Snap to Vent by Zigguraut

Brand Spotlight: Snap-to-Vent Dryer Connectors

- posted by Jerica Parker

What is the most frustrating thing about installing your dryer? For me, it’s all the hoses and attachments, and then, getting them to fit in the laundry room without crushing them.

Even more frustrating is how awkward it is to try to lean over your dryer with the hose clamp and screwdriver to install or clean the ventilation hose.

Luckily for you, and for me, Ziggurat Products came up with a solution to our problem. Snap-to-Vent connectors make this job quick and easy!

How the Snap-to-Vent system Works

When pushing your dryer back against the wall, sometimes the hose can be crushed and this prevents necessary ventilation. Both Snap-to-Vent’s products prevent against crushed dryer hoses and are super easy to install.

The best part about Ziggurat Products company is that it’s local, right here in Kaysville, Utah! Check out the Snap-to-Vent 90-Degree and Snap-to-Vent Straight connections on

If your Clothes Dryer vents straight to the duct: Straight Connector

If your dryer duct and wall duct are relatively close together, you will want the Snap-to-Vent Straight design connector. This is an easy connection for installing your dryer, and if you ever need to take it back apart for maintenance or cleaning. Simply pre-connect Snap-to-Vent Straight before you go behind your dryer for installation. Place the snap connector over dryer hose with tines on the inside of the hose. Take the straight and place it so that the tines push against the hose holding the connector tight to the dryer hose. Take the seal ring and either put it around the duct or in the straight and press into the duct until it creates an air tight seal. Easy enough!

If your Clothes Dryer hose has to vent on another wall, use the 90° Elbow

The Snap-to-Vent 90-degree Elbow connection helps to avoid smashing your hose by connecting the hose at a 90-degree angle to your dryer. It comes with easy instructions: Pre-assemble the hose to the snap connector and the snap connector into the 90-degree elbow and snap together. Take the seal ring and pre install onto dryer or wall duct and press the 90 elbow into the dryer duct or wall duct. And voila! The elbow connector can push right up against the wall and still keep your hose protected and working how it should.

Having a clean and clear vent reduces the risk of fires and improves the efficiency of your dryer. With no tools necessary and less time and confusion during installation, how could you not love Snap-to-Vent!

360 Electrical Surge Protectors at Smith & Edwards

Brand Spotlight: 360 Electrical – It’s Electric!

- posted by EmmaLee Sessions

Tangled cords can give you a headache. Whether it’s your phone charger, your laptop cords, or a curling iron, tangled cords gets really annoying. 360 Electrical is an innovative company with a solution… and we carry their products right here at Smith and Edwards.

360 Electrical started in 2005 with a desire to make things better. It’s privately owned by a Utah native right here in Salt Lake City. Her creative genius has changed the way we look at electrical outlets.

The Meaning of 360

The power cords made by 360 Electrical feature a unique swivel feature. The design allows the electrical outlet to spin freely as a cord gets twisted. Your cord is able to unwind as it’s twisted, thus reducing the amount of tangling your cord can do.

The swivel feature also allows cords to travel to any location in a room with minimal strain on the prongs.

Have a charger that doesn’t fit next to other cords on a power strip? With the Powercurve power strip, you can swivel the outlet so they’ll fit neatly!

360 Electrical Powercurve Surge Protector & USB Charger

360 Electrical Powercurve Surge Protector & USB Charger

Not only has 360 changed our perception of traditional outlets, but they have also changed our vision of modern technologies. Many of their power cords feature USB ports for cell phone chargers, too.

Use the 360 Electrical Powercurve Mini to bring more outlets to the coffeeshop!

Whether you need one outlet or several outlets, 360 Electrical has you covered!

What’s in Store

Smith and Edwards carries several of 360 Electrical’s products. Keep your electronics safe from power surges with the 4-outlet REVOLVE and 6-outlet Powercurve.

360 Electrical REVOLVE Surge Protector - 4 Outlets

Power your blow dryer, flat iron, his razor, and have an outlet to spare!

The 4-outlet Adapter is perfect for standard outlets in your bedroom or bathroom. The PowerCurve Mini and PowerCurve 7-Outlet plugs are equipped with two 1-amp USB chargers and are surge protected as well.

How We Can Help

Whatever your power needs may be, you can find a solution right here at Smith and Edwards. Shop these great products in store or check them out right here on! We’ve got what you need and are here to help with all of your electrical needs.

Check out the new line of Hangman Products at Smith & Edwards!

Brand Spotlight: Hangman Products

- posted by EmmaLee Sessions

Smith and Edwards is continuously growing and expanding in our business, and that includes working with new manufacturers and carrying new brands.

