Get Dad What He REALLY Wants This Father’s Day

- posted by Regan Taylor

Dad. A daughter’s first love, a son’s first hero, and a wife’s partner in crime. The protector of the family. The bread holder. That special person you can always call on and depend on when things get complicated.

For all the things dad does, it’s no wonder there’s a day completely dedicated to him. I’ve come up with some unique gift ideas for 6 different types of dads, so no matter what kind of Dad yours is, there is sure to be something he’ll find and love from Smith and Edwards, the country boy store!

For The Family-Loved Fisherman With A Sweet-Tooth

Dad's Emergency Stash

Dad’s Emergency Stash

Pick a tackle box, and fill it with your dad’s favorite treats! Add lures and any other fishing accessories to make it extra special. This pic features the Mitchell 300 Reel, which is a great price during the Father’s Day sale.

Suited For The Style-Startin’ Dad

Perfect dress up outfit!

Dress-Up Outfit

Stetson dress shirts and Ariat jeans are a great pick for a cowboy’s night on the town.

Casual or Work Outfit

Casual or Work Outfit

Carhartt inspired outfit with Merrell hiking boots, and a Kryptek boonie hat for a dad’s hike or hard day’s work outside. Check out our Father’s Day ad below to see what men’s clothing is on sale.

See men’s clothing and men’s workwear here.

Brought Together For The BBQ-in’ Boss

Perfect Grill Set-Up

Perfect Grill Set-Up

HUGE DEAL! The Camp Chef Smokepro Pellet Grill will be on our Father’s Day sale for $299, regularly $369. Fill with your dad’s favorite grillin’ tools and spices. And he’ll love these Smith & Edwards drinking mugs! Get yours online.

Rigged For The Rowdy Ropin’ Cowboy

Roping Essentials

Roping Essentials

Spurs, sunglasses and a ball cap. The green bull, Shorty, is available here online or in-store. Feel like it’s too big? That’s fine. Try The Original Cowboy Toy instead. We also offer new and used ropes. Dad would love a wooden sign – there are dozens to choose from in-store. See more Country gifts here.

Created For The Colossal Camper


A Camper’s Comfort

Make sure dad gets a good night’s sleep in the mountains. This Pacific Crest cot and Northlake sleeping bag are going to be up for grabs for a sweet deal on the Father’s Day ad. Click here to see camping goods online. You’ll also find this man cave sign in our online store!

And last but not least…

The Hunting and Shooting Sports Lover

Springfield 45 XDS

Springfield 45 XDS with laser

This 3.3″ 45ACP Springfield XDS with laser is going to be on sale for $519. The Father’s Day sale ad has cleaning kits and boxes of ammo also included. Gun sold exclusively in store at the Smith & Edwards gun counter. He’s gonna love this!


And don’t forget to add a Range Day punch pass for Dad, he’ll be in heaven all day!


Get your Range Day Ammo Pass!

Get your Range Day Ammo Pass!

So what’s stopping you? Come see us in store or check out what we have online today, and make sure dad knows just how much you appreciate him this Father’s Day!
Smith & Edwards Father's Day 2015 Ad

Country Boy April Fools Prank Ideas

April Fool’s Pranks from the Western Department

- posted by Amy Griffiths

Nobody loves a good joke more than our Western department. They are infamous for their many pranks. Insomuch that when I joined Smith and Edwards I was even warned not to go over there on April Fool’s Day!

So in light of April Fool’s Day coming up I’m going to share with you some of their pranks that you might want to use for your own April Fool’s pranks!

Drop for Drinks

When you bring up the topic of past pranks in the Western department, there is one that seems to be revered over all, even honored. If they had a Hall of Fame prank board, this would be at the top. They call it Drop for Drinks.

For this “game” you need a quarter, a funnel, and what’s a good prank without ice-cold water.

Start by telling your “victim” the rules of the game. Entice him by telling him the loser buys drinks for everyone else. The idea behind the game is that you drop a quarter from your forehead in a funnel that you are holding up in the waist of your pants. When you make it in, you get to step out of the circle. The last one to catch his quarter buys drinks for everyone else. (I realize it sounds like you’d actually have to be drunk to play this game, but truth is, most our guys are water drinkers!)

Everyone gets in a circle and has a “practice round.” When it’s time for your “friend” to take his turn, wait for him to lean back to get his quarter ready. That’s the time to pour ice-cold water down his funnel. But watch out. After the shock wears off you may need to run! Can you picture why this is a Western department favorite?


This next prank they were laughing so hard I couldn’t always understand them! It involves a tarantula, a plastic container, and a co-worker with some serious arachnophobia.

