to see the kids having a blast, whether they brought their own rope & gloves or they were trying their hand at ropin’ for the first time.

What do you think? Should we make a Dummy Ropin’ a Smith & Edwards tradition like the Gun Auction?

On a phone? click here to see the photo gallery!


Ropin’ Champs and their Prizes

Round 2 Winners

Round 2 Winners

Ropin Round 2 Runners Up

Round 2 Runners Up

Round 3 Winners

Round 3 Winners

Need a Ropin’ Dummy in YOUR Back Yard?

Shorty Roping Dummy

You’ll find 4-wheeler roping dummies, Shorty the Steer, and even tabletop roping dummies on our site! Click the picture to shop.

So now you’re probably thinking, Hey, I need one of those roping dummies!

Well, they are a ton of fun. The one you saw is available in green and black. It uses 8 wheels and is real easy to push on a flat floor. We built our own chute-launcher, you can see in the gallery. I bet you could come up with a system that works for your family to use.

The dummy used is a Shorty Dummy by Smart Roping out of Texas. Click here to see all our roping dummies.

You can find LOTS of tack & gear, from jeans and jewelry to stirrups and headstalls, online at

Want to know when our next Dummy Ropin’ Jackpot is? Fill out this form & we’ll let you know!

Valentine Tulle Crafty Blogger Challenge

Crafty Bloggers’ Valentine Tulle Challenge!

- posted by Amy Griffiths

For many of us, we get just about as excited for Valentine’s Day as we do for Christmas.  It’s not so much about the gifts as it is about decorating! Reds, Whites, and Pinks, oh my!

I found some incredible ladies who love it just as much as I do. I call them the crafty bloggers because they are so talented and have their own darling blogs in which they share their ideas and creations with others.

The Challenge

Here’s what I told them: We’ll give each of you 3 rolls of tulle (pink, red, and white of course) and you can be as creative as you want with it. You can use other items but the tulle should be a main supply/focal point used. The trick is to see the fun ways you can use tulle for Valentine’s Day or decorating.

I’ve been so excited to see what they’ve come up with! Ready for the unveiling? Let’s check them out!

The Reveal

Valentine Bunting made of Tulle

Click the image to get step-by-step instructions on how to make a tulle valentine bunting of your own!

Next we’ve got Staci from The Potters-Place.
Valentine's Dinner at Home

Click on the image to find out what she did to create this look.

Last but not least we’ve got Natalie from The Creative Mom.
Valentine Wreath

Click on the image to get a tutorial on how you can make a wreath like this one.

Nice job ladies! Thank you so much for taking the Crafty Blogger’s Valentine Tulle Challenge. I feel even more inspired to get out the tulle and start crafting!

Your Turn

So what about you? What do you think about these projects? Are there any that you want to try? Let me know in the comments below. Send pictures if you try something on your own. I’d love to show them off on our brag board!

You can check out my Valentine’s Project Idea here  to find out how to make this fun, quick, and easy tulle ornament. You get step-by-step instructions that will hopefully help inspire your creative juices to flow as well as the great ideas above.
Valentine's Ornament made of Tulle

If you would like to be a part of our next bloggers’ challenge, leave a comment below. Happy crafting!

Clever Valentine Ideas for Your Sweetheart

Clever Valentine Ideas for Your Sweetheart

- posted by Amy Griffiths

Flowers? Chocolates? That’s so been done. This year give your sweetie something that not only declares your love but that’s clever and useful too. Keep scrolling for our top picks that are bound to bring a smile to his or her face.

His & Hers Giveaways

But first – enter to win these sweet His & Hers Valentines’ Giveaways from us!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Special Gifts for your Sweetheart from Smith and Edwards

What says I love you more than Smith and Edwards gun mugs? Okay, there might be something out there, but you know your Valentine will love these! Tell her, “Shoot, I’d marry you all over again!”
Pink & Black Smith and Edwards Gun Mugs
Find the black one here and the pink one here.

Tell him you couldn’t survive without him with a very cool and high quality survival kit by Ultimate Survival Technology.
Survival Kit by Ultimate Survival Technology
Find more 1st aid kits and supplies here.

Tell her she’s the light of your life with a Lumaspot Rhythm lantern she’s going to love. Not only is it durable and dependable, it comes with color changing LED disco lights with MP3 compatibility. I love this thing!
Color Changing Lumaspot Rhythm Lantern
Find more lighting options here.

If you know your Valentine loves to fish, tell him that out of all the fish in the sea, you’ve made a great catch! Then give him a box of new fishing lures and jigs you know he’ll love.
Fishing Jigs and Lures
Find more fishing tackle and bait here as well as the perfect Smith and Edwards compartment box here.

For the avid outdoorsman, tell him he’s found the way straight to your heart. Then give him a high quality compass like this one from Brunton.
Brunton Trailbuster Compass
Find more compasses here.