Recently, we have added Hangman® Products to our store! There are a few reasons for YOU to be as excited about these products as we are.

Hangman® Products make your Walls Happy!

Hangman Products are perfect for hanging pictures and other wall art. Hangman also carries products to hang your electronic devices, such as the Wallsaver Speaker Hanging Kit and No Stud TV Hanger.


Hangman Speaker Mount Kit

Hangman TV Mount

Hangman TV Mount Kit

We know that you’ll love these Hangman products! With a motto of “Hanging solutions for everyday needs,” they are perfect for organized people. They can even help the unorganized person become organized, too!

Hangman wall organizer

Hangman Wall Organizer

Where to get American Hangman Products

Hangman® Products is an American hardware company that makes most of their products right here in the USA. They are made with quality and care for their customers.

You’ll find Hangman® Products on aisle 40 by the Rope Room at Smith & Edwards off I-15 off exit 351 in Ogden, Utah, as well as right here on our website.

Check out Hangman Products, now at Smith & Edwards!

Check out Hangman® on Instagram and their Pinterest boards for even more inspiration!

NuvoH2O Systems

Salt Free Water Softener: Born in Utah!

- posted by Rose Marion

I love our water softener, but there’s one thing I can’t deal with: 40-pound salt bags. That’s what the honey-do list is for right?

Some folks don’t like soft water though. Getting out of the shower, maybe you get a slimey feeling still like the soap isn’t washed off still. Or maybe you don’t like the way it tastes.

NuvoH2O is a company based out of Kaysville, Utah that has a solution to make both of us happy! A salt-free water softener that doesn’t have the taste or feel of soft water – just all the benefits.

How NuvoH2O works

The NuvoH2O takes the place of water softening machines 3-4 times its size! Water runs through the unit, coursing through the citrus cartridge. The cartridge allows limescale and other chemicals to run through your pipes and appliances without any buildup or residue – it’ll even clean out the stalactites growing in your hot water heater if you’ve got an older home without a softener.

The citrus cartridges good for 6 months, and they’re even FDA-approved.

NuvoH2O Softener

NuvoH2O can hook right up to your existing pipes.

How to Install the Saltless Water Softener

The NuvoH2O system is only a couple feet tall on the biggest model! So it can attach right to your wall instead of taking up more room by the water heater. A bracket and installation hardware come with the system so you can put it up without having to get more stuff.

If you already have a water softener, you don’t have to call the plumber to switch it out unless you really want to. We have all the parts you need to hook it up.

Here’s how to switch it:

  1. Turn off your main water line.
  2. Cut pipes that are connected to your old water softener.
  3. Remove old system.
  4. Connect new system in-line using shark-bite fittings.

If you need more help, Blaine Taylor our Plumbing & Hardware manager would be happy to help you out! Come in or give him a call at 801-731-1120.

Salt Free Water Softener

Check out how small this system is! This is the home edition Marcus has got his hand on.

To replace the cartridge, just unscrew the top, take out the old one, and pop the new one in. The cartridge is 37 pounds lighter than a bag of salt to dump in your typical water softener!

Nuvo Water softener

Where can you find one?

Smith & Edwards is one of only a handful of stores in Utah carrying the NuvoH2O system because it’s so new to the market!

Well, actually that’s half true. The fact is Nuvo’s technology has been around for 25 years in the commercial sector, softening water in businesses like restaurants. So it’s just now coming into homes and apartments.

Smith & Edwards is a GREAT place to get your NuvoH2O, too, because not only do we have all the cartridges and plumbing fixtures you need (remember, you don’t need a plumber to hook it up!) …. we also have a $100 INSTANT REBATE through September 30 so you can get a new water softener system at a great savings. All right!

Check out the NuvoH2O & buy replacement cartridges online:

NuvoH2O Rebate

NuvoH2O Systems

Telesteps' Extend Compact Ladder 10s

This Ladder’s Whatever Size You Need!

- posted by Rose Marion

Telesteps' Extend Compact Ladder 10sSpencer from Telesteps came by before the Gun Auction in February to show off the cool ladders made by Telesteps. These are seriously cool ladders!

So what are the issues with regular ladders? They’re bulky, hard to store, hard to pack around. If you’re going camping, bringing a ladder would be nice but it takes up a ton of room. RVing, hunting, photography – and if you’re a home inspector, a contractor, or a farmer –hauling around a ladder isn’t that practical. But a ladder that can shrink up into just about a 2×3 foot space? Now that would be handy!

And that’s what these ladders are – handy.

Here’s a nifty ladder that folds down to be the size of a couple 2x4s:

Folding LadderFolding LadderFolded Ladder

And here’s a stepladder that you could set up in your kitchen – or if you need to, on two different surface heights:

Telescoping Ladder

Live in an apartment? This ladder will tuck away in a closet til next time a lightbulb needs changed.