One early morning Shaun came to work with a tarantula in a plastic container. Marty, their fearless leader, made a tarantula look-alike with a sheepskin for the body and dangling leather for the legs – all painted black. They tied it to an unsuspecting, unnamed co-worker’s work apron. (They manufacture leather tack for their wholesale department right here in our store.)

When the man came in to work, Shaun was holding the tarantula in its case, looking around frantically. The co-worker asked what was wrong and Shaun told him that when he came to work that morning there were two tarantulas in that box and now there was only one! You could see the other guy glancing around nervously. He carefully went to his workbench and reached for his apron while still scanning the area anxiously. As he went to put his apron on he saw the tarantula Marty had made dangling off his apron.

Now at this point in the story they are laughing so hard it’s hard to tell what they’re saying.

The poor man couldn’t stretch his arms out long enough to keep that apron away from him as he was screeching and backing up into the middle of the store. (We weren’t open yet so there were no customers to watch the scene, thank heavens!)

He realized it was a joke when he finally noticed everyone laughing. In the words of Marty, “That’s when he started breathing again.”

More Drink Than You Bargain For

The next two pranks show that you should never leave your drink unattended back in the Western department.

Next time you see a fast food drink sitting around, try this favorite trick! All you need is the cup with a straw and lid, a packet of Arby’s sauce (feel free to use Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, or any other sauce you can find), and some tape.

While the owner is gone, take off the lid. Make a small slit in the Arby’s sauce so the straw can just fit through. Secure it to the straw with tape and replace it in the cup with the lid. When he comes back he’ll take a big swig and get a special surprise!

I love this one, but once again, you’ll need your running shoes on!

The Leaky Pop Can

Don’t let Marty get a hold of your pop can, or water bottle, or pretty much anything that you value.

Apparently he likes to use a razor blade to cut a horizontal slit about 1″ down from the rim, right below the drink opening. The “victim” doesn’t realize it’s there and when he drinks he dribbles all over himself!

Oreo Horseradish Cookies

The next three pranks are simply irresistible!

Start by gently taking off the top of your Oreo. Carefully scrape out the middle of the filling, leaving just a thin outer layer. Fill it in with horseradish sauce, or something similar.

Replace the top of your cookie and replace in the Oreo package. Now you are ready to serve your delightfully deceptive treats!

Tabasco Sauce Donuts

This idea is a pretty simple concept that really packs a punch! First you need a box of store-bought donuts. (I suggest maple bars, but only if you’re sharing with me.)

Fill a clean syringe with Tabasco sauce and carefully insert into the middle of some of the donuts. Your “victim” will see you eating donuts, so won’t think twice about it when you offer him a Tabasco-filled one. Watch the pleasure turn to horror when he starts eating!

Chocolate Cupcake Surprise

Here’s a story I’ve heard over and over again. I guess if they prank a manager it goes down in the history books!

One April Fool’s Day Dani decided to buy some chocolate cupcakes from the store and add a little something of her own – black food color. She injected it in the middle of the cupcake with a syringe. (Apparently a pretty handy tool to have back in the Western department!)

Most of the cupcakes were untouched, and everyone was eating them – so when one was offered to our co-worker, he jumped at the chance.

He started realizing there was a problem when he saw black dye on his hands. Too late. His lips and tongue were black the rest of the day!

Raccoon Eye

For this simple prank you just need an ink pad and some binoculars. Ink around the binocular lenses with the pad so that when the unsuspecting wearer looks into them, they leave him with a surprise he won’t notice til someone tells him – or he looks in a mirror.

The guys in Western did this to a co-worker one time and he went most the day with the “ink spectacles” around his eyes before a co-worker from another department told him about it. Not saying it’s nice, just saying it works. Hehehe

Glue Bottle Jump

I call this the Glue Bottle Jump because that’s exactly what I did when they did this to me! You just need an empty glue bottle and some white 1/8″ cotton cord.

Take an empty bottle of glue and clean out the nozzle well. Marty uses a big bottle of Tear Mender because that’s what he uses all the time. Cut a 1/8″ cotton cord about 12″-15″ long and tie a knot at one end.

With the knot on the inside of the lid, insert the other end through the nozzle and make another knot on the open end. Now it is securely in place so it won’t come out. Pull the thread back through the lid so only the knot is showing on the nozzle of the lid. Attach your nozzle back to the bottle.