To really spice things up, tell her she’s one hot mama and give her some Hot & Spicy jerky seasoning from Nesco. You may want to throw in some Supreme Hot Sauce as well!
Hot & Spicy Jerky Seasoning and Hot Sauce
Find jerky guns here and more seasonings here.

If he’s a good ole western boy, tell him he makes your heart sing and give him some classic western music.
Western Music CD - Michael Martin Murphy
Find more western music CD’s here.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. With this heart mold from Tovolo you can remind him how much you love him all year long.
Heart Baking Mold

You can’t go wrong with a Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet by Sabona® for him or her. When you’ve got a gift this classy, there’s no need to write something clever! The bracelet speaks for itself – top quality, well made, and gorgeous!
Sabona Brackelets for him and her
Find more styles of Sabona® bracelets here. And make sure you entered to WIN one a Sabona bracelet at the top of this post!

Hope this gives you some new ideas for your Sweetheart. Got some clever valentine ideas of your own? Please share them by commenting below. We’d love to hear what you’ve done!

Ranger Cisco Nets at Smith and Edwards

Cisco Fishing Nets are Here!

- posted by Chris Jacobson

It’s coming to Bear Lake, Utah… and it’s the only time this year! Are you ready?

The Bear Lake Cisco Run happens 1 time a year and it’s unique in how you fish for them. And it’s only a couple weeks out of the whole year.

This fish, the famous Bonneville Cisco, can only be found at Bear Lake. During this time, they can be caught by using a dip net from a boat.

(Be careful not to net the Bear Lake MONSTER, though!)

And if you’re participating in the Cisco Disco, a cisco net is a MUST!

Get your Cisco Fishing Net today

Cisco nets are IN at Smith & Edwards!

This Ranger 173 wire smelt net is perfect for Cisco! Get yours before you miss the season.

What’s the Cisco Disco? This year on January 24th, start fishing at sunrise at Cisco Beach on the east side of Bear Lake. There will even be prizes for largest catch of the day!

From now through the first of February, get your chance at a cisco with a cisco net! My Cisco fishing nets just arrived here at Smith & Edwards, I’ve got the Ranger 173 wire smelt net for you here in the Fishing department.

It has a telescoping handle, and an 18″ net perfect for cisco. Plus, it’s got a handle on the bottom so you can empty your catch easily!

Exclusively available in-store at Smith & Edwards (not online), come in & get yours today for just $29.99.

More Information about the Cisco Disco

Click for all the details about the Cisco Disco & Polar Bear Plunge on, and make sure to Like the Bear Lake Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau on Facebook!

Plus – New Lures online

Before you go, check out the new Maniac Lures I just added to our web store. New colors of Gizzybugs, Gizzillas, Cutterbugs, and new Vertigo. Give these jigs a shot and let me know how they work for you.

Get your ice fishing jigs delivered from!

Shiras moose in Utah - Ann Cooper

Utah Hunting Update!

- posted by Rose Marion

We have a lot of hunters as friends here at Smith & Edwards… and when they send us pictures of their hunt we can’t help but brag ’em up!

There are lots of reasons people go hunting…. to enjoy nature, get away from it all, spend time with hunting buddies…. and if you bring home a trophy, that’s the frosting on the cake.

Why do you go hunting?These 4 hunters were lucky enough to bring home some great pictures and great stories, take a look…

Ann Cooper’s Shiras Moose

Shiras moose in Utah - Ann CooperMy husband, Harlan, was able to call this bull in from across a canyon and nearly a mile away. After the first cow call, he came from a patch of aspens and headed down to the creek bottom, where I shot him at 60 yds. with my rifle. He measures right at 40″ wide, and I nicknamed him “Daggers” because of his extremely long front brow tines.

Casing from Shiras moose in Utah - Ann Cooper Shiras moose in Utah - Ann Cooper

Want to hunt in Utah, but not sure how to get started? Our guide to Camo Patterns & Concealment Tips will point you in the right direction!

Steve Russell – Archery Deer

Steve Russell Archery DeerSteve, our Diversified Marine rep, got this nice deer up Little Cottonwood canyon at the Wasatch west unit, the first day of archery, August 16 2014. Nice Steve!

Rod Thompson and Bart Thompson

Rod and Bart both got awesome results from their Wasatch archery hunt…

Bart with his 7x7, archery

Bart with his 7×7, archery

Rod with his 6x7, archery

Rod with his 6×7, archery

Thanks Cheryl Thompson for sending in the pictures!


Your Turn!

Want to see even more pictures? Check out the Smith & Edwards Braggin’ Board here… or better yet, get out there and get a picture for us to post! Send your pictures & stories to

Leave a nice comment below for the hunters pictured… aren’t those nice photos?

Good luck hunters!

NuvoH2O Systems

Salt Free Water Softener: Born in Utah!

- posted by Rose Marion

I love our water softener, but there’s one thing I can’t deal with: 40-pound salt bags. That’s what the honey-do list is for right?