Folded Ladder

The telescoping ladder retracts with just the press of a single button. There are other telescoping ladders, but you have to collapse each rung, one at a time. Not the case with Telesteps.

Now here’s the most interesting Telesteps ladder: the tactical ladder.

Military Tactical Ladder

Military Tactical LadderMilitary Tactical LadderMilitary Tactical LadderIt’s rugged and most importantly, non-reflective.

This is a Mil-Spec ladder: there are 2 of these per each Humvee in Iraq and Afghanistan.

These ladders aren’t super rigid;they have a lot of sway due to being retractable instead of a solid piece of aluminum. But that doesn’t mean you have to worry. Telesteps makes sure they meet the highest safety standards, including OSHA. If the military uses it, you can probably rest assured it’ll hold up for you too.

Telesteps are made of pure aluminum, not recycled, so you’re standing on fresh new materials that will last you for years.

So what’s so special about a ladder that folds up? Well, these ladders make it easy to store, carry, and use them. And for folks on the go – RVers, home inspectors, and more – that’s exactly what we need!

Telesteps ladder in a barn

Extend the ladder to the right height to get up to the hay you need…

Telesteps ladder folded up on a four wheeler

Loaded and good to go!

See for Yourself

Curious? Check out Telesteps ladders on our website!
Check out Telesteps ladder at Smith and Edwards!

Potted Flowers

Add Color to your Garden with These Flowers

- posted by Rose Marion

What’s your favorite thing about spring?

Is it getting away from the snow & frost in favor of 60- and 70-degree weather? Buds and new growth on the trees? Hearing birds returning and singing in the morning? Starting to be able to get on the water and fish again?

I’ve been so lucky – not having a garden I’m proud of yet, I’ve gotten to enjoy the huge variety of flowers here every day at Smith & Edwards. It’s been a beautiful spring here at Smith & Edwards with the amazing flowers at the store entrance!

White Alyssum

White Alyssum

White pansies

White pansies

Golden Fleece Dahlberg Daisies

Golden Fleece Dahlberg Daisies

Yellow Potted Dahlinova Hypnotica flowers

Yellow Dahlinova Hypnotica

Dahlberg daisies and alyssum

Dahlberg daisies and alyssum

Calibrachoa in hanging baskets

Little Calibrachoa flowers in hanging baskets

Petunia hanging baskets and a bird bath

Petunia hanging baskets and a bird bath… with a friend!

Orange Begonias in a Hanging Basket

Orange Begonias in a Hanging Basket

Purple Petunias getting a drink

Purple Petunias getting a drink



White Fuchsias in hanging baskets

White Fuchsias in hanging baskets

Pretty red and pink geraniums

Pretty red and pink geraniums

Geraniums and more flowers at Smith & Edwards

Geraniums and more plants

Colorful Calibrachoa in hanging baskets

Colorful Calibrachoa in white, lavender, lemon, and cranberry

"Supertunias" in hanging baskets

Purple “Supertunias” in hanging baskets

Sizzler Pink Salvia

Sizzler Pink Salvia

Sundial Yellow Portulaca

Sundial Yellow Portulaca

Cute white Dahlberg Daisies

Cute white Dahlberg Daisies

Pink flowers in hanging baskets

Pink “supertunias” in hanging baskets

Potted Flowers

Potted Geraniums and Dahlinova Hypnotica (peach-colored)

Dahlinova Hypnotica

Purple Alyssum

Purple Alyssum

Strawberries growing in Hanging Baskets

Strawberries growing in Hanging Baskets


Bronze Leaf White Wax Begonias

Bronze Leaf White Wax Begonias

White Begonias

White Begonias

Sweet William

Sweet William

Sweet Williams  and Alyssum on Handy Bucket Builder racks

Sweet Williams and Alyssum on Handy Bucket Builder racks

(Told you we used the Handy Bucket Builders for holding flowers!) :)

Asparagus Ferns

Asparagus Ferns

These Wishbone Flowers look like little snapdragons!

These Wishbone Flowers look like little snapdragons!



Flowering marigolds

Flowering marigolds


Orange and Crimson Celosia

Orange and Crimson Celosia

Kimono Orange Celosia

Kimono Orange Celosia

Orange begonias in a hanging basket

All of these flowers have been chosen to thrive in our climate. You’ll get hardy Utah garden flowers that will bloom this year (annual) or year after year (perennials)… and not to mention trees and veggies! Check out the online USU’s Extension Office for more information on Utah flowers.

Tomatoes in the sun

We have several types of tomatoes this year!