Marty, the Western department manager is fabulous at telling stories. He leads you up to the prank by showing you some of his work, or how he makes something. Then, when the moment is just right and he is showing you the glue, he’ll squeeze the bottle right at you and watch you jump…..and sometimes yelp. I’ve seen him do this to others and this harmless joke is always fun for a good laugh! Our friend Jeff was the last victim to his prank so we recorded it and you can see it below. Jeff says he doesn’t get scared easily so we’re pretty proud that we got any reaction out of him.

Thanks for being a great sport Jeff!

These are really only the beginning of the pranks and tricks you might find around here in the Western department. Maybe it’ll give you some ideas for April Fools pranks you can use!

Got some fun April Fools pranks of your own? We’d love to hear them! Please share them below.

Love all things Western? Tom teaches us how to tie a honda in this informative and easy-to-understand video. Check it out here!

Click to check out more Western riding gear and accessories at Smith & Edwards!

Valentine Tulle Crafty Blogger Challenge

Crafty Bloggers’ Valentine Tulle Challenge!

- posted by Amy Griffiths

For many of us, we get just about as excited for Valentine’s Day as we do for Christmas. It’s not so much about the gifts as it is about decorating! Reds, Whites, and Pinks, oh my!

I found some incredible ladies who love it just as much as I do. I call them the crafty bloggers because they are so talented and have their own darling blogs in which they share their ideas and creations with others.

The Challenge

Here’s what I told them: We’ll give each of you 3 rolls of tulle (pink, red, and white of course) and you can be as creative as you want with it. You can use other items but the tulle should be a main supply/focal point used. The trick is to see the fun ways you can use tulle for Valentine’s Day or decorating.

I’ve been so excited to see what they’ve come up with! Ready for the unveiling? Let’s check them out!

The Reveal

Valentine Bunting made of Tulle

Click the image to get step-by-step instructions on how to make a tulle valentine bunting of your own!

Next we’ve got Staci from The Potters-Place.
Valentine's Dinner at Home

Click on the image to find out what she did to create this look.

Last but not least we’ve got Natalie from The Creative Mom.
Valentine Wreath

Click on the image to get a tutorial on how you can make a wreath like this one.

Nice job ladies! Thank you so much for taking the Crafty Blogger’s Valentine Tulle Challenge. I feel even more inspired to get out the tulle and start crafting!

Your Turn

So what about you? What do you think about these projects? Are there any that you want to try? Let me know in the comments below. Send pictures if you try something on your own. I’d love to show them off on our brag board!

You can check out my Valentine’s Project Idea here to find out how to make this fun, quick, and easy tulle ornament. You get step-by-step instructions that will hopefully help inspire your creative juices to flow as well as the great ideas above.
Valentine's Ornament made of Tulle

If you would like to be a part of our next bloggers’ challenge, leave a comment below. Happy crafting!

Clever Valentine Ideas for Your Sweetheart

Clever Valentine Ideas for Your Sweetheart

- posted by Amy Griffiths

Flowers? Chocolates? That’s so been done. This year give your sweetie something that not only declares your love but that’s clever and useful too. Keep scrolling for our top picks that are bound to bring a smile to his or her face.

His & Hers Giveaways

But first – enter to win these sweet His & Hers Valentines’ Giveaways from us!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Special Gifts for your Sweetheart from Smith and Edwards

What says I love you more than Smith and Edwards gun mugs? Okay, there might be something out there, but you know your Valentine will love these! Tell her, “Shoot, I’d marry you all over again!”
Pink & Black Smith and Edwards Gun Mugs
Find the black one here and the pink one here.

Tell him you couldn’t survive without him with a very cool and high quality survival kit by Ultimate Survival Technology.
Survival Kit by Ultimate Survival Technology
Find more 1st aid kits and supplies here.

Tell her she’s the light of your life with a Lumaspot Rhythm lantern she’s going to love. Not only is it durable and dependable, it comes with color changing LED disco lights with MP3 compatibility. I love this thing!
Color Changing Lumaspot Rhythm Lantern
Find more lighting options here.

If you know your Valentine loves to fish, tell him that out of all the fish in the sea, you’ve made a great catch! Then give him a box of new fishing lures and jigs you know he’ll love.
Fishing Jigs and Lures
Find more fishing tackle and bait here as well as the perfect Smith and Edwards compartment box here.

For the avid outdoorsman, tell him he’s found the way straight to your heart. Then give him a high quality compass like this one from Brunton.
Brunton Trailbuster Compass
Find more compasses here.

To really spice things up, tell her she’s one hot mama and give her some Hot & Spicy jerky seasoning from Nesco. You may want to throw in some Supreme Hot Sauce as well!
Hot & Spicy Jerky Seasoning and Hot Sauce
Find jerky guns here and more seasonings here.

