Make your own DIY Bucket Washing Machine with Smith & Edwards - watch Melissa's video!

How to Make your own Laundry Bucket Washer (video)

- posted by Rose Marion

Muck-covered overalls? Horse leg wraps? Greasy shop rags? There’s no way those are going in the nice front-loading washing machine.

Here’s a neat way to turn 5-gallon buckets into a shop washing machine that keeps the mucky things out of the clothing laundry. We saw this on Pinterest and HAD to try it out!

Plus, you can also keep this on hand for emergencies: the Zombie Apocalypse or when the power goes out.

Thanks to Melissa in our Housewares department for showing us how to do it, and Marty for cleaning the leg boots!

Tip: Did you just buy a new pair of dark-wash denim jeans? Add a cup of vinegar and don’t add soap. Then, add your new jeans and let them sit overnight. This will help set the dye, and you won’t get as much indigo rub-off on the rest of your laundry!

Make your own DIY Laundry Bucket at Home

You’ll need these supplies:


  1. Drill holes in one of the buckets, both the bottom and 1/3 to 1/2 of the way up the sides.
  2. Drill a hole in the lid with a 2″ hole saw. Then, insert the bushing.
  3. Now drill 1/2″ holes in the rubber plunger.
  4. You’re done!

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Rose managed the Smith & Edwards website & online store from 2013 to 2017. She enjoys spending her off time reading, hiking around taking pictures, or trying not to sneeze at a rodeo!

4 thoughts on “How to Make your own Laundry Bucket Washer (video)

    • Rose - Smith & Edwards

      Hi Joe, thanks for asking! We aim to have orders shipped out by the next business day. Depending how close you are to northern Utah, you’ll see it within a couple days or about 7-10 days if you’re farther away.

      These kits are just shy of 10 pounds, depending where you live they might be $10-20 in shipping. They’d qualify for our US flat-rate shipping of 14.95.

    • Rose - Smith & Edwards

      Thanks for asking, Marcquetta! You can find all the tools here at Smith & Edwards to make one, but we don’t offer the service itself. When we filmed this video, it was at a church function, and a father & son were having a blast doing it together. It’s a great weekend project!


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