Smith & Edwards tomatoes

This one’s a winner! We’ve got Better Boy, Beefsteak, and made-for-Utah Hamson DX 52-12 varieties of tomatoes this year!

And not just tomatoes: you’ll also find 4 types of cucumbers and also pumpkins and squash ready for you to take home and plant.

(And you’ll find TONS of seeds for all kinds of flowers, herbs, and veggies – both hybrids and heirloom seeds – inside Smith & Edwards, as well as everything you need to start them indoors!)

Corkscrew Willow trees

Corkscrew Willow trees

You'll find a huge variety of maple trees at Smith and Edwards

You’ll find a huge variety of maple trees at Smith and Edwards this year: Autumn Blaze, Crimson King, Norway, and Lace Leaf Maples.

Quaking Aspen trees and hanging baskets

Quaking Aspen trees and hanging baskets

Splendens with beautiful leaves

Splendens with beautiful leaves

Striking leaves also on these Wizard Mix Coleus

Striking leaves also on these Wizard Mix Coleus

Decorate your porch with this flighty hummingbird ornament!

Decorate your porch with this flighty hummingbird ornament!

Gardening and Watering tools in every color

Gardening and Watering tools in every color

Garden Markers

Garden Markers

Fun garden ornaments

Fun garden ornaments

Come in and see our Garden Center at Smith and Edwards!

Come in and see our Garden Center!

What’s the best time to pick up your flowers at Smith & Edwards? We start getting pansies as soon as we can, around March every year, and then you’ll find more and more flowers with a huge selection of flowers, tomatoes, trees and fruit trees, and much more by Mother’s Day.

I’ll be bringing some home to kick start my own garden this year!

Tell me – what flowers are your favorite in the spring? Leave your favorite in the comments below!

How to Plant a Garden

- posted by Rose Marion

Today we had students from Weber High School’s FFA Agricultural Education program come and help us teach Plain City Preschoolers how to plant a garden! Two classes of preschoolers got to plant their own pansies for free, as well as tour the store and have a bunch of fun collecting treats (click to see pictures).

Since they were so good at helping plant flowers – and they happen to be in a Plant & Soil Science class – I asked Lindsey, Zeanne, Devin, and Bryan for their tips on how to plant a garden. And they sure had good information!

Mr. David Shaffer and Lindsey, Zeanne, Devin, and Bryan at Smith and Edwards

Bryan, Devin, Zeanne, and Lindsey with Mr. David Shaffer, Weber High School Plant & Soil Science teacher – thanks for your help!

What’s it Take to Plant a Garden?


You just need some basic tools to plant a garden: a shovel, trowel, gloves, and a sprinkler or sprinkler system are about the basics. There are some more sophisticated pieces of equipment we’ll get to in a moment!

Aside from tools, you’ll also need soil, of course, seeds or established plants, and sunlight.


How much work is a garden? Well, when you taste that first tomato or arrange your first big bouquet of flowers all from your garden, it’ll seem like hardly any work at all.

But, you will want to set aside about 2-4 hours a week to keep your garden in its best shape. you’ll want to Inspect your garden every day, looking for wilting, dead growth, holes in your fence. Then each week, Prune any plants that are growing out of place or have dead branches. Water your plants as they need it – remember in the summer, morning is the best time of day to water. And Weed your garden! Turning a blind eye this week can cause an invasion next week. Get out there and protect the hard work you’ve done already by spending a little time each week going after those weeds. Last but not least, Harvest the fruits of your labor!

Know your Plants

Make sure you read the information about the plants you choose. It’ll tell you how much you need to water, and what amount of sun the plant needs. This is important!

There are 2 key things that determine how much you need to water.

  1. The plant’s needs
  2. Your soil

After you address those, then you can factor in the weather, temperature, and climate.

What do you Plant – and Where?

How do you choose what to plant together? The Weber High students had great ideas here. You’ll want to plant like with like for the best health of your garden. For example, plant cool season crops together, like lettuce and cabbage. Then plant legumes and wax beans together, and then tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers.

Then the next year, you can rotate your crops (it’s not just for large-scale farming!) – even flowers can be rotated.

Why rotate crops? It’s a smart thing to do – really! There are 2 big benefits.

First, each of the types of plants uses the soil in a different way. Some draw on a particular nutrient, and others enrich the soil, like legumes will add nitrogen. This means you’ll have a richer soil, will be able to fertilize less, and if you have dry or poor soil to start with, this will be a great way to enrich your soil.

The other reason to rotate your crops is to stay ahead of diseases and pests.

Bonus: Did you know Marigolds are great for repelling pests?

How to use Fertilizer

Fertilizer is a way of delivering plants the nutrients they need to grow, beyond what they get from soil, sunlight, and water. The big 3 nutrients you’ll find on every bag of fertilizer are Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium.