If he’s a good ole western boy, tell him he makes your heart sing and give him some classic western music.
Western Music CD - Michael Martin Murphy
Find more western music CD’s here.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. With this heart mold from Tovolo you can remind him how much you love him all year long.
Heart Baking Mold

You can’t go wrong with a Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet by Sabona® for him or her. When you’ve got a gift this classy, there’s no need to write something clever! The bracelet speaks for itself – top quality, well made, and gorgeous!
Sabona Brackelets for him and her
Find more styles of Sabona® bracelets here. And make sure you entered to WIN one a Sabona bracelet at the top of this post!

Hope this gives you some new ideas for your Sweetheart. Got some clever valentine ideas of your own? Please share them by commenting below. We’d love to hear what you’ve done!

Easy Valentine Sweetheart Ornament

Easy Valentine’s Craft Idea

- posted by Amy Griffiths

Finished Valentine Photo OrnamentFebruary is right around the corner and you know what that means….Valentine’s Day! I’m a sucker for Valentine’s Day. It’s not so much the presents as it is the colors, decorating, and celebrating those I love.

To share my love for the season I’m going to share an easy Valentine’s craft idea. It’s made with one of my favorite supplies to use…..tulle! It’s so versatile, never loses its shape, and the colors are so vibrant! Adults and kids alike will have fun making these. They are fabulous for 4-H craft projects as well as many other youth groups activities.

Back in December I gave you a peek at this tulle project idea, but in honor of those sweet ones in our lives you now get a step-by-step tutorial. This one is designed for Valentines but it’s a terrific project anytime of year by just mixing up the colors.

Supplies you need:

Supplies for Valentine Craft Project

To begin this project you need to cut:
Eight 6″ pieces of Silver Gray, Flamingo Pink, Pink, and White
Six 6″ pieces of Fuchsia
One 12″ piece of Fuchsia

Measuring the tulle

Let’s get started!

The first thing you’ll want to do is make a loop with one of your 6″ pieces of tulle. Place it outside the ring and thread your ends over the ring, through the loop, and pull. This knot is also known as a Larks Head Knot.

Making a loop

Pulling Ends Through the Loop

Finished Knot

Continue making knots in the pattern of colors you want to use.

Pattern of Finished Knots

I like to make the hanging loop after I’ve tied about half of the knots on the ring. You make this by tying both ends in double knots over the ring. The knot will look different than the others but it blends in beautifully when it’s all done.
Tying the Hanging Loop
Finished Hook Loop

Tie more lark head knots in between your double knots, just like you were doing in the beginning. Continue to follow your original color pattern.

Continuing the color pattern

Finish tying until all your tulle is used and your ring is completely covered. They should fit nice and snug so you can no longer see the ring.

Ring is full of knots

Now is the time that I cut out my picture to place in the ornament. It needs to be about 2.5″ in diameter. You can fasten the photo to the center of your lid with a scrapbooking adhesive, but I prefer without.

Before I insert my picture I like to pull all the knots forward, towards the top of the ring. Then I insert the picture from the back end, pushing the lid in behind it for a nice backing. Not a big deal, but I like the look better when it’s done.

How to Cut Your Picture

You’re almost done! Now all you need to do is “fluff” your tulle. For each knot I pull the ends of the tulle in opposite directions til you are happy with the overall look.

Fluffing Your Ornament

Now that’s a Valentine to be proud of!

Finished Picture of Valentine Craft Project

Now what?

Now that you’ve found a source of inspiration for a project of your own, check out our tulle here for a bigger selection of regular and glitter tulle that will make your projects pop with color. Then send us pictures of your finished projects to so we can show them off!

Come play with us on Pinterest! Follow us to get more creative ideas and be sure to pin this image so your friends can get inspired too. Share the love this Valentine’s Day!
Valentine's Sweetheart Tulle Ornament

Hugs & Kisses!

Discover 13 gifts for the outdoorsy cook at Smith and Edwards!

13 Outdoor Cooking Gifts they’ll Love!

- posted by Rose Marion

Your husband, your sister, your uncle – they’re the type that as soon as the snow melts, they’re planning the getaway.

Whether it’s just a ways out of town or out to Bryce Canyon in the RV, they’ve got nature in their blood.

And the reason you love going with them on their getaway trips isn’t just for the experience of getting out there or the stories & adventures had – but the delicious food with that smoky taste that can only be found by cooking outside.

We know – among the thousands of items we have at Smith & Edwards, the outdoor cooking gear has been flying off the shelves – and also getting sent across the country for gifts through!