Some folks don’t like soft water though. Getting out of the shower, maybe you get a slimey feeling still like the soap isn’t washed off still. Or maybe you don’t like the way it tastes.

NuvoH2O is a company based out of Kaysville, Utah that has  a solution to make both of us happy! A salt-free water softener that doesn’t have the taste or feel of soft water – just all the benefits.

How NuvoH2O works

The NuvoH2O takes the place of water softening machines 3-4 times its size! Water runs through the unit, coursing through the citrus cartridge. The cartridge allows limescale and other chemicals to run through your pipes and appliances without any buildup or residue – it’ll even clean out the stalactites growing in your hot water heater if you’ve got an older home without a softener.

The citrus cartridges good for 6 months, and they’re even FDA-approved.

NuvoH2O Softener

NuvoH2O can hook right up to your existing pipes.

How to Install the Saltless Water Softener

The NuvoH2O system is only a couple feet tall on the biggest model! So it can attach right to your wall instead of taking up more room by the water heater. A bracket and installation hardware come with the system so you can put it up without having to get more stuff.

If you already have a water softener, you don’t have to call the plumber to switch it out unless you really want to. We have all the parts you need to hook it up.

Here’s how to switch it:

  1. Turn off your main water line.
  2. Cut pipes that are connected to your old water softener.
  3. Remove old system.
  4. Connect new system in-line using shark-bite fittings.

If you need more help, Blaine Taylor our Plumbing & Hardware manager would be happy to help you out! Come in or give him a call at 801-731-1120.

Salt Free Water Softener

Check out how small this system is! This is the home edition Marcus has got his hand on.

To replace the cartridge, just unscrew the top, take out the old one, and pop the new one in. The cartridge is 37 pounds lighter than a bag of salt to dump in your typical water softener!

Nuvo Water softener

Where can you find one?

Smith & Edwards is one of only a handful of stores in Utah carrying the NuvoH2O system because it’s so new to the market!

Well,  actually that’s half true. The fact is Nuvo’s technology has been around for 25 years in the commercial sector, softening water in businesses like restaurants. So it’s just now coming into homes and apartments.

Smith & Edwards is a GREAT place to get your NuvoH2O, too, because not only do we have all the cartridges and plumbing fixtures you need (remember, you don’t need a plumber to hook it up!) …. we also have a $100 INSTANT REBATE through September 30 so you can get a new water softener system at a great savings. All right!

Check out the NuvoH2O & buy replacement cartridges online:

NuvoH2O Rebate

NuvoH2O Systems

Telesteps' Extend Compact Ladder 10s

This Ladder’s Whatever Size You Need!

- posted by Rose Marion

Telesteps' Extend Compact Ladder 10sSpencer from Telesteps came by before the Gun Auction in February to show off the cool ladders made by Telesteps. These are seriously cool ladders!

So what are the issues with regular ladders? They’re bulky, hard to store, hard to pack around. If you’re going camping, bringing a ladder would be nice but it takes up a ton of room. RVing, hunting, photography – and if you’re a home inspector, a contractor, or a farmer –hauling around a ladder isn’t that practical. But a ladder that can shrink up into just about a 2×3 foot space? Now that would be handy!

And that’s what these ladders are – handy.

Here’s a nifty ladder that folds down to be the size of a couple 2x4s:

Folding LadderFolding LadderFolded Ladder

And here’s a stepladder that you could set up in your kitchen – or if you need to, on two different surface heights:

Telescoping Ladder

Live in an apartment? This ladder will tuck away in a closet til next time a lightbulb needs changed.

Folded Ladder

The telescoping ladder retracts with just the press of a single button. There are other telescoping ladders, but you have to collapse each rung, one at a time. Not the case with Telesteps.

Now here’s the most interesting Telesteps ladder: the tactical ladder.

Military Tactical Ladder

Military Tactical LadderMilitary Tactical LadderMilitary Tactical LadderIt’s rugged and most importantly, non-reflective.

This is a Mil-Spec ladder: there are 2 of these per each Humvee in Iraq and Afghanistan.

These ladders aren’t super rigid;they have a lot of sway due to being retractable instead of a solid piece of aluminum. But that doesn’t mean you have to worry. Telesteps makes sure they meet the highest safety standards, including OSHA. If the military uses it, you can probably rest assured it’ll hold up for you too.

Telesteps are made of pure aluminum, not recycled, so you’re standing on fresh new materials that will last you for years.

So what’s so special about a ladder that folds up? Well, these ladders make it easy to store, carry, and use them. And for folks on the go – RVers, home inspectors, and more – that’s exactly what we need!

Telesteps ladder in a barn

Extend the ladder to the right height to get up to the hay you need…

Telesteps ladder folded up on a four wheeler

Loaded and good to go!

See for Yourself

Curious? Check out Telesteps ladders on our website!
Check out Telesteps ladder at Smith and Edwards!