When should you fertilize? Wait until your seeds and plants have germinated and start growing. Then you can add the fertilizer of your choice, be it from a box or from a bag of chicken manure.

Remember, this is just adding to the nutrients your plants are already getting from the soil. If you’re going to add fertilizer, use it in moderation.

Just like we as humans don’t grow or thrive if we eat too much of a good thing, your plants may not grow properly if they get too much fertilizer. You’ll get the hang of a good balance by adding a little at a time.

Tip: Do you mow your lawn and collect the clippings in a bag? Mulch up those clippings and mix them into your soil in the spring. This will infuse your soil with a ton of nitrogen. You could even reduce fertilizing your lawn from 4 times a year to just 3 times by spreading mulched grass clippings over your lawn!

Here’s that sophisticated equipment we were talking about: You can rent a mulcher, or get a mulching lawnmower that will chop up grass clippings and lay it on your lawn, doing all the work for you. But, you’d want to make sure you don’t get thatch, which is a thick buildup of mulch, sitting on your lawn. That’s because thatch will cause a shallow root base in your lawn, and insects will start to live in the thatch. To prevent that, you can get a dethatcher and an aerating machine and break up the thatch and aerate the lawn.

How to Protect Your Garden

A white picket fence seems like the finishing touch on your “perfect garden.” But let’s make sure to pick the right fence!

There are several reasons for having a fence: keeping animals like deer and rabbits out, and keeping your garden contained. Before you set your heart on a vinyl or wooden fence that blocks out the neighbors, remember this: the best gardens have fences you can see through.

Why’s that? Well – and we’re not advocating a chain link fence – you need to give your garden as much sun as possible. Barricading the sun along the edges of your garden creates shade, which means your plants won’t be producing as much as they could – in fact, full sun plants will grow slim and try to spread and stretch when they’re in the shade, rather than growing hearty vegetables, fruits, or flowers for you.

Blossoming trees at Smith and Edwards

I mean, the chain link fence suits us just fine, but you may have a different aesthetic

One great recommendation the Weber High students had was chicken wire. Whichever kind of fence you have, take a weekend and run chicken wire along the bottom of it. And not just above the dirt! Dig down and place that chicken wire under the fence and tamp the dirt back down on top of it. This will help stop the rabbits from burrowing into your beautiful garden!

Where to start?

Utah has a great climate for growing all sorts of plants! Strawberries, Cucumbers, Pumpkins, and Squash all do really well here and will give your family great food throughout the summer.

And don’t forget tomatoes! Tomatoes grow really well in Utah. In fact, Utah State developed a special tomato specifically for Northern Utah, called Hamson DX 52-12 (catchy, right?). It’s a flavorful tomato, with medium juice, that’s great in a BLT.

Bonus Tips: Using a Greenhouse to Extend Growing Season

Start seedlings in a greenhouse – the frost can still get plants well into spring, so protect them and start them in the greenhouse, then transplant them to your garden beds when they’re ready.

You can even keep your trees and tomatoes growing all year by keeping them in a greenhouse, too! While your plants won’t get as much sun, you can control that environment. This means you can control the amount of moisture and even CO2 in the greenhouse. You can also hang UV lights to help the plants grow. While some plants may not flourish in a greenhouse, it’s a great way to either start your plants early or keep them producing year-round while there’s snow on the ground in January.

Just make sure to keep your greenhouse plants in pots, because transplanting flowers or trees once or twice isn’t too hard on plants – but every move is added stress on the plant. So rather than planting a tomato or tree for the summer, keep it in its pot and move the pot outside in the spring, and back in the greenhouse for the winter.

Have questions or success stories about your garden? Leave a comment below!

About Weber High’s FFA Program

The FFA program (Future Farmers of America) is part of Weber High School’s Career & Technical Education (CTE) program. 10th through 12th graders are offered two Pathways, Horticulture or Animal Sciences, which students can use to prepare for their careers – not just in production agriculture, but landscaping, veterinarian sciences, and even government careers including the Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife Resources, and more.

Big thanks again to Mr. David Shaffer and Lindsey, Zeanne, Devin, and Bryan from Weber High School!

Do you know of a preschool that would love to plant flowers and have a fun time at Smith & Edwards? Call 801-731-1120 or email This is a free program and your kids will love it!

8 fun Chalk Paint ideas!

8 Fun Chalkboard Paint Ideas

- posted by Rose Marion

Chalkboard paint is a hot home decorating secret! It’s all over Pinterest.

Chalk and blackboards go together – but you don’t have to be limited to black paint! With our Valspar paint line, we can color match your paint, swatches, or color scheme, and mix you up a pint, quart, or gallon of the chalkboard paint you want!