There’s just something about a campfire and a cast iron Dutch oven that makes food taste so good. For that special person, here are gifts they’ll LOVE you for giving them this Christmas.

Outdoor Cooking Gifts

Cast iron conditioners and Dutch oven cover and stand
1: Camp Chef Cast Iron Cleaner, $7.99 Get Cast Iron Cleaner online Since you don’t want to put your cast iron in the dishwasher (ever!) just wash your skillet or Dutch oven out after each meal. But food can build up with even careful cleaning. This bottle breaks down food and residue to give your cast iron a good cleaning.
2: Camp Chef Cast Iron Conditioner, $7.99 Get Cast Iron Conditioner online Made from 100% natural oils, this conditioner will season your cast iron, giving it good nonstick and protects it from rust.
3: Dutch Oven Lid Stand, $9.99 Get your Lid Stand – perfect for resting your lid on and even works as a grill if you want to cook scrambled eggs on your lid.
4: Camp Chef Dutch Oven Dome, $29.99 Get your Dutch oven dome online! This dome traps and circulates heat around your Dutch oven. Safe to use on your stove or gas grill, it comes with a heat diffuser, too!

Fire Pit, Steak Brands, and Barbecuing Gloves
1: Mini Steak Branding Irons Get your Mini steak brands online 5.99 each. Great gifts for your family: get everyone’s initials! Make cute 1/2″ tall brands on your steaks, shish kabobs or even wood decorations. Special characters available too! – including star, bar, rocker, and rafter.
2: Steak Brands, 8.99 each Get your BIG steak brands online! Bigger than the mini counterparts, these 1-1/4″ tall brands are the serious way to label your steaks.
3: Fire Pit or Dutch Oven Cooker (Military surplus from WWII!) Get your Fire Pit online – bargain at $12.99
4: Leather Heat Gloves, $14.99 Get your barbecuing gloves online Ideal for Dutch oven cooking, or firepit or chuck wagon cooking in general, this pair of heat resistant gloves will help you keep cooking, even when it gets hot!

So whether they love barbecuing, camping, working the chuck wagon, or tailgating, they’ll have a blast with the outdoor cooking goodies you got them!

And for your brother or sister you know would LOVE to get into backyard or camp cooking…

Gifts for Getting Started with Outdoor Cooking

Gifts to get started backyard cooking

1: Camp Chef Backyard Stove (shown: Pro 60 Deluxe 2 Burner, DB-60D, $179.99) get backyard stoves online! The beauty of backyard stoves is that you can take them practically anywhere – campsites, Scout trips, take it to your cabin, or even – and this is a GEM – do your canning outside on a Camp Chef stove in the summer, so you don’t tax your AC even more! These stoves work great for your Dutch oven cooking outdoors.
2: Spices are a MUST! Starting at $1.49. Get your spices online You’ll find salt-free spices from Flavor Mate as well as J R Watkins premium spices and a huge range of spices and herbs at bargain prices from Spice Time.
3: Cast Iron Skillets Get a skillet online! Starting at $13.99 for an 8″ skillet. Cast iron will give you an amazing sear on your steaks, work like a charm on just about any surface – electric, gas, campfire, or induction – and they’ll last a lifetime.
4: Enamel plates Choose Red, Green, or Blue online Nothing says outdoor cooking like enamelware plates, mugs, bowls, kettles, and silverware! Fun for your camping trip, your cabin, or even your kitchen.
5: Cast Iron Dutch Ovens. Get your Dutch oven online! starting at $26.99. Click here for a fabulous guide to Dutch oven cooking & a great recipe! There are thousands of Dutch oven recipes out there and you’ll be hooked once you start. 12″ is a great size for a small family, 14″ for a large family (or a group of Scouts or hunting buddies!)
Tip: The difference between Dutch ovens with legs & without legs, is, the legs are designed so you can put your Dutch oven in the campfire, directly on the coals. If you have a backyard stove, you’ll want the flat-bottom Dutch oven. You can use both kinds in your kitchen oven at home, just rest the Dutch oven on a cookie sheet.

Hot Dog RoastersThey are sure gonna love the thoughtful outdoor cooking gifts you got them at Smith & Edwards! Hmm, maybe they’ll even make you some yummy Dutch oven apple pie or seared elk steaks as a thank-you!

Remember to grab some hot dog roasters for the kids!

Merry Christmas and good cooking!

***Prices listed good through December 27, 2014.

Last Minute Christmas Ideas

Last Minute Gift Ideas – Under $10!