At the Make & Take we had at the Smith & Edwards Paint Department last Saturday, you could paint your own 12×12″ board with chalk paint to take home and demo on your walls…. or let your kids try out what they want in their room!

Girls trying out chalk paint at Smith and Edwards

Taylor, Jaycee, and Payton painting their own Chalk Paint boards at Smith & Edwards

Plus, we had samples of awesome FrogTape Shape Tape to create patterns. This Frog Tape is like painter’s tape gone to art school. No more plain lines – now you can make scallops, zig zags, and ruffles in PERFECT precision.
Frog Tape Shape Tape
And this tape is really good at preventing bleed-through so you have crisp contrast, not little droplets showing through.

Revealing the waves under the Shape Tape Frog Tape

Look at those waves!

So thanks to the great creative ideas from the crafters who came to our demo, and the crafty people in our Paint department, here are 8 fun chalkboard paint ideas you can try at your home. Try doing two-tone, too! These aren’t all home improvement ideas, either – these are great ideas for a family activity, hosting sleepovers, or birthday parties, too.

8 Fun Chalkboard Paint Ideas

1. Chalkboard Paint Pixie Dust Container

Pixie Dust Chalk Container
Does your 4-year-old need cheering up on a rainy day? She’d love to play with this Pixie Dust container! It could have anything in it – maybe even T-Rex Growth Potion for your dino-minded boy. Just take an aluminum container, punch holes in it (hammer and a nailpunch, or a Dremel), and then a coat of chalk paint. Works great for making pretend sprinkle jars for playing house, too!

2. Chalk Paint Spice Jars (or Sprinkle of Awesome)

Much like pixie dust containers, simply paint Chalk Paint on your glass spice jars to label them. When you use all the spices, rinse them out and write the new spice on it.
Chalk Paint Spice Jar
Remember, we can mix up your chalk paint in any color – so we can match your kitchen accent color, trim, or favorite plates!

This would be so cute for giving jams in Mason jars, or for your flour & sugar bins!

3. Chalk Paint Flowerpot

Chalk Paint Flower Pot
Label the seeds you’re starting in your flowerpot by laying down some chalkboard paint on a terra cotta pot. Or, if you’re like me, remind yourself how often to water your plants!

4. Chalk Paint Doorknob Hangers

Chalk Painted Door Hanger at Smith & Edwards

Boys Stay Out!

These are great for your middle schoolers! Take a wooden doorhanger blank and your kids can paint them in their favorite colors. Boys keep out!

5. Chalk Paint Clipboard

Out of all those on the list, Smith & Edwards is most likely to have #3

Kids can have fun making ….creative grocery lists! Y’know, we might have #3, let me go check in the back.

Future architects will have fun planning their Lego structures with the help of a clipboard. No more looking for scrap paper: they can sketch blueprints right on the board.

Look at that cool pattern on the back made with Frog Tape shapes!
Scallop Frog Tape Shape Tape Patterns on Clipboard
We’ve got clipboards right here for you in the store.

6. Kid’s Chalkboard Tray for Car Rides

Better than an Etch-a-Sketch, encourage your children’s love for drawing with an aluminum tray painted in their favorite color. The raised sides will keep the chalk from rolling off. They can help you keep track of groceries, draw maps, play hangman with their brother, and practice writing.
Aluminum tray with Chalk Paint

This is a 12×9 aluminum cookie sheet that Brenda painted with a mauve chalk paint. Let your kids play on the board with chalk in the back seat, and a slightly-damp paper towel works great to erase the chalk.

7. Swatch for Painting with Chalk Paint

Chalk paint sample swatch
Thinking of painting a wall, toy chest, treehouse, or trim with chalk paint? How about using Frog Tape Shape Tape in your room? Take a 12×12″ board like the ones we have and try it out.

8. Kitchen Chalk Noteboard

Keep the family on track with a wooden noteboard painted with chalk paint!
Chalk Paint Bulletin Board
Take it one step further with scrapbooking paper and you can have a framed noteboard.

Excited? Come on in to Smith & Edwards’ Paint department and we’ll mix you up any color of chalk paint you like to take home with you!

And we’ll have to do another demo day sometime – it was sure fun!
Chalk Paint and FrogTape Shape Tape Demo at Smith and Edwards

Bonus: Chalk Paint Furniture

Speaking of what to do with this fun paint… How about furniture? We’ve heard of folks painting an old desk – the entire desktop! Maybe your kitchen table or your old desk have some chips in it, or just could use a touchup. Or how about the kids’ table?