- posted by Amy Griffiths

It’s getting close. You can almost hear the faint jingle bells from Santa’s sleigh. Are you ready?

If you are anything like me you’ve still got some last minute gifts to look for. There are neighbors, co-workers something for the babysitter, and especially those stockings. Why did we think it was such a good idea to have such big stockings!

Time may be running out but you can still find some really fun gifts that they’re going to love. And all under $10!

Pez Dispensers

Elsa, Olaf, & Anna Pez Dispensers
The kids will go crazy for Pez in their favorite characters. Frozen’s Elsa, Anna, and Olaf along with other favorites like Cars, Toy Story, Rudolf and more will be the hit of the morning. They are only $1.29 each in-store or get the set of 3 Frozen characters of online only for just $3.79 through 12/27/14.

Redneck Repair Kit

The Original Redneck Repair
This clever gift is as humorous as it is useful! On sale now for only $9.99 through 12/27/14. In-store and online


A Display of Poo-Pourri Bottles
Nope. Not a misspelling. This ultra popular gift is the gift that keeps on giving. Sure it brings a chuckle when the gift is unwrapped, but when it’s actually used you’ll be glad you have it and be back for more! Lots of scents to choose from. In-store only

Red Santa Hats

Stuff these Santa hats with Candy!
These are not your ordinary Santa hat! These adorable caps have a velcro closure in the back so you can stuff them with sweet treats, small gifts, or any fun little surprise. They are also a darling decorations just by themselves. You’re not going to believe it. Only $.99 for a set of 4 through 12/27/14!

Fingernail Polish/Makeup Kits

Smith and Edwards' Makeup and Fingernail Polish Sets
We have some darling kits that your girls both young and old are going to love! They’re a great bargain starting at only $3.99 through 12/27/14. In-store only

Mini Branding Irons

Steak Branding Irons
What a fun way to monogram! Don’t think these are just for the kids. Your super stud will start branding everything he owns, starting with his steak with these cool irons. You may not want to turn your back to him for the first week though, to make sure you’re not next! In-store and online for just $5.99-$8.99 through 12/27/14.

Camouflage Bandages

Camo Band-aids
Always a winner, these camo bandages are just what the doctor ordered. My kids actually ask for bandages in their stockings! In-store only


Flashlights at Smith and Edwards
Okay, the idea isn’t new but they are always a favorite. It seems the kids and dad can never get enough, yet they’re never around when we need them!

At Smith and Edwards you’ll be able to find any flashlight you need, with tons to choose from. The mini ones are great for stockings and the kiddos, while dad will really get excited about a mighty King’s Camo Mongo, or maybe something big and bright from Mag-Lite. You just can’t go wrong with a flashlight. Prices start at 2/$5 through 12/27/14. In-store only


Colorful Spatulas from Smith and Edwards
You can never have too many spatulas, especially when they are so pretty! You won’t believe the selection of colors and styles we’ve got. In-store you’ll find 33 colors of this one style alone! You’re sure to find her/his favorite color. In-store and online

Bonus Gift Idea: DIY Tulle Ornament

And for those of you who like to add a personal touch, try out this super easy and inexpensive tulle ornament. All you need is some rolls of 6″ tulle, a regular canning jar ring, a canning lid, and a photo you want to use. That’s it!

Update: Due to requests, I made this project into a tutorial! Click here for the Sweetheart Ornament How-To.

Red, white, and green tulle adorn this Tulle Wreath Photo Frame ornament!
Start by cutting 21 pieces of tulle 8″ long, and one 12″ piece. I used three different colors, so I cut 7 pieces of each.

Hold your ring upside down and make a loop on the back side with your tulle. On the front side, pull your 2 ends through the loop and pull. Both ends should be facing down.

Keep tying your tulle around your ring until it is full. Take your 12″ piece of tulle and tie in a regular knot by the sides of the corresponding color you chose. (Here I used the green, so I tied it right next to the greens so it would blend in.)
Back of the Tulle Wreath Photo Frame ornament showing mason jar lid
Cut your photo just smaller than the canning ring. Glue it to the ring and push it in place from the back.

Ta-da! You’re done. They’ll love it and you’ll want to make more for your tree next year! (Wouldn’t it be darling with cute little Christmas sayings inside all over your tree?!)

You’ll find a terrific selection of glitter and regular tulle at great prices both in-store and online

Hope this gives you some fun last minute gift ideas! May you be able to rest soon, sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of the Christmas season with friends and family.