To paint a desk: Just put some chalk paint down (you could mix baking soda in it first for extra texture). Then when the paint’s dry, rough it up some with fine sandpaper to give it an antiqued look, and buff it with beeswax (we recommend Johnson’s or Howards Beeswax, we’ve got them on aisle 17) to seal it.

Then the kids can use chalk to play and draw! Or how about writing their names and drawing their own placemats right there on the kitchen table?

The chalk paint you want – in the right color, for the right price

We’ve seen chalkboard paint going for as much as $35 a quart – we’ll beat that price by 33%. Brenda got a quart of the blue paint that she’s used on several projects. She’s been painting and painting with it and she’s still got most of it left! So just a quart of this will last you a long ways.

You don’t have to paint a whole room with chalk paint. It’s best in small, special areas.

Looking even more ideas? Check out some REALLY inventive ideas at – including chalkboard pumpkins!

Amazing Chalk Paint Make and Take at Smith and Edwards
Remember we can make you up chalk paint in ANY color, so bring in your ideas, Pinterest boards, or paint swatches and let us help you get the chalk paint you’re looking for at Smith & Edwards’ Paint Department off I-15 in Farr West, Utah.

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Clark and Kensington paint palettes at Smith and Edwards

Rejuvenate your Home with new Paint Palettes!

- posted by Rose Marion

Lots of hardware and home improvement stores have paint departments with all those wonderful rainbows of paint chips.

If you’re building your own home, starting to personalize your new house, or finally getting around to touching up after the kids have flown the nest – you know how important those color swatches are, and how much time you can spend with them!

Picking Paint Palettes

One of my favorite things to do when I’m trying to pick paint colors – it’s a long-term decision! – is go to Pinterest and search for paint color palettes and inspiration. I love the colors people have already put together – much better than trying to hope the colors I choose will play nicely together!

And you know what? The paint counter at Smith & Edwards has several color palettes already created in gorgeous combinations with paint chips right in the palette! You’ve got to come in and see them! Take home a sample and tack it to the wall so you can visualize how your living room would look in a brand new coat of paint.

Valspar color trio palettes at Smith & Edwards

Smith & Edwards’ new Valspar color trio palettes

Clark and Kensington paint palettes at Smith and Edwards

Clark+Kensington paint chips, top, and room color paint palettes

Perfect "mood" palettes from Clark and Kensington at Smith & Edwards

Perfect “mood” palettes from Clark and Kensington

This one’s my favorite – I’m picking colors for our living room and dining room, and this is what I’m settled on: a vanilla-cream on the walls, and white trim. Look at the great options I can use for accents!

Yellow color palette from Clark and Kensington at Smith and Edwards for Rose's living room

Plus I can take this palette when I’m shopping for bookshelves, choosing photos to hang on the walls, and picking out our new couch to make sure everything complements the room.

Smith & Edwards Paint Department gets a Makeover!

These new color palettes are just a tiny part of the big changes in our paint department! That’s right, after years of helping thousands of Utah homeowners improve their home’s appearance – we’ve gotten a makeover, too!

Check out the amazing new lighting – much easier to see true colors and match paints:
(old and new paint counter)

Old Paint Department at Smith & Edwards


Smith & Edwards Clark+Kensington Paints

Smith and Edwards Paint Studio

Smith and Edwards Valspar Paints

It’s so bright and clean… we love it! How about you?

The reason for our remodel? We’ve brought in a new line of paint, Valspar, which is a premium paint. It’s got amazing pigments that give you brighter, more vibrant color!

Valspar comes in 2 grades. Aspire is a mid grade paint that’s similar to Clark+Kensington and is pretty durable. Optimus is the high-end Valspar paint and primer, and it’s incredibly durable. You can clean lipstick off flat Optimus without leaving a trace! – and it has great coverage.

Valspar Paints at Smith & Edwards

Randy, our Paint department manager, will be happy to help you pick the perfect grade of paint!

And because they’re part of the same family, we can exactly color-match Valspar to Clark+Kensington and Ace Royal paints you’ve already got at home.

Clark + Kensington was recently rated #1 among leading paint brands by Consumer Reports. So you know you’re going to get the best paint for your project here at Smith & Edwards!

Sample Paint Pints

Here’s something more you can do than just tack that color palette up on your wall. Just tell us what colors you’d like to test drive, and we’ll mix them up for you and set you up with sample pints of Valspar or Clark+Kensington paint for just $4.99.

Sample Paint Pints at Smith and Edwards

That way you can really get a feel for how the colors will affect the mood of the room, how they’ll enhance your furniture and cozy or freshen the feel of the space. You could get a sheet of chipboard and mock up what the room would look like – that way you get a much better idea than just 3″ paint chip swatches.

And while we’re probably the only ones who are excited about this, we’ve also got new displays and signage to match our new modern look! It’s like getting new sconces for us – aren’t they amazing?