Simple Christmas Gifts at Smith & Edwards

Simple Christmas Gifts

- posted by Rose Marion

It’s so easy to turn the holidays into stress and chaos! I know a family that had to put a limit on presents for the kids because it turned into a competition for all the aunts and uncles! And another family stopped hosting because it was so challenging accommodating the entire family as it grew – just became too much, especially with the winter travel.

For a lot of people, a simpler, slower pace is ideal for the holidays. That’s what they should be about, anyway – spending real time with loved ones, taking pictures for the scrapbooks, enjoying each other’s company, and celebrating the season.

With none of the stress and running-around that the media tells us we need to get caught up in.

So if you’re looking to have a simple Christmas this year, we’re right there with you. You’ll find frugal and simple Christmas gifts for the most important people in your life at Smith & Edwards in Farr West and

Take a look…

For Him: Carhartt Jackets

Guys, it’s straightforward. You know if you want outdoor or work clothes that hold up for years, you go to Carhartt. So ladies, if you want to give your husband or your father something he can really use, get him a Carhartt jacket.

Carhartt Jackets for men at Smith and Edwards - GREAT prices!Carhartt Quick Duck Jefferson JacketCarhartt jackets are always priced competitively at Smith & Edwards! Jackets range from $79.99 to 119.99. See Carhartt workwear online. Plus, there are also vests and hoodies that will keep him warm, too.

One newer item from Carhartt is the Quick Duck jacket, which is even more repellant than other Carhartt jackets. It has 3M Thinsulate with Rain Defender finish to give him the warmth and durability he loves in his Carhartt clothes…. plus it’s lighter-weight and rain-resistant. Carhartt Quick Duck Jefferson Traditional Jacket, $119.99.

For Her: Kitchen Basics

Some cooks like and welcome help from their guests when they’re cooking for the holidays. Others of us would rather the guests stay in the front room and visit, while we try to calculate the turkey or cry over onions!

If your wife loves to cook but you’d like to make it easier for her, check out these simple but oh-so-valuable kitchen gadgets from Progressive. Each bundle below has essentials that are just beyond the basics but will make her life so much easier.

Super Savings Progressive Kitchen Gadget Gift Set
Super Savings Progressive® Kitchen Gadget Gift Set – see it online

Super Savings Progressive Kitchen Gadget Gift Set
Super Savings Progressive® DELUXE Kitchen Gadget Gift Set – see it online


And, if your daughter is moving out of the house, help her remember the time she spent baking with you with this sweet baking bundle! It’s just $34.99 (online-only!) See the Baking Bundle here.
Red Baking Kit at

For a Home Chef: Seasonings & Fermenting

Whether your Christmas tradition involves a Ham, a Turkey, or if Frosted Cookies are the must-do family tradition, you’ve got to have the right spices, extracts, and of course food coloring on hand!

Get your herbs, salt-free seasoning, vanilla extract, and much more delivered right to your home, no matter how rural your homestead is. See spices online!
Spices and Herbs at

Pickling and fermenting is a fun way to preserve pickles, make sauerkraut, kimchi, and more sour-but-so-good food. For the serious gourmet in your family, or the person who loves finding the results of a months-long project… a pickling crock or fermentation crock set is the perfect gift. is your source for pickling crocks AND the matching weights and lids to get your fermenting start. Plus, we guarantee that your American-made stoneware crocks will arrive in perfect shape – no cracks or broken crocks here! Shop pickling crocks here.
Shop Pickling Crocks and Fermentation Crocks at Smith & Edwards

Simple Gifts for the Kids

It’s difficult not to give your kids everything they hope for! Here are some great simple toys to give your children for Christmas that don’t even take batteries.

Paracord + Buckles: Give your teenagers a fun project to keep them busy over Christmas Vacation: there are hundreds of videos on YouTube showing how to make paracord bracelets, knots, monkey fists, keychains, and so much more!

100-foot hanks of paracord start at just $6.99 at Smith and Edwards and you can find buckles here to go with your paracord bracelets.

Paracord Hanks
Hanks of Paracord (over 150 colors!)
Paracord Buckles
Paracord Buckles

Arrowcopter (in-store only) toys are the flying toy you can spin with your hands! These fun flying toys are a blast on sunny days in the snow. And they start at just $3.99 a package! In-store only.
Kids Arrowcopter ToyWooden rubber band toys & swords are great ways for your kids to use their imagination and creativity! These toys make great gifts and are super-cost-effective: this Jumbo Marshmallow Shooter is only $7.99! Find it online.

Jumbo Marshmallow Slingshot toy

Ty Giraffe Beanie Boo

Gabriel and the 16″ tall giraffe!