New paint department signs at Smith & Edwards

(we think so!)

And since a lot of gluing seems to happen whenever there’s remodeling, we collected all our glues and plopped them right next to the paint so they’re easy to find. From E6000 to wood glues and of course Gorilla Glue, you’ll find the glue your projects need.

Every type of glue you need is at Smith & Edwards!

Come on in & visit!

And just wait… there is something exciting that Randy and the paint department can do with Valspar paints that they’ve never been able to do before! Come in and ask them about it, or wait to see the in-store demo we’ve got coming up in 2014. (Hint: it’s something to do with chalk!)

So come on in to Smith & Edwards and check out our huge range of paints and colors for home inspiration. The Paint department is just past the main entrance around aisles 19-23. Randy and Brenda can’t wait to help you find and match the perfect hues for your living room, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen!

Smith and Edwards Paint Dept will get you the results you want!

Come on in and let’s pick out your colors!

Dyson Animal Complete vacuum meets confetti at Smith and Edwards

Dyson Vacuum Demo: Animal Complete DC41

- posted by Rose Marion

If you came in the store today, between 11:00-3:00, you could’ve gotten a great deal on Dyson Vacuums! We had special pricing on Dyson vacuums and you could even try out a Dyson yourself at our Dyson vacuum demo.

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Today we had Mike and Eugene from Dyson drop by Smith & Edwards to demonstrate the DC41 Animal Complete vacuum. This is a beast!

Plus, not only could you try the vacuum out, vacuuming up confetti, metal shavings, dust, and fluff, but we also had great deals on Dysons during the demo – saving you $200 or more on certain models!

Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Vacuum available at Smith & Edwards

Dyson vacuums are amazing because they never lose suction! Just watch.

Uh oh….

Time to break out the confetti...

Someone’s breaking out the confetti…!

By the way, check out the angle Mike’s getting thanks to the Dyson ball –

Dyson Animal Complete vacuum working on confetti

Vacuuming up the confetti

Works on carpet…

Vacuuming confetti on hard surfaces with DC41

Then because of the unique Dyson active base plate, you can switch to vacuuming on hard surfaces like tile without losing suction.

The Dyson active base plate on this vacuum self-adjusts to carpet and hard surfaces, so you won’t lose suction as you vacuum across your home.

Confetti in Dyson canister at Smith and Edwards

Confetti in the Dyson DC41 canister

Excellent for Allergies and Pets

The Dyson Animal Complete is simple – there are no bags or filters to replace, and you can empty the canister in just a push of a button.

And if someone in your family has allergies – or you just have a lot of pets to clean up after – you’ll love how many allergen particles, pollen, and dust Dyson vacuums can capture. Plus, your Dyson vacuum will retain the dust it sucks up too, instead of venting it back into your rooms!

The Attachments Really Make this Vacuum Stand Out

The Animal Complete DC41, the model Mike demonstrated, comes with a bunch of cool attachments in a case.

DC41 Dyson Animal Complete Vacuum comes with several attachments in a nice bag.If you or your family have long hair (like me) or lots of pets, you know the chore of cutting hair & fur out of the vacuum base. But check out this extension – it won’t get clogged:

Tangle Free Hair Tool on Dyson Animal Complete

This tangle-free hair tool rotates in opposite directions, so instead of getting stuck, hair and string go…

Hair didn't get tangled in the Dyson brush

…directly into the canister!


The wand extends to 16 feet, so you can clean your ceiling fans with your feet on the ground – no chairs or stools to climb on to dust your fans.

Use the angle brush to clean your ceiling fans! Demo'd at Smith and Edwards

Use the angle brush to clean your ceiling fans!

Dust with your Dyson vacuum head

Use this extension to dust surfaces.

Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Crevice Tool

Crevice Tool


Dyson Animal Complete Vacuum's great internal filter for lifetime use

Great internal filter for lifetime use.

Like us, Dyson will give you great customer support

And one more thing about Dyson vacuums: They put a 1-800 number on the vacuum handle, and you can call about anything – whether your vacuum’s working great or needs some help. They’ll recommend the attachments you should use and how to best clean your home’s carpet and floors.

Plus, when you register your new vacuum, you can give them your email address and they’ll send you reminders on when to rinse your filter (the recommendation is to wash your filter every 3 months).

Dyson's number is on the vaccum handle.

Dyson’s 1-800 help number is on the vaccum handle.


Thanks Mike and Eugene for coming by and showing us the Dyson Animal Complete DC41! We’ve got a great selection of Dyson vacuums here for you to check out at Smith & Edwards. Come on out and see us just off I-15 at exit 351 and take home a new vacuum today.