Ty Beanie Boos: Every child loves their own special stuffed animal. Ty’s so-adorable Beanie Boos have HUGE glitter-rimmed eyes, cute smiles, and so-soft plush coats.

Available in 6″ – 16″ heights, you’ll find the perfect snuggle buddy for your child. Click here to see Ty Beanie Boos.

For the Family

Have new neighbors? Is this your son or daughter’s first Christmas as a new family with their spouse? Give a thoughtful gift of Food Storage. You’ll fill their pantry with freeze-dried meals that will provide for them, like you have all those years before. Choose from baking mixes, vegetables, and freeze-dried meal pouches they can use in an emergency or on camping trips!

Food Storage Baking Mixes from Honeyville
Food Storage Baking Mixes
Freeze Dried Vegetable Cans from Honeyville Grain
Freeze Dried Food Storage Cans
Freeze Dried Meal Pouches
Freeze Dried Meal Pouches

Wrapping it Up

All Wrapped Up wrapping paper

Bonnie’s fun gift wrap designs…. on PAINT CANS!

When you need wrapping paper for Christmas or any occasion, you’ll find both tulle and locally-produced gift wrap by All Wrapped Up online here and in-store in the Housewares department. This gift wrap is printed in the USA.

All Wrapped Up is based in Layton, Utah. Bonnie’s gift wrap always has fun designs… plus she makes HUGE rolls of wrapping paper – 150 square feet – that will last you for ages!

In fact… check out Bonnie’s great Neighbor Gift ideas with her All Wrapped Up gift wrap from when she stopped in at Smith & Edwards last year!

Bonnie and Leslie with their fun Neighbor Gifts made with paint cans wrapped in All Wrapped Up wrapping paper!

Bonnie and Leslie with their fun Neighbor Gifts made with paint cans wrapped in All Wrapped Up wrapping paper!

Each of these gifts is sure to delight your friends and family – as well as be absolutely useful. You’ll love giving these simple Christmas gifts. We hope we can help make your holidays even better this year!

Happy Holidays!

Pumpkins and Ammo Boxes

Just in: Pumpkins by the Pound!

- posted by Rose Marion

Get your Jack o’Lantern at Smith & Edwards

October’s here and Halloween is right around the corner! Thanks to our local farmers, you can get your pumpkins at Smith & Edwards for just 22 cents a pound!

Pumpkins and Ammo Boxes

You’ll find fun pumpkins right at the front of Smith & Edwards this October!

These pumpkins are locally-grown and from our friends at Pettingill’s. If you come by Smith & Edwards, make sure to hit the fruit stands up Highway 89, there’s still tons of fresh, local produce along the “Fruit Highway”! Pumpkins just 22 cents a pound at Smith & Edwards this October 2014 Pumpkins at the Country Boy Store, Smith & Edwards McCall's Pumpkin Spice Candles

Special Pumpkin Spice Savings!

If you love all things pumpkin spice, stop in: the McCall’s Candle of the Month is Pumpkin Spice! These candles are in the center of the store, past the kitchen goodies near Sporting Goods. What does that mean? It means the 26oz and 16oz Pumpkin Spice candles are 25% off all month at Smith & Edwards! This promotion is good through October 31st, 2014.

Use tissue paper to make fun faces on mason jars!

Fun Halloween Mason Jar Ideas!

- posted by Rose Marion

The people in our Housewares department are ALWAYS full of ideas! That’s why when I saw they are doing a weekly Mason jar idea I HAD to share it with you!

Halloween Mason Jar ideas: Jack O'Lantern Jars Use tissue paper to make fun faces on mason jars!
Place tea lights or battery-operated candles in mason jars for fun decorations. Use tissue paper to create fun Jack o’Lantern faces like ghosts and Frankenstein, then use Mod Podge or glue to glue them to mason jars!

They used a limited edition, green Mason jar to create these fun decorations, but you can use clear ones, too!

You can use Mod Podge or glue to attach tissue paper to the glass jars – OR, you can even use a Sharpie marker to draw on the glass. They glow better when you use tissue paper, we found!

Everyone in Housewares contributed to this Halloween mason jars idea, and Ashley and Melissa put them together.

Nice going, Melissa and Ashley!

Want more Mason Jar ideas?

Mason Jar gift ideas

There are a million and a half fun things to do with Mason jars BESIDES canning… if you’re looking for inspiration, check out Amy’s 7 Super Simple Mason Jar Crafts that Make Great Gifts. Doesn’t she have great ideas? I think it’s something to do with the fact that Amy was in HOUSEWARES before she came to the Web department! Hm…. I think Vickie‘s on to something in her Housewares department, if only she could bottle it…